Shower without a cabin and a pallet: 75 photos

Bathroom in black color

A shower cubicle is a convenient, profitable acquisition, especially for a close bathroom, in which even a small bath can not fit. The cab without a pallet is placed on the podium, laid out with tiles or simply on a flat place, with a slight slope towards the drain. It has no rear walls, but only doors made of glass or polycarbonate. A shower without a cabin and a pallet will perfectly fit in most modern interiors of an apartment, a country house.

  • are cheaper than full-fledged cabins with a pallet;
  • occupy less space;
  • suitable for the arrangement of the summer shower;
  • a wide variety of design solutions;
  • it is possible to install any internal filling;
  • they are easy to use for people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women.

Black tile in the bathroom decoration Bathroom with windows Brown Bathroom Finishing  Bathroom with beige tones Round mirror on the wall in the bathroom Shower cabin with clear glass


  • possible installation difficulties;
  • need waterproofing, leveling the walls;
  • On a rough floor there are puddles, the water does not go all out;
  • It is required to install a special ladder with a slope to the side where the drain is located.

On the form of a shower without a tray is:

  • pentagonal;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • elliptical;
  • semicircular.

White tile on the floor in the bathroom Blinds on the window in the bathroom Brown tiles in the shower cabin finish Unusual shower in the apartment Gray in bathroom design Large shower cabin, made by own hands

Choosing this or that form, take into account, in the room of what area it will be installed, the complexity of installing additional communications. The minimum dimensions of the cabin are about 90 centimeters, if the cabin is planned for two, it will take at least 120 centimeters.

The optimal variant of the shower cubicle arrangement is the corner of the room, but if there is a niche of sufficient size, the box will fit in it.

Requirements for flooring, walls in the shower room

The flooring is selected non-slip - if it's a ceramic tile, then it is chosen special, textured or put on top of a rubber mat, wooden grating. The flooring is also perfectly served by a mosaic of fine colored tiles, flat pebbles laid at a slight angle to the sink. The floor in the shower room can contrast with all the rest of the space, and can be performed the same.

Shower cabin in high-tech style Bathroom with shower Black color in the design of the bathroom in the Art Nouveau style Marble tiles on the floor in the bathroom  Cylindrical shower in a modern apartment  Black and white in the design of the bathroom with a shower cabin

The walls are decorated with a natural stone - marble, granite, onyx, slate, travertine, sandstone or mosaic of them. Fake gypsum stone is not allowed, due to its instability to water. It is important to verify before the installation that the walls are perfectly even - even a slight deviation from the vertical will cause the curtains to close tightly. When the walls are completely crooked, careful alignment is required, especially if the doors are fastened to hinges. Tip: sufficient waterproofing of the floor, walls is very important, especially if the shower is not located on the first floor of the apartment building.

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Stylistic directions and colors

Shower cabins are most often installed in the interiors of the following styles:

  • loft - glass or metal doors, decoration of walls with tiles for white or red brick, textured tiles on the floor, open communications;
  • minimalism - built into the wall, practically inconspicuous faucets, transparent doors of tempered glass, good lighting, solid floor tiles;
  • hi-tech - all the most modern equipment: massage jets, audio system, radio, an abundance of light, shiny metal, glass;
  • Art Deco - decoration of walls with patterned tiles with gold patterns, gilded plastic stucco molding on the ceiling, an abundance of black-brown elements, a floor made of natural stone;
  • ecological - are made with tiles imitating the pattern, texture of different types of wood - oak, pine, Karelian birch, wenge, juniper, a wooden lattice is placed on the floor. Plastic here is inappropriate;
  • Scandinavian - inside is made out of tiles "under the tree" of light species, outside - natural wood, the main color is white, fine pebbles on the floor;
  • Art Nouveau - there is a bath and shower in the room, smooth lines, natural shades, light tiles on the floor.

