Spectacular interior of a small kitchen in harmony of white

Modern kitchen design in white and green color from V. Kazachenkova in Russia

Kitchen in 8.5 sq. M. meters, made in the style of minimalism, rather laconic and, nevertheless, multifunctional. The whole room has a snow-white background: ceiling, walls, tiles on the floor. In this pure white bright spot stands out a kitchen set of pleasant light green color.

An unusual accent, capable to surprise with eccentricity, was the black color of the united zone for work and dinners, in which all the necessary equipment and a table for a family of four people were installed.

Modern kitchen design in white and green color from V. Kazachenkova in Russia Chic chandelier above the dining table

The decoration of the space is based on the idea of ​​the island - a light green kitchen set. The main focus is a black work area in the form of a square. A large worktop combines two parts, while performing the function of a table for cooking and eating. Made of artificial stone, it is also a convenient place for a big family.

Elegant kitchen table

Two gas cooking surfaces perpendicular to each other, two burners each, made the cooking space more comfortable than in a classical parallel arrangement.

Gas hobs Gas hobs

Modular facades made of MDF with enamel coating for varnish, have a smooth surface. The doors of the lockers are opened with the help of the mechanical system Tip-ON, which makes the door handles unnecessary unnecessary elements.

Modern modular facades

Designers in a small kitchen space of 8.5 sq. M. meters in a single headset housed capacious cabinets with a large number of shelves, mezzanines and retractable organizers.

Roomy cabinets with a large number of shelves

In the cooking area, the apron is made of the same material as the table top, and has the same color as the black stone. Thus, the main focus in the interior of the kitchen of white and green colors stands out for a dark square joint area with a table top, smoothly prominent from it.

Modern Kitchen Island Modern oven and dishwasher

An interesting solution is to remove the sink from the workspace, into a separate module by the window. The sink and the surface for culinary masterpieces are built into the window sill of artificial white stone, like the whole room, in addition to the headset.

Unusual location of the kitchen sink in the windowsill Unusual location of the kitchen sink in the windowsill Drying for dishes

The main lights of the room are ribbons with LEDs, located in niches on the ceiling. The light flux from them emanates bright, because the white walls and floor repeatedly reflect it from its surface.

Good lighting of the kitchen area

Over the place for cooking dishes, too, are placed LED stripes to prepare food was comfortable. Using these elements in the interior makes it possible to slightly reduce the power consumption.

LED strip above the work surface

The original black chandelier looks like a pine cone and accentuates itself. She plays the role of the raisin in the interior.

Original black chandelier

White kitchen with a light green island and black surfaces impresses with its spaciousness and incredible comfort of only 8.5 square meters. meters away.

Original black chandelier Kitchen dining table Kitchen dining table Modern refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen Modern refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen White floor tiles White floor tiles The plan of the kitchen area Plan kitchens