Unique kitchen-transformer from ensci - a beautiful design

Unique kitchen-transformer from Ensci

Our portal does not cease to amaze its visitors with news about unusual solutions in interior design. Today we present to your attention the project of students of the Higher National School of Industrial Creativity Ensci. They proposed the original concept of the kitchen table.

To begin with, it is a neutral white color. The worktop can move apart on the principle of the slider in the left and right sides independently of each other.

Under it is hidden a whole arsenal of kitchen utensils:

  • a hob and an oven;
  • a washstand with capacious tanks for water;
  • shelves for dishes and cutlery;
  • sockets for connection of household appliances.
Unique kitchen-transformer from Ensci

But this design idea has drawbacks. Despite the fact that this is a mini-kitchen, it occupies a considerable area. The approach to the table must be ensured from all sides. So, not counting its dimensions, you should provide at least one meter of free space on the perimeter of the product. In addition, the sliding wings will occupy an additional space.

Thus, it is impossible to call this design a successful idea of ​​interior decoration for a small home.

However, its advantages are well seen in some other rooms. For example, its use will be justified in the office of a small company, where an office is allocated for the rest and lunch of employees. As well as a kitchen-transformer will be an excellent option for a studio apartment.

Unique kitchen-transformer from Ensci Unique kitchen-transformer from Ensci Unique kitchen-transformer from Ensci