Design of a small bathroom

Thinking over the design of a small bathroom, it is important to make it look as spacious and fresh as possible, because first of all this place is meant for rest and relaxation. How can this be done? We offer you some fresh ideas!

11 ideas for the design of a small bathroom

1. A small bathroom is a great place where you can try to apply ultra-dark shades. In other rooms, we often do not risk using them, but the bright lighting and gloss of the glossy surfaces in the bathroom allow us to be bolder. You can not hesitate to choose black as the main color, and for a more refreshing effect, dilute the interior with light details, for example, white, silver or light green.

На фотографии ниже дизайнер применила замечательные черно-белые обои «Woods» от английской фабрики Cole & Sons. Вертикальные полосы в виде деревьев прекрасно подчеркивают высоту комнаты.

Design a small bathroom with black wallpaper

2. The illusion of a large space is easy to create using glass surfaces. Put glass furniture or glass showers in a small bathroom, and they will help you see from one end of the room to the other.

Modern bathroom with glass shower

3. Use sink-pedestals or hanging furniture and plumbing. This way you will free up an additional area on the floor of a small bathroom, which in turn will create the effect of a more spacious room. Wallpaper or tile with small elements will bring in such an interior the necessary texture and heat.

Bathroom design with sink-pedestal Bathroom design with hinged sink

4. When the area is too limited, mirrors will help you. They not only visually expand the space, but also can "raise" the ceilings, if applied in a staggered manner, as shown in the figure below. Make your little bathroom seem bigger!

Small bathroom with mirrors

5. What about re-planning? Tightness and obsolete decor in old apartments are often forced to renovate the bathroom. Move the toilet bowl to the back wall and add a wall sink to maximize space. Tiled mosaic will add to the interior dynamics and help highlight the windows and ceiling.

Compact design of a small bathroom

6. The main advantage of a small bathroom is its low cost. Having saved on a quadrature, you can make a small bathroom more impressive by applying rich finishing materials. Marble sink with hand carved, modern wallpaper with golden metallic pattern, gold-plated mirror and amber crystals on the wall sconce create the delightful design of the small bathroom in the picture below.

Luxurious small bathroom

7. Get rid of cumbersome cabinets with boxes! Simple shelves and brackets for towels will allow a small room to look much more spacious. Open shelving will make the room seem bigger, opening the walls behind it.

Rack in a small bathroom Comfortable furniture for a small bathroom

8. Bright patterns on the walls can oversaturate the premises of medium size, but in a small bathroom will be appropriate as ever! The dark color and bold graphic pattern of the wallpaper, shown in the picture below, gives the walls a 3D effect and excellently enlivens the whole environment.

Bright wallpaper in a small bathroom

9. Try applying a warm color scheme in your bathroom. Warm colors not only create coziness, but also bring a unique charm to the bathroom.

Bathroom design in warm colors

10. Add a little pepper! Bright saturated colors make a small space look fun and dynamic, hiding behind it a lack of volume. If you do not like the result, you can easily paint the walls in a light tone.

Bright bathroom design

11. Finally, it should be noted that a small bathroom requires a good organization. Hide the makeup in closed boxes, minimize clutter, and your bathroom will immediately appear more!

Small bathroom