Interior design of a small bathroom without a toilet

Design a small bathroom without a toilet

Bathroom - it's not just a place to maintain hygiene, but also a corner of privacy. The space where we can remove the load of fatigue from our body, will cheer up, will be filled with vital energy. For women, this room serves as a boudoir. Therefore, the design of a small bathroom without a toilet is of great importance.

This can be done in two ways:

  1. Shoot the channels along the walls, putting them there.
  2. Sew under a moisture-resistant plasterboard, on which then the decoration will lie. The first option is the most preferable because it preserves our space. The realities of small-sized bathrooms are such that every centimeter on the account. In advance, consider the location of the bathroom or shower, wash basin, bidet, washing machine. After all, any plumbing is attached to the pipes, which means that it will be necessary to make entries in the proper places. Another important fact at the preparation stage will be the choice of the location for fixing the heated towel rail. It can be located on any wall, and its functionality is determined personally by you.

Design of a small bathroom with a convenient shelf

The most expensive towel warmer was a copy of $ 2200, which is remotely controlled and can boast both an unusual design and three-dimensional shapes with clear geometric proportions.

Compact washbasin and shower

We choose finishing materials

Having dealt with the preparatory moments, we turn to creativity. After all, the selection of material and color is really a creative moment. Many pass through tantalum flour when choosing walls and making a color decision. There are three main types of materials for finishing bathroom walls:

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TilePros: convenience when leaving, durability, practicality. Cons: high price, both the tiles and its laying, it takes several days to lay the tile, drying the tile glue.
PVC PanelsPros: low material cost, easy installation, easy to clean. Cons: attached to a metal profile, which takes 5-20 cm from each wall.
Wall-papers for bathroomPros: easy to glue without the help of a specialist, quick installation, you can update the wallpaper, thereby introducing a new mood to this room. Cons: with an incorrect approach to this process (drying walls, special glue and high-quality duplex wallpaper) can partially or completely peel off, the service life is shorter than previous versions.

Combined wall decoration in a small bathroom With the right combination of two or three finishing materials, you can get a unique design of a small bathroom.

For a small room, it is ideal to put the tiles on the walls near the bathroom, and the remaining space should be pasted with wallpaper. With this combination, the main harmony of color solutions. Glossy ceiling, with built-in lights, will reflect and accordingly increase the room. It is not recommended to choose too dark colors, they eat space, which visually reduces the size of the room. A window in a small bathroom will give a sense of space

We solve the main question - a shower or a bath

According to all the canons of design, it's worth to dance from the "stove", in our case, the priority will be the choice between the bathroom or the shower. At the same time, we can not use these two plumbing solutions because of the limited space. Let's evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this sanitary equipment for a small bath.

Pluses of bath:

  1. Has a purifying and relaxing effect. In it you can relax, relax, steam, adding water to the grass or salt.
  2. The bath is irreplaceable in the presence of small children.
  3. Low price.


  1. The most important disadvantage is the large water consumption. If your family likes to splash in the bathroom, but do as they do in Japan (where all the members of the family wash in one water, and then wash it in it, too), then the expense for utility payments will be impressive.
  2. No curtain for the bathroom can protect you from spilled water on the floor
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Pros of the shower:

  1. No splashes and droplets outside the cubicle.
  2. Saves space, takes considerably less space.
  3. Saves water.
  4. Saves time. You can rinse off in a couple of minutes.


  1. Expensive
  2. It is impossible to relax standing in the shower, the muscles remain tense.

The final decision is to take you that is better, more comfortable, and most importantly preferable for you. Small bathroom

Choosing a plumber

When choosing a shell it is important to take into account several main nuances:

  1. Having a shower in the bathroom - the sink is located in the opposite corner, otherwise the room will be unbalanced from the point of interior design.
  2. An important detail is the shape of the shell. If you prefer to brush your teeth at the same time as your mate, it makes sense to look at the shell with an elongated, narrow shape. They look very stylish and unusual.
  3. We also need to decide on the fixing, we offer the following options to choose from: a) a sink-console that is fixed by brackets to the wall. It is good because it looks kind of airy, and also, in order to save space, allows you to put a washing machine under it; b) sink-tulip. Such a design easily masks the water parts remaining on the surface of the wall; c) The sink on the pedestal is the most common option, because it allows not only easy installation of the sink, but also use a nightstand for storing various bath products. Any of these options is equally beautiful, performs unique functions in the interior, creates the necessary balance of the room.

The design of a small bathroom without a toilet If you are allowed a seat, you feel the need to install a bidet, then the following tips are for you. Bidets differ in the way of installation and there are floor, wall, and side. When installing a bidet in a confined space as a small bathroom, it is worth giving preference to wall variants. They do not steal space, as they are practically not on the floor, but as if floating in the air. Color, as well as the material of this plumbing should be consistent with the main attribute of the room - a bath or a shower.

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Small bathroom in the attic

Bathroom furniture

The most important priorities when choosing furniture for the bathroom, except for the color scheme, will be compactness and capacity. Leading a bachelor way of life, the presence of two shelves in this room may seem like a search, but having a full family of 3-4 members, it is difficult to overestimate the presence of additional shelves, lockers.

Minimalism in a small bathroom No bathroom can exist without a mirror, at a fairly modest size of our room, we can afford a mirror just above the washbasin. Determine the type of mirror - a mirror in the frame, no rim or built-in with hanging lockers. If the mirror is autonomous, do not forget that its dimensions should not be larger than the shell, these two elements must be consistent.

A small mirror in the bathroom

Let there be light and beauty

Lonely wall plafonds-tablets were lost against a background of various sconces, built-in lamps, fluorescent lights. To have good lighting in the bathroom, which will emphasize your design idea, will place the accents of the interior - this is by no means a luxury, but a necessity. Bathroom is the place where we meet with ourselves - without clothes, cosmetics and clothes. This is the only monastery where we can admit ourselves to our shortcomings, but immediately adjust them to shine even further.

Lighting in a small bathroom We advise making several independent lighting points to be able to add or subtract the amount of lighting when necessary. For example, when shaving or applying makeup. Accessories are the elements that will allow you to show your individuality. If we are limited by space, finances, color schemes when choosing sanitary ware, then there are no borders for choosing accessories for us.

Stylish design in a small bathroom When choosing and using accessories there are no borders, the main thing is not to get carried away and do not overload the room. We abolish the rules - go for it, show yourself! Remember - the design does not tolerate chaos. The interior of a small bathroom must be clearly balanced, all parts must be combined - this is the main criterion to which you must strive!