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The English fireplace has gained its popularity relatively recently. The history of this type of fireplace originates from England, where the fashion for fireplaces gained a peak of popularity in the 16-17 centuries. How to build a fireplace in the English style? What materials might be required? The answers to these and not only questions can be found below.

Fireplace of a medieval castle

The old kind fireplace of the medieval castle warms the house on Christmas Eve. A fireplace without frills is a purely utilitarian destination.

Elegant wall fireplace with bio-oven.

Elegant wall fireplace with bio-oven. Recognized strict, concise forms.

Built-in fireplace in the niche

Built in a niche wall fireplace in the English style. Pay attention to the portico in the form of a trapezoid-a characteristic feature in the design of fireplaces and furniture.

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a brief description of

What is an English fireplace? Initially, he had a straight chimney and a monumental portal, which could be made of different materials, from the stone and ending with valuable tree species. The firewood to the fireplace in the English style was laid out on special stands, which were also made of different materials. They could not just be trellised, but have their own ornament. After centuries, the back wall of the fireplace began to overlap with cast-iron panels, which depicted various paintings from life.

Fireplace panel

Moderately strict, exquisitely aristocratic fireplace with a portal of white marble for a spacious living room of a country house.

Furnish of a fireplace from a natural stone

English fireplace is a hard worker in country style. For the rural farmer of foggy Albion, the main purpose of the fireplace is heat in the house. The fireplace was made from the usual cobblestone for England laying out the front portal with a vault.

The fireplace in the English style, as the basic object of any interior, began to develop in proportion to architecture. Today it bears rigor and aristocracy. Thanks to it, the room acquires a certain purity of lines.

Englishmen with special trepidation relate to their family, because very often in the fireplaces you can see the heraldry of the family. A fireplace in a rich house performed an aesthetic role, whereas a poor family could cook food on it. In addition, the fireplace was given a significant role - heating the room.

At the present time it is difficult to find true connoisseurs of such fireplaces. They become easily recognizable practically among all styles. In the English style, consistency and severity prevail, because the presented products can not fit into any interior.

Fireplace in the luxurious dining room

Fireplace in the luxurious dining room of royalty. The architecture of the fireplace, the size and style harmoniously fit into the interior of the Victorian era.

Portal for an unusual fireplace.

Portal for an unusual fireplace. Such intricate masterpieces were made for England in colonial India.

Elegant fireplace in the living room

A discreetly luxurious, spacious living room in the prestigious Manchester house. An elegant fireplace unobtrusively is the center of attraction in the interior design of the room.

With a fireplace in the English style, there is almost always a direct smoke box. A common feature is the synthesis of materials. The furnace, which is most often made of cast iron, can organically interact with a ceramic plate or inlaid wood panels.


If the furnace is open, you can install a special holder for firewood. Most often it can be found in the English style, as it adds to the interior an additional authenticity and exclusivity.

A bright feature of such a fireplace can be an open fireplace. The fireplace itself and the fireplace are usually small. The furnace can often be performed in the technique of manual artistic casting, while it is complemented by various decorative elements. Decorative variations in weaving of furnaces can provide an unsurpassed effect: the shadow begins to form outlandish figures.

Before the fireplace should be laid out a special apron of refractory material, most often - from tiles.

One of the advantages can be that the smoke box is made of different types of wood, and the upper fireplace shelf is made of stone. Decoration of the panels should be done very carefully, because it's easy to cross the line and get into the country style, which has little to do with classic English.

Fireplace in Christmas

A fairy tale of Christmas night.

Exquisite fireplace portal

Elegant creation of stove craftsmanship. Exquisite portal fireplace is faced with ceramic tiles.

The beauty of the shelves can complement the mantel clock, several candlesticks, and a smoke box can decorate some nice picture. Most often this scheme is used (Fig. 1).

Today, the fireplace has undergone several changes. Gradually begins decorating the side panels and leaving the standard rectangular shape. Increasingly, the fireplace can be installed in the corner of the room.

During the construction, various materials can be used, among which are:

  • refractory bricks;
  • refractory tiles;
  • ceramic tile;
  • wooden bas-reliefs;
  • metal decorative elements;
  • natural stone.

Materials can complement each other and create an unrivaled composition. Unobtrusive painting and a light floral ornament can complement any interior, and classic straight lines will add extra rigor and seriousness. Among the entire line of similar products, this species is considered to be the most expensive. But no money is not a pity when you see the embedded soul of English fireplaces.

English fireplace "Manchester". Video

English fireplaces-from monumental to decorative