How to properly equip a sleeping area in a small apartment

Interior of the apartment in Scandinavian style

Let's look at an unusual apartment. The fact is that the owners did not want to equip it in a typical and ordinary way. They not only charmingly and stylishly designed the general design of real estate, but also cleverly separated the sleeping area. If you want to know how, then read on.

Luxury of traditions

The interior of this wonderful apartment is made in the classical scandinavian style: a white tone on the walls and ceiling, large windows without curtains, a limited number of pieces of furniture.

Thanks to this approach, the small space looks more spacious and "weightless". The living area of ​​the householders was combined with the office to save precious square meters.

The hallway, unlike the other rooms, was decorated with soft blue wallpapers. An expressive element of decoration was the amazing stucco molding under the ceiling. Thus, the owners stressed the fact that their dwelling is in a building that was built in the middle of the last century.

In the same direction, the decor is done: on the walls hang old-style cards, and on the table you can see gold-plated candlesticks and many other retro accessories.

Workplace in the living room Soft mat on the floor in the living room Pattern with flower pattern in the corridor A bedside table in the corridor

Company kitchen

The most important surprise in this small apartment is a spacious kitchen. The working surface and equipment were put under the walls to make room for a large dining table, followed by family members with friends and family.

In the photos below, you can notice that the kitchen area is decorated in the same style as the living room: white decoration was complemented by wooden furniture and interesting dark accents. Attention is also attracted by a stunning chandelier and a garland attached around the window, unclosed by curtains.

Dining table in the kitchen Kitchen in Scandinavian style Kitchen in white color Large window in the kitchen

Crazy style

The most outstanding feature of the interior of this property was the sleeping area, which was intelligently separated from the rest of the rooms by sliding door panels and a wall.

This room is struck by the lack of window apertures, and also by the magnificent design stylistics: the room was completely covered with dark wallpaper with a stunning pattern. Due to this, the bedroom turned into a real private place.

If you want to do this in a similar way, then be sure to take care of the ventilation system so that the air in the rooms does not stagnate.

Dark Wallpapers in the Bedroom Small bedroom in a small apartment Open shelves in the living room Layout of an apartment with a small bedroom