Plants in modern interior design: 7 unique solutions and 39

Indoor plants in the interior are a wonderful way to bring natural charm and incredible coziness to the apartment environment. Flowers not only decorate the decoration, but also raise the mood of the owners in a gloomy and gloomy day. However, not all apartments are suitable for creating a magnificent and mesmerizing greenhouse.

Flowers in interior design

But if you want, fantasy and small efforts, you can form a magnificent greened corner for rest, even in a tiny studio.

1. Less is better

You do not need to turn your dwelling into an exotic tropical jungle. Install a pair of pots with tall decorative shrubs in different angles. As a result, even the tiniest room will look more visually and more voluminously.

Large trees with mesh leaves, on the contrary, optically reduce its area, reduce the height of the ceiling and fill the atmosphere with gloom.

Flowers in pots of different sizes Plant in a wicker pot Plants in the interior of a dining room Recreation Area under tropical plants Indoor растения в углу Indoor растения за креслом

2. Use pendant structures and laconic shelves

Hanging from the ceiling pots, consoles, small tables and slides in the form of stairs make it possible to form the original composition in interior design even with the help of miniature plantations. Arrange the vases on different tiers near the window or any other light source.

In the following photos you can see several options for decorating a greenhouse. With their help you can make your small winter garden even more beautiful and compact!

Indoor растения на подвесных полках Indoor растения в мансардном помещении Plants on open shelves Wire shelving for plants Plants in white pots Plants in the interior of the living room Plants in the corner for relaxation

3. Miniature Japanese Garden

Most owners of modest apartments use exotic plants from the Land of the Rising Sun to decorate the rooms. Tiny bonsai, ficus and bamboo, as well as a variety of Japanese decorative elements (millstones, garden lights or figures of cast iron) will transform any room.

They do not take up much space, but at the same time give the atmosphere brightness and expressiveness.

Indoor растения в японском стиле Houseplant with large leaves Composition of succulents Cacti and succulents in the interior Corner for indoor plants Small potted trees

4. The second wonder of the world

"Hanging gardens", located in pots, fastening to the ceiling, are a wonderful way of decorating a tiny apartment. These plantations give the decoration incredible charm, refinement and magnetism.

However, it is very difficult to care for such flowers. So, for example, for irrigation you will have to adjust, so as not to spill water on the floor.

Plants on hanging shelves Plants in pendant pots Plants in pendant pots в интерьере Plants in the original suspension pots Растения в interior design Original square flowerpot with flower

5. Beauty with benefit

Pay attention to the windowsill. You can make the most of his potential. To do this, simply plant in pots instead of begonias and roses a variety of spicy herbs - dill, basil, lettuce, onions, as well as vegetables - miniature tomatoes and carrots.

Such home decor great for accommodation in the kitchen or balcony. In addition, every day you can enjoy yourself with greens and spices.

Plants in the interior of the kitchen Indoor растения на кухне Herbs in pots in the kitchen Live spices and herbs in the kitchen

6. The greenhouse in the bathroom

Many houseplants need a warm and humid environment. And where can you easily create such conditions? Of course, in the bathroom. You can decorate a small bathroom with beautiful pots, corner posts and hinged shelves. Since there is no natural light in such rooms, pick flowers that love the shadow to decorate.

Plants in the bathroom interior Indoor растения в ванной Plants in the design of the bathroom Bathroom decoration with the help of plants Living plants in the bathroom Plants in the corner of the bathroom

7. Light and airy environment

In order to form a laconic and unconstrained design, choose low, or, conversely, light and slender pots.

Instead of pots, buy glass long vases, ball-shaped aquariums and flasks. Such compositions will perfectly fit in interior of a small studio, and also fill the atmosphere with incredible charm, comfort and warmth.

Plants in vases with water Plants in small pots Plants in bottles