We plan the design of the garden in winter - the best ideas

Have you thought about how your garden will look like in 2016? Winter is the best time to sum up the past season and consider the various options for change. Typically, an empty winter garden allows you to see the real structure of space and get a good idea of ​​what you need to do.

In this article, you will find out which garden design is in fashion today, explore possible ways to improve it and see 35 inspirational photos of garden plots near the house. Enjoy watching!

How to update and create a stylish garden design - landscape ideas 2016

If to speak about growing tendencies of last years the landscape design of a garden and a site began to develop especially in following three directions:

  1. The effect of a "wild" or semi-abandoned garden;
  2. East Asian (Chinese) style and Zen gardens;
  3. Modern minimalist design with strict straight lines.

Let's consider the features of each of these trends in modern garden design, as well as enjoy beautiful photo gardens in recent years.

Garden design with the effect of "abandonment"

This, of course, is the main trend in landscape design. Allowing different technologies to simplify our life, we, nevertheless, aspire to surround ourselves with natural natural materials and motives. Probably, our inner need to have balance and balance in everything demands this.

We plan the design of the garden and plot in winter 2016

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So, what is needed to create a beautiful garden design in a naturally overgrown style?

First of all, it should be noted that this design is easiest to create with a certain number of adult trees and bushes. The main features of the style - romanticism and some mystery - is achieved precisely due to the presence of dense vegetation on the site.

Beautiful garden design with treesOvergrown garden design - photo

Also, the necessary effect can be achieved with the help of high grass (up to the knees and above), disorderly planted flowers and other plants, as well as simple, uneven paths between them.

Garden design with their own hands - tall plants and bushesDesign of a garden in a neglected abandoned style of 2016

Simply put, this design of the garden site requires the least care and diligence. Although this does not mean that he does not require them at all. Sometimes it is even more difficult to think about the alternating levels of tall and low plants so that they appear naturally growing, rather than ridiculous, than creating an orderly garden design.

Landscaping ideas for the garden 2016Beautiful garden design with paths

The advantage of a romantic wild garden is the presence in it of secluded places, which are excellent for rest and relaxation. Think about placing in a garden a wooden bench, a forged table with chairs, a wicker arch, an arbor or the like.

Ideas for a garden - a romantic arbor Classic garden design photo Exquisite landscaping garden design - photo arch

An additional decoration of the "abandoned" garden can be large stones, old vases and other objects that supposedly happened to be here.

Garden design with large stonesModern garden design with furniture and decor

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By the way, the latest features of this garden design - stones, ancient look and places for relaxation - strongly echo with the Chinese style and Zen gardens. It's time to get to know them!

East Asian garden design (fresh photo)

An integral part of the Zen gardens are open pavilions for recreation, the presence of ponds (ponds, streams), inspiring abstractions or figures of stone and the absence of bright colors. Looking at the photos of garden plots in Chinese style, you will notice that the green color of the plants predominates in them. More rarely you can see red, pink, white and other flowers, but in general the composition always remains calm and seasoned. The second most popular design of gardens in 2016 is perfect for people with hard work and just for those who know how and likes to draw strength from Mother Nature.

East Asian Garden Design Japanese garden design - photo Landscaping ideas - a mini pond in the gardenLandscaping design of the garden in Chinese style Pond and gazebo in the design of the garden in Japanese style Fashionable garden design - photos of the Zen garden Japanese garden design - photo Zen near your house

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Landscape design of the garden in the style of modern minimalism

Simultaneously with the inspiring, close to nature styles that have been described above, in recent years the minimalist design of the garden area has developed rapidly, for which orderliness and clear lines are characteristic. You will love this style for the interesting geometric shapes of flower beds and plantations, groomed paths, a luscious green lawn and an abundance of open space that can sometimes inspire no less than the spirit of Zen. Cleanliness and order around us is a pledge of the same and inside of us!

Garden design in a minimalist style Wooden flower beds and containers in the garden design Clean minimalist design of the garden plot Idea for a beautiful flowerbed in the gardenBeautiful design of a small garden areaModern garden design - photo with led lighting Beautiful and fashionable garden design - photoMinimalist garden design with own hands

How are you? Be sure to tell us in the comments which style of the three you liked the most! Well, in the end, let's look at the various options and ideas for improving your garden this year.

Create a garden design with your own hands

In addition to leading fashion trends, planning the landscape design of the garden site, you should also take into account your experience in previous seasons. To not miss anything, use our list of questions-hints:

  1. Do all the plants grow in the right place? Perhaps some should be transplanted into the shade, or vice versa in the sun? Also get rid of plants that are not well established, require complex care or messed up the garden design and your mood last year.
  2. Are not you tired of the look of your flowerbeds? Do not you want to try a new color combination that will better match the design of the facade of the house and your mental state?

Create a beautiful garden with flowersColor scheme for the design of the garden under the facade of the house

3. How do you feel about an empty garden in the winter? Evergreen coniferous plants confidently come into fashion, so why not plant them in your garden and rejoice all year round?

Needles in the design of the garden plot in the photo

4. Is it time to add a shady or some fruit tree to your garden corner for rest? And maybe there is not enough of a beautiful fluffy bush near the porch? Empty places in the garden are sometimes very annoying.

Garden design - decoration of porch and verandahStylish garden design in photo 2015

5. In what condition are your garden paths and fence? Maybe they should be updated or decorated, for example, with climbing plants?

Landscaping of the garden with beautiful pathsModern garden design with flowers

6. Is the irrigation system effective? If not, then you need to fix it before the plants begin to wake up and move away from the winter.

7. What could make your life easier? For example, a home garden is better to break closer to the entrance to the house or garden barbecue. It is also possible to organize a simple covered storage of tools in the garden, so as not to wear them all the time from the garage and back. What about garden lighting? Can it be worth adding highlighting tracks or hanging cute lanterns on tree branches? Think about what you missed last summer and how you can add it to your garden.

Best Ideas for the Garden 2016

Keep an eye out for new articles on Dekorin, because soon we will publish interesting materials with ideas for garden design with our own hands!