Decorating the bathroom with tiles - the best ideas for

Bathrooms - spaces with high humidity. Therefore, the repair materials in this room must be easy to wash and have waterproof properties. For this reason, the bathroom is tiled. We offer to familiarize with this article, having learned ways of stacking of plates, and also about modern tendencies.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

Table of contents of the article:

  • Bathroom finishing with ceramic tiles
  • For walls
  • On sex
  • Finishing tiles in a small bathroom
  • Consumables
  • Bathroom Finish - instruction
  • Photo of a beautiful bathroom tile finish

Bathroom finishing with ceramic tiles

As a rule, floors with walls are covered with tiles. For both surfaces, the material is different, so the material must be selected very carefully.

For walls

Some of the features that bathroom tiles must match:

  • Moisture resistance
  • High level of resistance to alkalis and acids

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

For the material with matte coating, it is much easier to take care of, in comparison with glossy.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

On sex

Its difference from the material for walls in thickness, a variety of coatings, the degree of strength. Each characteristic refers to certain classes. Accordingly, the higher it is, the better the wear resistance and water resistance level. Do not choose a plate of the 1st class, and the surface is better to take a non-slip.


Types of plates in the bathroom:

  • Of ceramics. This type of material is environmentally friendly, it is made from burnt type clay, after which gloss is applied to it. To make the floor tiles stronger, a stone is added to the mixture during the production.
  • From vinyl. Today, the producers of tiles make vinyl tiles, consisting of several layers, which are coated with polymers. Such a material can not be called demanding in terms of care, and the assortment of the upper layers today is the most incredible, it literally resembles the texture of natural materials. You can see this on the photos presented by the bathroom tiles. Such a tile is used for walls and ceilings.
  • Mosaic plates look like small squares, on a mesh / paper substrate. It is produced from raw materials based on glass or ceramics. It is easy to care for her, even if the surface is uneven. Such material is excellent for forming curvilinear surfaces.
Mosaic for a bathroom - 100 photos of ideas how to decorate a bathroom with mosaic

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

Finishing tiles in a small bathroom

When the room is small, especially if it is a Khrushchev, the best option is a light tile, if it has a picture, then a small one. Dimensions do not matter. Even if you choose a large tile, this does not affect the size of the room visually. With the help of dark / colorful plates you can make interesting accents.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

If the tiles are laid out in horizontal strips, it will help visually expand the space. In this case, the material is better to choose two colors, which are in contrast, or differ by a couple of tones.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

Do not make a too dark floor, the ideal option, if it will be on tone - two darker than the walls. If you are incredibly and just madly like the dark tiles, you can also take it, but in this case you need to choose an exceptionally light version on the floor.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room


Before you begin to work on finishing the walls with tiles in the bathroom, you should prepare the necessary materials. For this you need:

  • Плиты. Заранее делаете просчет нужного количества (с запасом обязательно). For walls и пола могут быть разные размеры материала. Подсчитывать количество следует, узнав, какой именно вариант плит Вы будете укладывать/покупать. Высчитываете общую площадь поверхности, которую следует покрыть, делите на площадь одной плиты, так узнаете, сколько именно плит Вам нужно. Как правило, расчет делается с дополнительными пяти процентами общего количества материала (на случай обрезок, дефектов и т.п.). Если же Вы будете делать укладку собственноручно, рекомендуем покупать сразу процентов на десять больше материала.
  • Adhesive for plates. Its quantity is easy to learn, because on the label indicate the area to which it is enough.
  • Toothed trowel, which is applied glue to the surface of the walls. If you are not a professional, choose one that has a width of up to 20 cm.
  • Crosses made of plastic to adjust the width of the seams.
  • To rub the seams, you also need a spatula, only a rubber, as well as a special mixture.
  • Bulgarian in case you need to cut the tile.
  • Level with a tape measure, a pencil, a container for mixing a solution, a hammer with a rubber knob.
  • Do not forget to hide furniture and stuff that stays in the bathroom for the time of repair. Even ordinary polyethylene can be used here.


Bathroom Finish - instruction

And so, with the options for finishing the bathroom tiles you have already decided, the material is purchased, then go on to repair.


Walls should be carefully prepared before gluing the plates. The floor is made after the walls are ready. Before you begin to prepare a solution, you should check the wall for irregularities, which you can not do without a level. To align the walls, there are two options:

  • Plaster. Nevertheless, if the deviations are very large, we recommend that you hire a professional.
  • Cover the walls of the GKL. Such material in the bathroom should be special, having moisture-resistant properties.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

To make the look more attractive, you do not need to trim the top plate. In such a case, it is recommended to make the correct calculations so that the trim falls on the lower row of plates. Calculate this in this way: the height of the walls divided into (the height of the slabs + 3 mm on the seams). The size that remains in the remainder will be the height of the bottom row. Separate directly on the surface of the wall this number, screw the bar of metal / wood to mark it.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

Paste the plates from the second row:

  • Stir the solution until smooth. To get this way, into the water, but not vice versa, add the glue in a dry form. For mixing it is recommended to use a mixer. And in order for the consistency to turn out exactly as it should be, strictly adhere to the instructions written on the package with glue.
  • On the wall the solution should be applied with a notched trowel, and simultaneously under several plates. Then it should be pressed very gently against the wall, and if necessary, tap it with a rubber mallet.
  • Cross tiles are separated from each other. So you will have smooth and beautiful stitches.
  • When the tile has dried, remove the bar and lay out the lowest row of plates.
  • When the wall is ready, grouting is made. The formulation of such a solution is written on the package. It should be applied very neatly, using a rubber spatula. Also in it you can add a colored pigment, so that the seams are in tune with the tiles. When the grout dries, wipe the tile to remove its excess.

top-forty-ideas-grey-bathroom-tile-designs-small-space-added-oval-tub-for-decorating-room gray-bathroom-ideas

Choosing the right tile, you can solve such an important problem as the size of the bathroom.

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

As a rule, the width of the plates is larger than their height. Thanks to that side. Which is wider, visually the wall looks more extended. Well, if the tile is laid horizontally, it visually lifts the height of the ceilings.


Photo of a beautiful bathroom tile finish

Decorating the bathroom tiles room 2017

Decorating the bathroom tiles room

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Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017




Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

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Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

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Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017
























Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017

Bathroom Tiles Finish 2017




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