Shades of black in the design of the bathroom

Gender fitting

The floor level in the shower box should be the same with the rest of the floor - this is taken into account at the planning stage. Sometimes the project provides for the installation of a shower in a niche on a low podium. It is important to properly organize the drainage of water - a special drain ladder is mounted exactly under the shower. In the apartment it is made with a slight bias, due to the peculiarities of the sewer pipe configuration. In a separate cottage, other options are possible, which are also discussed at the design stage.

Next to the shower corner, do not place a washing machine - splashes from the booth can get on live parts, which can damage the machine.

Black tile on the floor in the shower room Blue mosaic in the design of the shower Blue floor in the shower  Black floor in the shower Brown floor in the shower room Mosaic on the floor in the shower

Choice of walls for the cabin

The shower corner is attached to that wall, the corner where the water pipes pass. The passage into the booth should not be cluttered, so that the doors open and close unhindered. There are walls with a water-repellent coating that "seals" micropores, water droplets on it do not stay, do not leave stains, which greatly facilitates the care of the structure.

What are the materials of the shower wall:

  • glass - used hardened, from four millimeters thick, has high hygiene, strength, does not mold, is not damaged by the fungus, care is almost not required;
  • polystyrene - very light, cheap, short-lived, excessively complex in care;
  • plexiglas - has almost the same characteristics as ordinary glass, but weighs less, it is easily scratched;
  • triplex - is a double layer of tempered glass with reinforcing film, the material is durable, versatile, expensive.

The walls of the cabin are made of matt, mirror or completely transparent, regardless of the material of which they are made.

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Shower cabin without pallet in the design of a modern apartment Lattice on the window in the bathroom Tile of small size in the design of the bathroom Bathroom with large window Outdoor vase with flowers in the bathroom interior Tile for brick in the bathroom

Swinging machines

Swinging or pendulum doors require a lot of space - the bigger the corner, the more free space is needed. There are shower cabins with doors that open inside, but they are very inconvenient to take care of, but they get better protection from water ingress from the cabins. Sometimes hinged doors with a complex design are rigidly fixed on low brick, concrete partitions.

Places in the bathroom will require so much so that the doors open and close, without risking to touch objects located nearby.

Blue light in the shower Beige and brown bathroom White bathrobe on the wall in the bathroom Bathroom in white-violet color Frieze in the form of a mosaic in the design of the shower room  Mosaic in brown tones in the bathroom decoration


This option of opening and closing is most popular for premises with an excessively limited area - the movable part, as it were, rides behind a fixed, additional space is not required. There are also models where both doors "part", providing complete airtightness or leaving a small space open.


The accordion doors that open both outward and inward impress with their convenience, but for money this is the most expensive option. They are produced bivalves, tricuspid. Doors "ride" on rollers made of metal, plastic. The roller is able to act as a separate element of the decor, metal rollers are very durable, but plastic costs an order of magnitude cheaper.

Black color in the design of the shower room White accessories in the bathroom interior Lighting in the bathroom White furniture in bathroom design Black marble in bathroom design Tile under white brick in bathroom design

Design of glass partitions

Partitions made of glass allow you to make a shower on the floor, this is the best idea for today to decorate a bathroom. Transparent structures give the room "airiness", visually slightly widening the tight space. They are ideally suited to the style of modernism, minimalism. Opaque, matte, satin will allow you to take a shower at a time when another member of the family uses a toilet or brushes teeth over a sink in a combined bathroom. Partitions with bright or monophonic patterns decorate the bathroom.

The choice of colors, configurations, ornaments depends on individual preferences, exclusive linens are expensive, produced in a limited series.

Large shower cubicle with light Glass blocks in bathroom design Illumination in the shower room black and gray  Shades of pink in the design of the bathroom  Glass doors in the shower room  Ceramic tiles on the floor in the bathroom

According to the design, the material of the partitioning is made of the following types:

  • blocks of tempered glass without a frame - have different sizes, reliably harden, they are usually produced transparent, translucent;
  • frame partitions - consist of, framing the glass sheet, metal profiles, installed directly on the floor or special locks;
  • transformable - easily move to the right place, cleaned, sometimes supplied with rollers.

