Spring decor for the house by own hands

Perfect interior decoration in spring colors

Spring is an excellent occasion to refresh your home interior, adding bright colors and original ideas. After a long winter, with the first warm rays of the sun, I definitely want to diversify the gray routine with something that attracts attention, raising the mood. To do this, you can create a spring decor by your own efforts, using various design techniques and your creativity. This stylistic solution will suit a tender romantic nature, loving natural beauty, naturalness.

Kitchen-living room decorated with flowers

You can place products not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, kitchen, on the balcony, placing them on the table or attaching them to the wall in the form of a wreath or a panel. The options for how to decorate and where it will look best are the following:

Decoration of a balcony with flower pots

  • Delicate flowering twigs in a white or transparent vase, set on the table, will be a highlight for any room, the best way to revive the room. In addition, you will enjoy the pleasant aroma of the plant.
  • In the living room or for a banquet dinner, great looking bouquets in the center of the table. It is desirable that they are lush, symmetrically arranged, the same in shade. If you are planning a holiday, you can decorate the interior with additional vases with roses, peonies, lilies, put on the corners of the room or at the entrance.
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Tulips - spring flowers

  • Modern and stylish will look a classic version with an arrangement below the chandelier on the suspension, weighing over the table. This will emphasize the vertical and symmetry of the composition.
  • For country style or vintage, the flowers with the faded or aged effect are relevant. A few withered plants of pastel muted tones will give the room a mystery and charm.
  • A popular technique is to make a harmonious combination of shades, which echoes with the colors in the interior. For example, pick plants in tone with textiles or curtains, as well as wallpaper on the walls. Classics like strict symmetry, for minimalism, orchids are preferable, and for Provence plain flowers in a light transparent pot.

Decoration of a bouquet of flowers

Fantasy with a decor for a vase can be boundless, applying in the design of various ribbons, beads, wallpaper with a bright print, colored paper. It will be interesting to look a jar, painted in one-color or hand-painted ornament, natural pattern.

Mimosa in a Home

Pictures and embroidery with flowers

Fans of painting have the opportunity to decorate the walls with paintings or embroidered panels with spring themes. This time of year covers a wide variety of images, from landscapes with the awakening of nature to an abstract riot of colors. Figures should evoke a special, romantic mood, symbolizing harmony, fertility, a special state of mind.

Painting with flowers in the living room

The selection of paintings for the spring decor is best for pastel soft colors, gentle colors, so that the sun's rays are guessed through the image, and not read clearly. From the stories - turbulent rivers with melting people, streams near the shore with the first greenery, for the bathroom perfectly will fit cute snowdrops, making their way through the snow.

Sunny terrace with potted flowers

Large canvases with abstraction are suitable for a spacious living room. It can be several modular options with highlights at the top or bottom, located above the sofa, armchairs, bed. Be sure to take into account the texture and coloring of the surface finish of the walls, as well as the shape of the frame or baguette, for mutual maximum combination.

Decor of envelopes, packages, cans

In the kitchen, a bright still-life with the use of floral elements, an exquisite landscape with an avenue flooded with warm sun rays will brighten the atmosphere. In the children's room it will be possible to hang pictures on paper painted by the child himself. It will be pleasant to the kid, and the guests will admire his first creativity.

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Dried flowers in a vase and on a wall

Decor of the room with textiles and curtains

In order to update the spring interior with the help of textiles and create a proper mood, there are no strict restrictions. The only thing, it is not necessary to use more than three colors and textures, so that in the end it does not turn out bad taste. It is ideal to replace winter fabrics, such as velvet, tweed, knitted, fur products for something lighter, airy.

Curtains in the living room and bedroom can be selected from natural materials: linen, thin silk, cotton, chiffon, olive.Ornament should be combined with a range of paints on the walls.

Vase with flowers for a living room on a coffee table

Correct geometric forms do not interact well with ornate patterns, and the strip visually does not harmonize with the cell.

Interior of the apartment with a spring mood

Upholstery furniture, covers and plaid pick up the tone of curtains, and small pillows and napkins - echoing the pattern with curtains. Such interaction creates integrity, harmony of the surrounding situation. You can dream up with the combination of different fabrics, creating a vivid applique, adding coziness, novelty.

Textile accessories with floral pattern

The interior of the apartment in the style of Provence

The closest to this theme is the Provencal country style. Characterized by such features as ease, simplicity, a resonance with the colors of nature, the sun, the sea. To the walls and ceiling looked joyful and attractive, use a small patterned print in the finish. The presence of live wild flowers in beautiful vases add romanticism, warmth to the atmosphere.

Fresh cut flowers in a vase

Decor takes a special place. All sorts of trivia, trinkets, statuettes, caskets, ancient plates on the walls are filled with charm and memory of the past. Items with a French charm can be made by using the technique of aging, decoupage, gilding.

Interior of the living room in the style of Provence under the spring decor

Classic interior: designer tips

For the traditional classics, simple simple forms are valid, decorated in white-blue, pastel, pale pink tones. The saturated greenery on the textiles is in harmony with the gilding in the furniture elements. If there is a bay window in the apartment, then you can organize a real green garden in bright pots, adding to the area interesting symmetrical curtains. On the table will look good lush, arranged bouquets of the right shape.

Fresh flowers will decorate any living room

An effective idea is to make a ceiling stained-glass window with the appropriate stylistics. Proper lighting will create an interesting game of chiaroscuro, and the room will be filled with a charming mood.

Decor of the room by spring with your own hands

In the classical kitchen, the main element is a bright colorful apron made of tempered glass or mosaic. Looks great picture of a cherry blossom or a pink cherry blossom. This option will not look boring and, at the same time, unobtrusive.

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Spring decoration of the interior with fresh flowers

Color solutions for room decoration by spring

As for color, the spring is associated with sunny, bright colors. Based on this, you can use your favorite shades, the main thing is to make the room comfortable and pleasant to be. It can be juicy orange, young greens, blue sky or quivering light lilac.

Decorating the dining room with fresh flowers

For small apartments it is best to take the predominant white tone, which visually expands the space. Dilute it with patterned elements to complete the composition. Bright yellow and orange create a positive mood, adding sun, heat. Emerald, mint, light green tone will add vivacity, freshness. Cornflower, aquamarine, sky blue create peace and tranquility, and will also be necessary if the windows of the room are oriented to the south side of the world. For the northern side, when the sun seldom peeks inside, warm sandy colors are used, as little as possible of a small image on textiles.

Roman curtains with a spring pattern

Interior decor with own hands

For the individuality and uniqueness of housing, needlewomen can experiment with the design of such cute little things, like pillows, napkins, homemade rugs, vases, caskets. In the process of creation, any tools at hand - rags, colored threads, braid, lace, paper with paints - will come in handy. There is a great variety of techniques for decorating. Modern decoupage allows simply and inexpensively to present old things with novelty. By gluing small accessories, as well as furniture with a beautiful pattern, you get a restored thing that looks completely different.

Decoration of dry branches by butterflies and flowers made by own hands

Another popular form of creativity, helping to equip the spring interior, is called patchwork, or patchwork. It allows you to create from the pieces of fabric of different texture, shade of real masterpieces. You can simulate a bright panel or colorful carpet for the legs at the bed, as well as sew a cushion covers or a blanket with a mosaic color.

The aroma of hyacinths will fill the bathroom with a pleasant smell

Ideas for creativity are many, you just need to have the desire, the mood to create and fantasize, to make the environment ideal for a pleasant pastime.

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