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A special cabin for hygienic procedures is very comfortable and stylish looking. Acquisition of such a design will be a real salvation for owners of small bathrooms. Such adaptations help to noticeably save space in a small room and even make it much more spacious and convenient.


In online stores, there are extensive catalogs where you can see photo of shower cabins for the bathroom of a wide variety of options. The owners of booths appreciated the numerous advantages of these devices.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Types of shower cabins
  • Pallet versions
  • Selecting the Particle Material
  • Interior photo of a bathroom with a shower cabin

Types of shower cabins

To learn how to choose a shower, you need to understand the variations of this convenient device. The main types are shower cabins:

  • open type, in the form of a small pallet with two partitions, compact and inexpensive;
  • closed type, in the form of a hermetically sealed capsule. They are installed in any place where you can hold water pipes.


The dignity of shower cabins can be attributed to the possibility of manning with a variety of convenient additions.


Each photo of the shower in the interior of the bathroom presents a variety of design options. Consider the differences between existing models:

  • The shower corner is the simplest and most common open-type model of a rectangular or semi-circular shape. You can choose the option of frameless, frame or frame shower equipped with internal partitions.
  • Shower cubicle with an open top, closed partitions on all sides. Its installation is justified if the ceiling height does not reach two meters and if the user's height is above 195 cm.
  • Shower capsule with absolutely hermetic construction, which can be installed in any convenient place. In these models, you can often see embedded add-ons for convenience. Together with a multitude of advantages they have a significant disadvantage - a considerable cost of capsules.
  • Combined cabin, or hydrobox, will be the best option for a large family with children, as well as a good choice for fans to relax in a warm foam bath.
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The latter option has two serious drawbacks: dimensions that require a lot of space, and a price tag.


Pallet versions

The choice of materials from which pallets are made does not depend on the size of the cabin itself. In order not to get confused when choosing, you need to know about the main advantages and disadvantages of each product:

  • A pallet with acrylic coating is the most popular option. From acrylic, you can make a pallet of any shape that will last for 15-20 years. It is convenient to clean and repair defects. True, such products are very susceptible to deflection, so when they are produced, they are strengthened with metal plates or a frame is used.
  • Cast-iron pallet is the most durable and inexpensive option, which, if properly operated, will last a hundred years or more. The disadvantages of such products include weight and standard form.
  • Pallets made of steel, covered with enamel, look more interesting than cast iron options. They can keep the heat well, but they have poor sound insulation. The service life depends on the quality of the enamel coating.
  • Ceramic pallets look great, easy to operate and perfectly keep the heat. In comparison with metallic analogs, these products are more fragile.
  • Pallets made of natural stone are durable, quickly heated and look stylish. Cost is their main drawback, therefore for manufacturing such products synthetic stone, for example, porcelain stoneware is used.
  • Wooden pallets - a good option for a country house, and not for an apartment in a multi-storey building. Do not expect to have a long life of such a product, especially if the tree has not passed the necessary processing.


From the variety mentioned above, it is easy to choose an option that completely suit all those who will use a particular shower.


Selecting the Particle Material

Partitions are performed in several versions:

  • Waterproof curtain - the simplest option, available to everyone for independent execution on the principle of curtains for the bath.
  • PMMA, plexiglas and acrylic are the most high-quality materials for the production of partitions in shower cabins.
  • Plastic partitions weigh a little and are inexpensive. From plastic you can make a simple shower with your own hand, however, the bathroom will not look like a cozy room. Cheap plastic partitions are usually used in hospitals and camp sites.
  • Glass partitions are made of strong tempered glass. It looks stylish, but gradually accumulates a lime scale on the surface. After each adoption of the shower it will have to be carefully wiped. Although the stained frosted glass does not show any stains or divorces.


From the variants presented in the catalogs, you can choose the most suitable booth, which will be the most convenient equipment for plumbing and other devices. At the discretion of the user, the cabin can have additional functionality in the form of a hydromassage, steam generator, integrated sauna, ozonation and infrared radiation.


All of them will make your cabin a comfortable place for hygienic procedures and maintaining health at a good level.


Interior photo of a bathroom with a shower cabin








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