Inexpensive pool for a yard or a summer residence: 6 ideas +

July heat and brings thoughts of water, swimming, cool rivers and lakes. It is difficult to imagine a man who in this weather would refuse to have his own pool for rest and cooling. Especially if he has a backyard or works at the dacha.

However, not every yard has a place for a large swimming pool, just as not every owner has the means to build it from scratch. Therefore, in this article we have collected the 6 best modern ideas for a small, but inexpensive pool, which will turn this heat into your best vacation partner.

Framed, inflatable and made by own hands, - further you will get acquainted with the most simple and economic for today variants of pools, and also will see them on 40 photos in design of a summer residence or a small court yard!

1. The best choice of 2016 - the frame pool (10 photos)

Modern frame pools are available in a wide range of sizes and prices. A simple children's version measuring 2.5 by 1.5 meters and a volume of 1200 liters costs about 60 dollars (1500 UAH or 4000 rubles).

Small frame pool - photo at the cottage

A more capacious model with a capacity of 6500 liters and a diameter of about 4 meters will cost twice as much. But you will agree: it is an inexpensive payment for such pleasure, especially if you consider the following advantages of frame pools:

  • Quick and easy installation (pool folds, not inflated);
  • Reliable, stainless steel frame;
  • Dense walls of heavy-duty PVC and polyester;
  • Additional wall support with dense ribbons;
  • The presence of a drain valve, which can be connected to a garden hose to gently release the pool from the water;
  • No need for maintenance (only maintaining the surface cleanliness and sometimes - checking the water filter);
  • Warranty (the period depends on the manufacturer).

Many models of frame pools come with a cover that will protect the pool from leaves and other debris in those days or hours when you will not use it.

A frame pool in a private house - a photo of a site

Since the pool can safely stand all summer, it is sometimes additionally equipped with a hull or even a podium, so that this whole structure fits nicely into the design of your dacha or plot. Here's how some craftsmen make out a skeleton pool (photo below):

A small skeleton pool with a wooden podium small-frame-pool-photo How to make a podium for a frame with your own hands photo Beautiful and inexpensive pools - modern design photo Photo of small pools on the site or in the country How to decorate skeleton pools with your own hands - photo Covered frame pools - photo on the site

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2. Infant and family inflatable pools - photo on the site

Children's and "adult" inflatable pools are considered the main competitors of wireframes. They are easily transported and relatively quickly installed, although it will take some time to rush with the pump. The walls are also made of dense PVC and polyester + most manufacturers complete the inflatable pools with a protective cover from the debris.

Perhaps the main advantage is the cost of such pools - they are 1.5 times cheaper than wireframes. In this case, there is one serious drawback in them - the lack of draining the water. In addition, if the inflatable pool is large, it will be necessary in addition to buy an electric pump.

We enclose beautiful photos of inflatable pools on private plots.

Modern inflatable pools - photos on the cottage site A small children's pool - a photo of an inflatable pool Adult and children's inflatable pool - photo in summer Quality inflatable pool for summer residence - photos with adults How to make an inflatable pool on the site - on the photo children's pool

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3. Concrete pool on request or with your own hands

Of course, this option is by far not all, and the cost will be decent, but there are craftsmen who managed to build a concrete pool with their own hands. Therefore, we decided to include it in our list of inexpensive ideas.

Small concrete pool - photo with a tile on the floor

The most problematic point in this case is pit digging. Independently with this you can cope only if you plan to build a small and shallow pool. Rent a crane today is extremely expensive, and it is advisable only when creating a chic swimming pool, and not just for rest in the heat.

Unlike frame and inflatable pools, the concrete variant is stationary, but at the same time - one of the highest quality and long-term ones. To make such a pool, they usually use a mixture of concrete and sand, which is sprayed onto a metal frame. The general procedure is as follows:

  1. Dig a hole under the pool. Its depth and width should be 23-31 cm more than the estimated size of your pool. This distance will be filled with the form.
  2. Install the water supply. Usually it is a drain pipe that will be located on the bottom of the pool, as well as all the necessary structure (pipes, filters and pumps) to ensure a safe flow of water through the pool. It is acceptable to use PVC pipes with strong bonding material.
  3. Cover the walls and the bottom of the pool with a steel frame that will maintain its shape and strength for a long period of use.
  4. Spray a mixture of concrete and sand on a steel mesh using a powerful sprayer. The most popular mixture for building a swimming pool today is Gunite (sprayed dry) or torkret (mixture with water). When applying the nozzle sprayer is recommended to keep a distance of about 1 m from the steel mesh, direct the jet perpendicular to the surface and move in circular motions.

How to build a pool by yourself - ready projects with photos Step-by-step instruction on how to make a swimming pool with your own hands on a photo

Then it remains to wait until the concrete has solidified, after which it is possible to proceed to the decorative finishing of the pool walls with tiles or paint (if desired).

Photo of ready projects on the topic of how to build a swimming pool with your own hands:

Concrete pool in a private house - photo at the stage of manufacturing Beautiful homemade pools in the courtyard of the house - photo Photo of pools in the courtyard of private houses - concrete pool Concrete pools and landscaping in the photo

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4. Swimming pond or natural pool

Another option is an inexpensive stationary pool, which you can build with your own hands. Instead of concrete, the walls will be served by gravel and clay, and as natural ornaments natural water plants (cane, sedge, lilies etc.).

Swimming pool or swimming pool in the country - photo

The principle of building such a pool pond is similar to creating a concrete basin, but it can be executed without a steel frame - just try to make the walls have a good slope, and not be perpendicular to the bottom. When the walls are perpendicular, then for stability they are covered with a layer of clay or bentonite.

How to build a pond in the country with their own hands - projects of swimming pools with photos

It is believed that a natural pool can do without expensive filters and pumps, if planted with natural plants. However, to really clean the water, they need to plant about 50% of the entire surface.

Beautiful photo of swimming pools - pond for swimming in the yard

In a natural basin, water must be constantly circulated and aerated, otherwise it will stagnate and fill with unpleasantly smelling bacteria. For directing the flow of water through the pool, flexible PVC pipes are best suited, which are not afraid of colds. They are buried in the soil about 45 cm deep. For underwater aeration, you can use an air compressor and high-strength pipes that connect to the diffuser. Note that devices for aeration consume little energy and should work only 4-8 hours a day (depending on the size of the pool).

Small self-made pools on the site with photos Beautiful pools - design with your own hands with photo Shallow pond or pool on the plot with your own hands photo

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5. Metal tanks as an inexpensive pool for cottages

Freight containers and other large containers can easily serve you as a pool for a dacha or a children's pool on the site. The only problem in their application is due to the fact that some metal containers are not protected from rust. To solve the problem, they are dyed or covered with other waterproof finishing material. If you do not want to do this, then use as a basin galvanized tanks, which does not threaten corrosion.

Metal basin - photo from the sea container Metal swimming pool in the country with their own hands - photo instruction Homemade metal pool in the country with their own hands photo Inexpensive pool with your own hands from improvised materials - photo capacitanceHow to build a pool with your own hands - projects from metal containers with a photo

6. Simple ideas how to make a swimming pool with your own hands (photo on the site)

Waterproof tarpaulin is another material that is widely used to create simple pools with your own hands. You only need to make a reliable body of improvised materials and cover it with a tarpaulin. We suggest that you take a look at the last photo in this article and evaluate how the pool looks like from wooden pallets, haystacks or other materials in the country or a private plot.

Photo of pools in the yard - a makeshift pool of pallets Design of a pool for a summer residence or a yard with your own hands How to make a pool at the dacha from boxes and a birch tree - photo

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