Landscaping of the country house: planning and photo sites

Country houses are designed for recreation and unity with nature. Therefore, their design is usually characterized by simplicity, informality and convenience. The landscape design of a country house should emphasize the architecture and be combined with the surrounding natural environment. In addition, in such a site can be a garden, a garden, greenhouses and other agricultural elements. With Dekorin you will learn what the layout of a country house site consists of, how to create a beautiful landscape design, and also see 30 photos and projects for inspiration.

How to plan a country house site - photos and projects

Before embarking on landscape design, you need to clearly identify the areas that you need on your site. Think about how your family will spend their time here and determine where is the best place for each of these zones. What is worth considering when planning a country house site:

1. Pool or pond on a country house site

If you want to be able to swim and sunbathe, when you come to your own country house in the summer, then plan to place a pool on the sunny side of the building. Otherwise, the shadow from it will spoil you all the fun. Artificial pond, especially with fish, on the contrary, it is better to build next to trees or shrubs to protect from excessive sunlight. In our article Inexpensive swimming pool for a yard or cottage you get examples and instructions for creating a small pond on the site with your own hands:

Landscaping of a country house with an artificial pond

2. Rest areas on the country house site (ideas with photos)

Terraces and pavilions are ideal for family entertainment in the open air, and can also beautify the landscape design of a country house. If the terraces are usually located in close proximity to the house, the arbors can hide in the shade of fruit trees or be located next to the pool.

How to plan a country house site - a photo of a recreation area in the gardenSwimming pool on a section of a country house with a gazebo and a sitting area

When the site is large enough, it is worth considering the option of placing a bench away from the house or a table with chairs. This corner for rest can be decorated with a wooden or wrought-iron arch with beautiful climbing plants.

Photos of country houses: design and layout - the best ideas 2017

3. Garden paths

You can carefully plan all the zones on your site, but as a result they will not look as spectacular as you expected, if you forget to take care of the garden paths. This detail of landscape design plays not only a practical role, but also a decorative one. With its help, you can give the site a strict geometric or smoothly natural structure that will delight the eye. Read more here What garden paths to make on the site:

Landscaping of a country house - beautiful garden paths

4. Rockary or rock garden

If the landscape of your site is pretty monotonous, you can decorate it with a beautiful rock garden or rockery. The combination of rocks and lush plants will give your site a charming relief and color accent.

Landscaping of a country house - photo of a rockary

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5. Flower beds

If you like to work with plants, flowerbeds with flowers or other plants will be an ideal way for you to use the land. But keep in mind that perennial shrubs (roses etc.) today can be fashioned in an organic manner in the surrounding landscape, so that they look natural. Therefore, flowerbeds should be equipped only for annual flowers or vegetables, which you want to grow next to your country house or cottage.

Beautiful sections of country houses - photos of classic flowerbeds

6. Playgrounds

If you have children or grandchildren, then you can make your country house their favorite place to relax, which they will look forward to every winter! For this, in the landscape design of the site, there should be a place for a playground, a trampoline, a swing, a tree house or the like. Ideas for children's entertainment in the fresh air here: The best children's playgrounds and small houses for the garden.

Landscaping of a country house 10 acres - photo with a children's playground

7. A vegetable garden, an orchard or a greenhouse

If a country house is also a dacha, then when planning a site, you first need to allocate zones for the garden, greenhouses and the place where the animals walk. It is advisable that they are away from the pool and recreation area, so that the work does not remind of itself at the wrong time. A good solution is to divide these areas by planting fruit trees or tall bushes.

Country house - landscapingLandscape design of a garden or country house

Planning of a country house site: landscape design projects

We offer you 5 ready-made projects for the landscape design of a country house with a plot of 10 to 15 acres. As you can see, they are designed for different needs, including the presence of a terrace, a swimming pool, a playground etc.

Landscaping of a country house - projects of land plots Landscaping of a country house 15 hundred parts - photo of the project Planning of a country house site with a swimming pool and a terraceProjects of country house sites - design and layout of 10 acresHow to plan a country house site - photos and projects

Landscaping of a country house - ideas with a photo

Accomplishment of sections of country houses today is almost as important as the beautiful design of interiors. A well-groomed garden can emphasize the design of the facade of your house, the texture and color of the cladding, the shape of the windows and other elements of architecture. Today in the landscape landscape design of the country house, which looks "random", as if all the plants themselves chose where they grow. Clear geometric shapes and perfect straight lines do not fit this style. Focus is better to shift to an interesting color scheme and / or landing design.

Photo of the design of a country house site - a beautiful landscape

Whimsical and charming thickets of trees, bushes and stunted plants will create an exciting landscape that can be a smooth continuation of your house with the help of a curling ivy.

Landscaping of a country house - photo 15 hectare

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To give your site a country house a deep charm and character, you can use the following design elements:

  • A low fence, half-covered with bushes;
  • Garden paths made of stone, bricks or other material contrasting with greenery;
  • Forged arbors, benches, arches, perhaps even with the effect of rust;
  • Old garden tools that will bring to the landscape design the romance of village life;
  • Stove, fireplace or fireplace of stone / brick for a cozy evening rest or barbecue;
  • Mysterious statues or garden vases;
  • Birdhouses for birds;
  • Lanterns for illumination;
  • Outdoor furniture, possibly painted in white, which creates a clear contrast with almost any plants.

Landscaping of country houses - photos of the best ideas 2017 Unusual ideas for the landscape design of a country houseDesign of a section of a country house in a classic style

Beautiful sections of country houses - 10 more photos

Finally, for your inspiration, we offer a few more photos of beautiful sites near country houses. Keep the best ideas for yourselves!

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