Original cupboards under the sink in the bathroom with their

Move, boring bathroom cabinets! Step to the side, sinks on the pedestal! Today we will introduce Dekorin readers with a win-win way to give the bathroom a playful and unconventional look - and these are thumbs up to the sink, made by themselves.

Below you will find some great ideas with step-by-step photos that will help you to make a nightstand from scratch or remake old furniture yourself. And it does not matter, you need a curbstone for a bill of lading or a built-in sink - there are ideas for everyone!

What you need to know to create a drawer under the sink with your own hands

To date, there are 4 main types of washbasins, for which you need a curbstone: built-in, semi-recessed and overhead. The design of your future bedside table directly depends on what kind of shell you choose.

So, built in washbasin for the bathroom is mounted under a special table-top, which as a result will be slightly hanging over the cabinet. As well as for semi-embedded shells, under it it is necessary to cut a hole in the cap of the cabinet, because it will be located inside it. In the photo below you can compare these types of shells, mounted on the thumbs in the bathroom with your hands.

A small curbstone under the sink - options for yourself

Two other types of shells are less whimsical and can greatly simplify the process of creating a curbstone under the washbasin. The first of these is finished sink with top, which simply overlaps the base of the furniture. No holes need to be cut through - the cover is simply removed, as you can see in the step-by-step instructions on the following photo:

The curbstone under the sink in the bathroom - step by step with your own hands

Finally, curbstone in the bathroom will be especially good for making their own hands, because in it without any special effort you can turn any old chest or desk. At the same time, there will be much more space inside such a nightstand than when it has to contain a large part of the shell. And the modern design of overhead washbasins is very pleasing.

A curbstone under the overhead sink in the bathroom - photo in the interiorChest of drawers under the sink with your hands under the overhead washbasin

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With shells figured out, and now with regard to the design of bedside tables for them:

  • You can make the curb of their tree from scratch, although it will be much easier to remodel and restore an old chest of drawers, a table or a kitchen cabinet;
  • Suspended bedside tables under the washstand, as well as thumbs on the high legs, simplify the cleaning process in the bathroom and make the interior look bigger;
  • A closed pedestal or chest of drawers will hide all the plumbing and pipes, and also provide you with an extra storage space for things;
  • A table or table-curbstone will make the pipes noticeable, so you will have to worry about their design. Traditional white plastic looks not very aesthetically pleasing and its appearance only spoils over the years. But metal pipes can give your bathroom extra shine and charm.

Cabinet for a built-in sink with a countertop in the bathroom

How to make a bedside table under the sink in the bathroom with your own hands

First of all, it is worth noting that the ideal height of the curbstone under the sink is in the range from 80 to 90 cm. This indicator is made on the basis of average human growth, so it should be oriented both when creating a thumbs with your own hands, and if you are redoing old furniture. Perhaps your chest or table should be put on legs or shortened?

We suggest you take a look at the excellent version of the table-thumbs for the overhead sink, which was made of wood and put on extra legs.

Small bedside tables under the sink in the bathroom

And how do you like this version of the cabinet for two built-in sinks? All the pipes were hidden behind the swinging doors and there must certainly be room for various household items and detergents. Deep boxes in the center will take on everything else.

Double pedestal under the washbasin in the bathroom - photo how to make

The next photo is for real carpentry masters. It presents a detailed drawing and an order of assembly of a curbstone under a washstand with a set of convenient compartments, boxes and shelves.

A bedside table under the washbasin in the bathroom - drawing and assembly diagram

Perhaps it should be noted that the swinging doors in general are much more convenient and easier to create thumbs up to the sink with their own hands. If desired, you can place comfortable shelves inside, for example, as shown in the photo below.

Wooden curbstone under the sink in the bathroom - ideas by own hands

If you want to use as a bedside table for a bathroom chest of drawers with drawers, you should be immediately ready for the fact that many of them will have to be shortened. About how this is done - more.

Vintage cupboard under the washbasin of old furniture

Remaking an old chest under the counter for the washbasin will give your bathroom a vintage spirit, as well as the warmth and comfort of the living room. Who would have thought that ordinary furniture would be so beautifully combined with the glitter of tiles, glass and other smooth surfaces in the bathroom! Here's how to create a stylish curbstone under the sink with your own hands:

  1. Draw on the cover of the chest (table / kitchen cabinet or other) contours of the built-in sink or the neck of the pipe, which will be brought to the overhead washbasin.
  2. Cut a hole with a drill, a hacksaw or a saw.
  3. Take out the drawers. Cut the hole in the back of the chest, through which the water pipe will be connected.
  4. Cut off the back of the drawers that will interfere with the sink and pipes. Back the back wall with glue or nails.

Items 3, 4 can be skipped if you are redoing the table.

  1. Restore old furniture if necessary. The best ideas for restoration with step-by-step photos we have collected for you in the article Restoration of Soviet furniture with their own hands.
  2. Put the cabinet in place.
  3. Install the sink and the plumbing.

On the following photos you are presented the process of creating a cabinet for a washbasin in the bathroom with your own hands - for an overhead and built-in washbasins.

Cabinet under the sink in the bathroom floor of the old dresserHomemade curbstone under the sink in the bathroom - photo in the interiorSink to the sink with your hands - photo for the built-in sink

Another 15 photos of a self-made pedestal under the sink in the bathroom

At the end of this article, we suggest that you look at how such pedestals look like a hand-made sink in the bathroom interior. Thank you for reading Dekorin!

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