Luxurious baroque bathroom (38 design ideas)

The bathroom in the Baroque style is a real gem of design. Luxury and taste unite, creating the uniqueness of the environment and color gammas. Baroque emphasizes the consistency and exactitude of the owner of housing. This is a life-affirming style.

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The baroque formula

Lush Baroque suggests a large space in the bathroom. Only in such a room it is possible to recreate the scope and virtuosity of this style.

Classical Baroque - a combination of dazzling white with gold. But other color solutions are possible. Applicable purple, peach, cream, all shades of green and blue.

Modern baroque allows, in addition to the gold elements in the interior decoration of silver. Widespread use of contrast in color.

Luxury decoration dictates the use of only natural materials. Floors must be made of natural stone or a valuable moisture resistant wood. But floor coverings in a bathroom and from a stone massive tile with the floristic pattern are supposed.

Luxurious bathroom

A modern example of a baroque bath. Restrained style of Baroque furniture, gilt plumbing does not make the bathroom museum.

Spacious bathroom

Luxury baroque style in a country house.

bathroom in baroque style

Everything is just in the style of kings, from walls and ceiling to details of decor and paintings in luxurious carved frames. One minor thing from our time and everything is spoiled.

Bright bathroom

Bathroom with baroque features: ceiling, floor, walls, chandelier. Many modern things.

Cranes and mixers have curved shapes and are made of precious metals. They can be encrusted with precious stones, but a cheaper option is also possible - copper, bronze with Swarovski crystals.

Interior design in the Baroque style, despite some excessive, has its own strict rules:

  1. In all circumstances there must be symmetry and completeness.
  2. Should be observed moderation and strict tonality of style.

Classics of design

The baroque bathroom is decorated with a special chic. In the center there is a spacious bath, dazzling white, decorated with gilding, on curved ornate legs.

Along the entire perimeter of the bathroom furniture is placed from an expensive natural wood: cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, shelves, pedestals.

As a rule, handmade furniture with various carved elements, bronze gilded inserts or ivory plates, gilded hand-forged handles is used.

Cozy bathroom

A cozy bathroom in the Baroque style. From the modern toilet, you can not escape, at the time of the kings there were night vases.

bathroom in baroque style

Harmonious combination of colors: gentle lilac color of walls and furniture, white ceiling air and cold black color of marble floor.

Modern bathroom

Modern bathroom with baroque style notes: marble, massive frame above the washbasin, antique bust.

Bathroom in baroque style

White and gold: harmony of the Baroque style in modern execution.

Of soft furniture necessarily present a plump sofa or volumetric deep armchair, carved gilded benches and padded stools, upholstered in natural cloth.

On one of the walls you can place a large-sized oval mirror in a heavy gold or silver patterned frame. It visually enlarges the bathroom and adds light.

When decorating a bathroom in the Baroque style, special attention is paid to the decoration of the walls. Obligatory curbs and niches, closed with heavy velvet curtains. The walls are decorated with tapestries, panels with images of cupids, still lifes with fruit, flowering tree branches.

On the ceiling (it can be multi-level) in the Baroque style, there is always stucco.

The door, single-leaf or double-leafed, should be from a solid array of valuable wood. It is fastened on large loops and can have inserts of ivory or satin.

Modern vision of the Baroque style.

Modern vision of the Baroque style.

Modern bathroom

Colors of the Baroque style in modern style.

The bathroom windows are decorated with voluminous folded satin or velvet curtains with large bows or fringed brushes. Important additional decorative elements: porcelain figurines, wooden and stone boxes, vases, plaster figures.

It is very important for a baroque bathroom to choose the right lighting equipment. It can be large hanging gilded chandeliers with crystal, complemented by lamps and candlesticks with thick wax candles. For safety reasons, the candles are replaced with modern lamps that resemble the original in form.

Baroque interior

The variety of modern artificial materials makes it possible to perfectly simulate baroque.

Due to the availability and high quality of artificial materials, the design of the bathroom in this style is becoming increasingly popular.

Many owners of large bathrooms and combined bathrooms stone floor plates replace a cheaper option - a laminate with inserts of artificial stone.

Natural furniture is replaced by plastic gold-plated analogs. Upholstered furniture is covered with artificial materials.

Stucco for the ceiling and columns of gypsum can be found in many construction stores. Frescoes on the ceilings are replaced by photo printing. Expensive tapestries and panels in the spirit of the Renaissance - stickers-copies.

Instead of expensive fanciful mixers often put modern plumbing. Impregnations of shiny plastic and anti-impact glass mimic precious stones.

Despite significant savings, when creating a bath in the Baroque style, it is often possible to preserve the feature of this style.

The luxury of a baroque bathroom. Video

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