Terraces and verandas to the house for your holiday with 30

Open verandas and terraces to the house are often created on the terrain with complex topography (for example, on inclined plots). Also, summer terraces and verandas provide extra space for outdoor recreation. Here we have collected 30 fresh photo terraces, which you can use for inspiration when arranging your site.

The latest trends in the design of private houses and homesteads suggest that today in a relaxing fashion areas that blend beautifully with the environment and are used as a summer living room. The most successful modern terrace projects combine the comfort of a combined kitchen-living room with the charm of a well-kept garden. How do they manage to do this? Learn more!

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The best ideas for the design of the summer terrace in 2018

Secluded seats, dramatic lighting, decorative fences, canopies and fireplaces - next you will see the most popular ideas for terrace design in 2018. We advise you to familiarize yourself with them in order to better appreciate the following photos of the verandas and terraces. Here is our list:

Beautiful lighting of the summer terrace

Suspended lanterns, LED floor lighting and elegant floor lamps, along with oversized furniture make any site look more intimate, mysterious and enticing.

Beautiful wooden terraces to the house - photo 2016

Suspended furniture

Swings, hammocks and pendant sofas - one of the main trends in the design of terraces and verandas, because this furniture is very comfortable and can be made by yourself.

Partitions and curtains in the design of the summer terrace

Decorative partitions create in the garden not only a feeling of comfort and privacy, but also a bizarre play of light and shadow, while dreamily fluttering curtains raise the comfort and style of the terrace to a new level.

Closed terrace - photo under a canopy near a private house

Furnaces and fireplaces on the summer terrace

Anyone who likes to relax in the fresh air, certainly loves there and eat. In 2018, fireplaces installed in the center or corner of the terrace are very popular and serve not only for cooking, but also for long evening conversations around the fire.

A small terrace to the house - a photo from above

Plants for the summer terrace

Drowning in the greenery of the soft corners for recreation today are so popular that they can be found not only on the terraces of private houses, but also near the apartments.

Terraces and verandas attached to the house - photo 2016

Beautiful pots with roses and other flowers enliven and soften the wooden floor of the terrace, while tubs with tall or curly plants emphasize and protect its perimeter from prying eyes. In addition, over the terraces today you can often see open canopies that are decorated with hanging flowers etc.

Annex to the house - wooden verandas and terraces PhotoVintage Decor

Decorative wall plates, antique vases, lamps and bird cages in antique style create an ideal atmosphere for a carefree holiday in the open air.

Bright shades

Orange, red, purple and other rich colors, which contrast with the greenery of your garden, create a fun and playful atmosphere in it. Apply them dosed on garden furniture, carpets or curtains, decorating the terrace.

Pools, ponds and other reservoirs

Not for nothing they say that a person vacationing in nature needs only two things for pleasure - fire and water. The most chic modern verandas and terraces near the house include artificial ponds, mini pools or built-in Jacuzzis, as in the next photo.

Summer wooden terraces to the house - photo 2016

Terraces and verandas attached to the house (+24 photo 2018)

When decorating a summer terrace, pay attention to the general stylistics of the yard and the house. It is desirable to design a summer terrace in a similar style. For the design of the summer terrace, the style of minimalism and Provence is perfect for a house. Of course, there are no restrictions in this matter, and if you like other style, safely implement it in the design of your terrace or veranda. We hope that the next 25 photos of the terraces and verandas attached to the house will help you make your home site your favorite place for family rest!

Terrace of wood and tiles - photo and project Outdoor terrace attached to the house with a swimming pool - photoOpen terrace to house in chalet style - photo Luxury verandas and terraces photo 2016 Wooden terrace to the house of red brick photo Open summer terrace to the house photo in a modern style

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Beautifully designed summer terraces will always please you and your guests. In a harmonious and stylish space your rest will be pleasant, relaxing and inspiring for new achievements.