By appointment, the partitions are separated by a partition shower, a bath. There are open-type constructions - without doors. By the type of processing the partitions are tinted, matte, transparent, with patterned inserts.

Sink in the Bathroom in the Bathroom Brown tile and mosaic in the design of the shower cubicle Jets of water in the shower room Shelves for bathroom accessories in the shower An insert of natural stones in the design of a shower room Shower cubicle with niches for placing hygiene items

Tinted windows

Such partitions are suitable for a spacious room with a bathroom, which has a window, bright artificial lighting. The profile here is preferred from chrome-plated metal or black. The floor covering should correspond to the design of the booth - for example, gold or silver with a black combination is undesirable.

Glasses with a complex texture will create a blurry silhouette or completely hide it. Structures with stained-glass inserts in the form of geometric patterns, plot compositions, floral prints, flowing lines will create a bright accent, emphasizing the chosen stylistic style of the room.

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Matt glass in the shower

frosted glass

When the gloss is not at all like or badly suited to the style of the interior, apply the partitions of frosted glass. It allows you to keep privacy, creating a high light transmission in combination of low visibility, looks great. Such partitions are a reliable barrier to foreign views, have good sound insulation, are easy to clean. Light through this glass penetrates, but it seems possible only that someone is in the soul. The loud sound of pouring water behind a qualitatively made partition is practically not audible, and the stains, small scratches are practically invisible.

Shower in the bathroom

This kind of partitions are made completely monophonic, made with sandblasting technology. A variant with an opaque pattern is possible, which is selected individually for different types of interiors.

Milled Glass

They are highly decorative, most of the surface remains transparent, but in many of its places are created the most complicated drawings, whole pictures with different themes. The most popular oriental, ethnic ornaments, hieroglyphs, ancient frescoes, floral patterns, marine, fairy stories. Sometimes such a glass imitates a stone, a ceramic tile, wood fibers.

Sometimes combine several types of decoration - satin and mosaic patterns, milling and frosted glass.

Large bathroom with black walls and beige floor Textured tiles in the design of the shower room Laminate in the design of the bathroom White plumbing in the bathroom Flowers in the bathroom interior Glazed shower in the apartment

Shower filling

In the shower corner, as in the whole cabin, not only the mixer and the watering can be placed. From the useful and pleasant inner filling of the shower, there are:

  • device for hydromassage;
  •  nozzle for a tropical shower;
  • cascading shower;
  • power shower;
  • shelves;
  • rods;
  • mirrors;
  • skipperfons;

Laxher-style bathroom Wall decoration in shower mosaic Tile for brown marble in shower design Chest of drawers in the bathroom interior Bathroom in beige and green colors Light colors in the bathroom design

  • chromotherapy;
  • Turkish bath;
  • foot massage;
  • fantasy illumination;
  • control by phone;
  • steam generator;
  • device for ozonization;
  • ventilation system;
  • liquid crystal display;
  • seat;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • aromatherapy;
  • radio.

The above details are purchased separately, installed where it is most convenient. Expensive models of various devices of European manufacture are distinguished by high quality, durability, Chinese analogues fail in about a year, but the price for them is several times lower. For the quality installation of hydromassage panels, sufficient pressure is required in the pipes. Ozonization helps to avoid the appearance of mold, fungus; The steam generator, Charcot's shower create a health-improving effect.

Lighting a large bathroom in black Shower in Scottish style Round mirror in the bathroom interior Chocolate and white in bathroom design Black tile in bathroom design Shower in the bathroom в стиле минимал


The shower cabin, which does not have a pallet, cabs, diversifies the interior of a small combined bathroom in five-story houses of old construction, or will be a neat addition to a well-maintained bath in a more spacious new-building room where the bathroom and toilet are separate. A compact cubicle allows you to install in the interior space everything you need for maximum comfort. The installation of the structure is quite difficult to do by oneself, therefore it is better to contact the professional masters who know their business well. All parts, accessories, shower accessories are recommended to be purchased from one line of any manufacturer.