Tips for creating a small apartment - use bright colors to

Light kitchen with turquoise accents

Sometimes even a small detail becomes a weighty argument. And we are ready to prove it!

Take a look at the photo. Quite a small house with a very simple layout. But how the apartments smile thanks to the bright decorative elements and colors.

Bright accents in the design of the kitchen

Turquoise, red, yellow, green stand out against a white background of the apartment. To achieve a catchy effect is actually very, very simple. You can, for example, lay out the colored pillows on the bed, divide the territory with red and yellow chairs, paint the walls in your favorite color. And the dwelling will already acquire a new mood.

Kitchen with a small bar counter

Interesting is the appearance, when in some areas there are bright floral wallpaper. Yes, and fresh flowers, greens - it's always the best in decor. And do not forget about the furniture. A light tree will be another assistant in the transformation.

Kitchen with a small bar counter Bedroom in bright colors Bright accents in the white bedroom Compact workstation Wardrobe in the pantry Wallpaper with flower pattern in the dressing room Bright accents in the interior of the hallway Red accents in the bright living room Round chair and book rack Gray sofa in the white living room Built-in appliances in the bathroom Turquoise chairs on the balcony Apartment plan

Do not be afraid to experiment with variegatedness. If you really really love your nest, the taste will never change you.