From one-room - three-room: original reconstruction from

Interior of a small living room

Today we will continue to tell you about unusual design findings in the layout and design of your own dwelling, and our material will touch on the ways of turning a one-room apartment into a spacious and versatile three-room apartment.

Such brave experience was decided by talented masters from American architectural studio Point Architecture.

They needed to put into practice a comfortable room for living in a common room with three multifunctional zones.

Unusual decorating ideas, rational layout and years of experience allowed them to achieve an incredible result. In a single space they received an independent dining area, a living room and a bedroom.

Interior of a small dining room

So, let's see what kind of concept was developed by designers of the workshop for a family living in the cultural center of northern Italy - Turin.

A large area of ​​the room they used to organize a salon with a cozy white sofa for guests in the form of the letter G, and in the form of auxiliary spheres came the bedroom and dining hall. When decorating the decoration of such a connection of functional areas, this is the most effective option.

A significant advantage of this apartment are two wide panoramic window openings. They clearly demarcate space and at the same time save a refined aesthetic community. The same can be told about the ceiling with wood beams. They entered the interior of the house very naturally and unconstrainedly.

Partition in the interior

Wood brings a feeling of comfort, warmth, livability and permanence. In addition, the only huge balustrade clearly divides the volume of the room into separate areas. By the way, one more advantage of this decor is the fact that the wood perfectly captures sound waves and protects heat.

The original solution for zoning the apartment on the part of the steel partitions. The whole and monumental was reserved for placing the television display.

Continues its glass fence, which does not form a cumbersome, and also optically increases the area. The architectural reception allows you to give a sense of unity, and the fireplace stove fills the atmosphere with kindness, comfort and family warmth.

Interior of a bed in a small apartment

A unique solution is the use of podium elevation. This strong and effective way of dividing the territory gives many advantages for the embodiment of the idea of ​​"three in one". Firstly, the living room rises and is in the center of attention, besides it creates a sense of volume and spaciousness.

Secondly, it turned out to successfully disguise the sleeping bed by using a retractable box.

Initially, it seems that this is an ordinary reverse side of the barrier. But it easily transforms into a comfortable bed.

The podium is a wonderful place to store things and is an ideal way to plan modest and small apartments.

Interior of a small dining room

The round table top in the dining area made it possible to rationally design the layout of the furniture and place many chairs.

For the installation of the shelving, one wall surface was selected, which effectively decorated the decoration. Multiple niches allow you to place on them not only books and magazines, but also other accessories and delightful decor items.

A significant advantage in the interior of this housing was a luxurious and refined color palette. This is an excellent option, creating a representative and imposing appearance.

The burgundy tone is used to fill the house with colorful accents and is balanced by a pacifying, white base color. Elements of grace are added by dark chocolate tones of natural wood.

The decoration of this space turned out to be rich, joyful and respectable. Interesting decorator ideas made it possible to conserve the area and consistently arrange three multifunctional zones in it.