Warm glazed loggia: where to start

The times when the loggia played the peculiar role of "pantry" - a place for storing different, little-used things and food stocks, is left in the past. Now each of its lucky owners is considering the possibility of making such a useful area a natural extension of the living space. To do this, you need to calculate the glazing of the loggia, the costs of its subsequent warming and cosmetic repairs.

  • Determined with a functional purpose
  • Calculation of the cost of glazing

Determined with a functional purpose

The cost of glazing the loggia directly depends on what functional role you want it to take. There are two options when loggia / balcony:

  • continues to be a kind of auxiliary space: on its area will still be stored things, products in built-in cabinets, drying clothes are carried out, etc.
  • becomes an independent room - on its area there is a certain resting corner (with a folding guest sofa or chairs and a table), a study, a dining area, etc.

Warm glazed loggia: where to start

In the first case, you can use budgetary options for glazing, with single-compartment double-glazed windows, aluminum profiles. It is recommended to use sliding systems: insufficient thermal insulation is more than compensated by space saving. The ergonomics of the narrow and elongated space will become more universal - you do not have to worry about the possibility of opening the window flaps. In addition, the sliding doors are easily removed - this at times will facilitate the maintenance of brilliant purity.

Warm glazed loggias will cost a little more. But it will reliably protect the premises from penetration of drafts, heat leakage. As double-glazed windows are used two-chamber models, consisting of three glasses with a filled space between them an inert gas. In addition to additional insulation of walls, floor and ceiling of the loggia, it is necessary to consider the possibility of its heating. Recall that the transfer of central heating radiators to the space of the balcony is strictly prohibited. An alternative can be electric or gas radiators, a "warm" floor system.

Modern glazing of the loggia

Calculation of the cost of glazing

The cost of glazing depends on the weight of the additional parameters:

  • Overall dimensions of the window,
  • The number of wings and ways to open them, the presence of additional windows,
  • Used profile and type of double-glazed windows,
  • Complete accessories,
  • The overall dimensions of the window sill and the materials used for its manufacture,
  • Additional painting of the window frame and its lamination (on the inner and outer sides),
  • Mounting method (with or without slopes).

Pre-"price" can be using online calculators www.okonti.ru/service/calculator/sizes/