French windows - a bold idea of ​​the renaissance or the

If you have a desire to make your interior exclusive, then the French windows will be an excellent assistant in this difficult matter. After all, not everyone can boast a panoramic window on the whole wall in his house, from which charming views are opened. And if you are still on the verge of making this decision, then this article will become a good tool and help to make the right choice. After all, we will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of French windows. Also, a little bit of history and you'll learn how to pick the best of the many options presented.

French windows in the interior - an atypical architectural detail, which is most often used for private houses, but can also look elegant in the apartments. In fact, they represent a construction that occupies all or almost the entire wall from ceiling to floor. This window can have blind, sliding or swinging doors and can easily function as a door.

What is justified the demand for French windows - vagaries or advantages?

And now, let's rewind the clock 13 centuries ago and find out from what reasons the French architects put into practice such a bold idea, which is very popular even now, in 2017. Seeing a couple of photos of old majestic French windows, truly captures the spirit only from the thought that something like this can now be easily realized at home.

The main advantage of the French window can rightfully be considered a good illumination of the room. After all, a window opening the size of the whole wall clearly passes more sunlight than a normal window. And if you consider that the birthplace of French windows is the picturesque Provence, you can easily understand the desire of architects to minimize the barrier that existed between the house and such beautiful panoramic views of the area.

To date, French windows in the interior are almost universal element, which easily fits into various styles of the interior. By nature, they are most typical of the style of Provence (which, accordingly, was also formed in France).

Glasses, like mirrors, have a wonderful ability to visually increase space. Therefore, thanks to the panoramic window that occupies the whole wall, your room will seem much wider, more spacious and free. In addition, the presence of French windows in the house automatically raises the respectability of the appearance of your home.

Progress does not stand still and today the French windows are not only transparent double-glazed windows of large sizes. And if you've been thinking about a panoramic window for a long time, but you've always been afraid to catch the strange looks of casual passers-by, now you can easily avoid it. It is enough to only use tinted, mirrored double-glazed windows or smart glass.

For creative natures, French windows with stained-glass windows or decorative pads are ideal. After all, there really is a canvas for your imagination and the opportunity to make your panoramic window a unique element of the decor or even the highlight of the whole house.

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French windows in the apartment: how to avoid disappointment after installation

Despite all the charms and obvious advantages that the installation of French windows entails, you can also face some nuances and problems that you should know about in advance. Further, Dekorin will gladly share with you the secrets and solutions that will help make your life easier, and the interior - more beautiful.

Perhaps the main problem that can overtake you after installing French windows is overheating of the premises in the summer season, and hypothermia in the winter. To avoid this, it is enough to take care of a good heating system, ventilation system and protection against sunlight even at the planning and installation stage.

Frequent and effective options for thermal control are the insulation of the floor or the use of a heating convector that can be installed along the wall. But, perhaps, the most important recommendation at the moment is to use the services of a quality and reliable manufacturer. After all, the professional installation of French windows guarantees high quality, and this not only allows you to forget about the problem of heat loss, but also protects your house from ultraviolet radiation.

Also it is worth considering that the French windows in the apartment - the pleasure is not cheap, but their cost is justified by the complexity of the installation work, as well as the number and price of insulating glass used for the production of panoramic windows.

If you want to improve the original functionality of French windows, then you should be prepared for the fact that their cost will increase in proportion to the improved characteristics. It means the presence of mirror or colored glass, double glazing, heat-reflecting film or laminated profile.

There is one more not the most pleasant moment, which is more typical of the installation of French windows in the apartment - this is a great weight of such a design. Replace the wall with a French window for security reasons only if it is not a carrier. Otherwise, you doom not only yourself, but the rest of the residents of the house for the most unpredictable consequences, caused by the weakening of the entire construction of the house.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the French windows in the apartment require careful and frequent care. Its complexity is determined quite naturally - the height of the floor where the apartment is located, as well as the presence of "deaf" segments in the frame of the window itself.

The installation of French windows in the floor, of course, beats all records on aesthetic indicators and drives all envious neighbors crazy. But in light of these events, do not forget about the safety aspect, namely it is recommended to install shockproof double-glazed windows with a minimum thickness of six millimeters.

French windows in the interior: the evolution of beauty

Historically, French windows have also functioned as a door, so they are often referred to as French doors. In this regard, they have one feature that clearly distinguishes them from conventional windows - this is the absence of a vertical jumper between two adjacent double-glazed windows. This detail allowed to fully open the window (or rather the door) opening, thereby completely freeing the passage.

Initially, the French windows were made exclusively of wood. This is logical, because they were meant for wealthy and well-off people. Agree, not everyone at that time could afford a glazed wall from floor to ceiling. Accordingly, the French windows in the house indicated the prestige and consistency of its owners.

The most important characteristic of wooden French windows is their ability to pass air even when closed. It will be for your home another advantage or disadvantage of installing such live breathing windows - it's up to you.

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It should also be noted that the price of wooden windows is much higher than the cost of panoramic windows from other materials, but it is justified from an aesthetic point of view.

Progress has done its job, and the already familiar wooden windows have been replaced by French windows made of aluminum. Of course, they certainly will not compare with the luxurious appearance of the first, but in the light of their other characteristics also deserve a place to be.

Aluminum French windows are approximately in the same price category as the wooden ones. They are much stronger than others, so they will definitely serve you longer.

And only in the 20th century French plastic windows were made. Naturally, they had already lower cost and distinctive simplicity in operation in comparison with wooden and aluminum analogues.

French plastic windows are considered the most advanced of all the proposed options, as they do not allow heat loss and, moreover, are a good soundproofing.

Most French windows are made using sectional layout. It, at least a little and separates the whole panorama from the window, but it is an important element, since it allows to strengthen the frame. You can dispense with it only if you use an aluminum profile and tempered glass. In this case, a window of quite impressive dimensions in the whole wall can delight you with complete unification with external landscapes and panoramas.

The popularity of French windows is simply incredible, and actually encourages manufacturers to improve them and provide the market with better quality analogues. Therefore, translucent double-glazed windows of impressive sizes are now characteristic for all styles of interiors and have a huge range of additional options that will help make your window unique and irresistible. Inspire and perfect your interior with Dekorin, see the French photo-examples!

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