Basic rules of man's style

The right choice of style, as well as following its principles - is very important for a real man. However, many who are still in search of their style, as well as in becoming like men, so they have some problems that we will try to solve.

Classics of male style

1. Feeling stupid, you will look the same. The style is in choosing things that give confidence. If you are uncomfortable in something, do not wear it.

2. Clothes with an ideal fit each time justifies its value.

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3. With a large budget, try to invest in timeless things that you will love forever. Fashion is changing rapidly and unnecessary costs should be avoided.

4. The more you are fond of games with fashion, the more you risk. Trying shortened trousers with cutouts or combining insane colors, you will certainly get the first number from your friends. This is true. Try, make a mistake and move on.

5. There is a difference between a smartly dressed man and a dandy. The first is sexually, the second is too flashy. Remember, you dress up to be the brightest guy in the company, and not a pompous and abstruse dandy.

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6. Do not be afraid of anyone copying. Probably, you are not like Ryan Gosling, so, repeating his image, no one will compare you.

7. Know your boundaries. If you are fat, eat less carbohydrates and stay away from tight jeans. Well, the low guys should forget about the upturned jeans - so their legs look even shorter. Self-awareness is the key to success.

Basic rules of man's style

8. Do not try to make it anywhere. Fashion changes so quickly, at any moment you can get a backpack for $ 500 or shoes with a color sole. Be careful with your gusts. Your finances will be grateful to you.