8 creative ideas for a small bathroom

Contrast accents in a small bathroom

If you are the owner of a tiny shower, which was once part of the hallway or closet under the stairs, do not despair, but just accept it as this. Think of an unusual project using exclusive materials, so that the room seemed bigger and more pleasing to the eye.

How to draw perfect strips

Use a variety of colors, tiles, wallpapers and original built-in modules that will help turn it into a fairy-tale box.

By the way, horizontal bands are able to visually expand the space, and the painted ceiling as much as possible to distract visitors' attention to themselves.

Wallpaper in a horizontal strip in the bathroom

Outdoor shower

Europeans have long used this method, such as the removal of a shower door or partition. But in this case it is necessary to take additional measures of waterproofing, for example, lay out the tiles and the floor, and the walls, and the ceiling, and also think through a competent drain system.

Outdoor shower в маленькой ванной

Unconventional layout

The photo shows that this area allows you to place both a sink and a bath, so the designer used the creative approach, dividing them with a transparent wall with a built-in mirror to save square meters.

Glass partition in a small bathroom

All-powerful floor tiles

Lay out on the floor a stunning ornament that will completely distract attention from the lack of space. And then repeat the same drawing on the glass of a single narrow window, and everyone will forget about the fact that the room is excessively narrow.

Floor tiles in a narrow bathroom

Built-in modules

Small bathrooms in old houses often have many secluded corners, seams and partitions that nobody uses. Operate most of these objects so that they do not hang dead weight.

For example, in the inner wall next to the toilet, you can successfully place bookshelves or boxes for storing some household things. And it is also desirable to think over a special system that will quickly hide all the insides from the eyes of the guests.

Book shelves in the bathroom


For the first time looking into this room, you immediately understand where you really got to. Such colorful self - adhesive posters are available in many online stores, so you have the opportunity every time, having decided to take a shower, get on the seashore and into the desert.

The landlady of this apartment decided on a visual experiment, so it seems that the space has a real continuation.

Wall-papers in a bathroom

Bold wall coverings

Large drawings and saturated colors can become a shocking spectacle, but will greatly increase the small space, creating a sense of cumbersomeness and oversaturation. Especially dramatic such elements look on the ceiling.

Large pattern wallpaper in the bathroom


Adding mirrored surfaces is an old and tried-and-true designer trick. An example is the following photo, which shows how the corner mirror doubles all the interior items, including the light of the lamps, which is of great importance in the absence of natural light.

Mirrors на стене в ванной