Functional interior of a small studio batipin flat

Interior of a small studio in Milan

Warm interior of a small studio in Milan

Batipin Flat is not just an amazing project from studioWOK, but also a beautiful interior of a small studio located in the center of Italy - Milan. Every inch of this small apartment designers managed to use with the greatest benefit to give the guests and the owner of the house a wonderful sense of comfort and home warmth.

Interior of a small bright studio

Have you ever been able to visit a luxurious mansion? And turn a tiny studio into a big country house? Before the authors of the project there was an uneasy task - to create on 28 square meters the illusion of a large house.

The authors started the project with the development of the necessary minimum of working areas. To create more coziness, the zones were made in a soft pastel color scheme, and the summer mood is complemented by bright designer furniture items.

Living room in a small studio

Modest simplicity is the main feature of the Batipin Flat project. On the wall is fixed the panel case, which allows you to save as much space as possible, without attracting much attention. The huge window that opens onto the veranda visually expands the space of the room. And the basic white color favorably emphasizes the texture of the wooden furniture, giving the room a modest and fresh light.

Light wood in the interior of a small studio

The panel cabinets fixed to the bearing walls give the room not only additional storage space, but also hide furniture: a double bed, sliding doors to the bathroom and a toilet, a kitchen, and a ventilation section.

Rectangular arch to the kitchen

The design of the living room is very functional: during the day the appearance of the room can be changed without much effort on your part. Just imagine, in the morning you will assemble a bed, on which you were so showered last night, sit comfortably at the wooden table with a cup of freshly brewed coffee ...

Dining room in the interior of a small studio

Folding bed in the interior of a small studio

Bed in the interior of a small studio

Functional interior will please you not only with various design possibilities, but also will create a pleasant environment for culinary experiments in the kitchen. Roomy cupboards will accommodate cutlery and kitchen utensils, and on the shelves you can store not only cookbooks, but also grow your favorite flowers.

Kitchen interior in turquoise color

Bathroom and kitchen smoothly pass into each other, creating a single whole. Successful use of the blue scale gives the room a sense of peace, and you will be given a long-awaited rest after a long working day.

Interior bathroom in turquoise color

Functional style allows you to easily create a cozy nest on 28 square meters with the rational use of each centimeter. A modest and cozy studio is suitable not only for a solitary pastime, but also for quiet family evenings.

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The layout of a small studio apartment