10 lessons of decoration, which gives nature

Most people do not always find time to stop and sniff the roses. But if you are planning to take up the decoration of your house, then you should pay more attention to the environment. After all, the best patterns, colors, textures and shapes are born here, and not in any factories or workshops! Here you will discover 10 inspiring ways to decorate your house, which nature has created for us.


1. Seasonal changes give variety

Each time of the year in its own way is beautiful and marked by bright events. We love winter for fluffy snow and New Year, for spring - for the first flowers, March 8 and Easter, summer for sunny days and holidays, and autumn, of course, for colorful foliage and Halloween. Thoughts about these holidays and changes make us more joyful and happier, so why not make the interior of your home reflect these wonderful moods?

After a gray winter, nature rewards us with amazing tulips, narcissuses, violets and woods. Summer pleases with sunlight, blue sky and bright green grass. The main colors of autumn are muted shades of red and orange. Finally, the winter envelops the world with a brilliant white cover and silvery patterns on the windows. Be guided by such simple associations, and also use thematic and festive decorations to make your home decor match the current season!

autumn decor spring-decor winter-decor-in-living room

2. Color must have depth

Before choosing a paint or material for interior decoration, remember the most important feature of nature - there are no single-color and simple elements in it. Each flower, stone and any other object contains a huge number of shades, which become noticeable in close examination.

Take, for example, an ordinary green leaf. Its color may be lighter at the edges, but darker near the thin veins and closer to the center. And so absolutely with every plant to which you decide to take a closer look! So maybe this is the secret of the attractiveness of nature? Tonal changes and transitions make space more interesting and complex. Use this knowledge when you decide to update the interior design: for example, you can make the lower part of the walls darker than the upper one, or simply choose a room for a room that is inhomogeneous in color.

different-tone-one-color-in-the-interior Steny-ombre-V-Interior warm-tone-in-the-bathroom-room

3. Natural style is not only a tree and greens

When you think about incorporating natural elements into the house, brown wood and green plants are the first to come to mind. Therefore, many natural style seems too neutral and devoid of brightness. But there is such a variety of colors and forms in nature! A wonderful example is a butterfly. Not all butterflies are brightly colored, but absolutely each of them on wings has intricate patterns and pleasant combinations of tones. And the underwater world and coral reefs! And the structure of the soil, which can be observed in deep quarries and mines!

The world around us is rich in already selected, amazing color schemes - just take it and use it!

animalistic-prints-in-the-room butterfly-in-the-interior pattern patterns-on-tiles bright-natural-colors

4. The type of environment depends on the angle of view

Imagine: you go to the park in the evening. At first, glowing street lights come into view, and only then are the narrow benches standing under them. But at the same time the mouse, running through the grass, will pay more attention to the bench, while the lamp from the lantern will seem to her an incomprehensible distant light. How can this comparison be applied to interior design? First of all, it teaches us that the balance in the room can be created with completely different sizes of objects.

For example, you can choose chic massive furniture and neat spotlights, or focus on a large chandelier, putting underneath it simple minimalist furniture. One room - two completely different images. Agree that if you want to radically change the situation, changing the relationship between objects will work much better than gluing new wallpaper.

large-fixtures-over-kitchen unusual-sized-furniture-in-the-room low-furniture-high-decoration

5. Nature is constantly in motion

Whether it's a branch of a tree, stirring from wind blows, or birds flying past, nature always moves something. You can check this by looking out the window right now. What can in this way revitalize your home? Not to mention the possibility of purchasing pets or installing an aquarium, you can create a visual dynamics in the interior, even with fixed materials. For example, you can hang long curtains and a large picture from floor to ceiling. A variety of accents, decor levels, unusual sizes of objects and visual effects, for example, "snag", make the eyes constantly move around the room, thus bringing it back to life.

Dinamika-V-Interior multilevel-interior bold-dynamic-interior cheerful-design-interior

6. Opposites attract

In nature, often there are such harmonious and tranquil landscapes, as, for example, a lush green valley with a waterfall or majestic mountains with smoking clouds. But sometimes, obviously, she also wants to have fun. For example, have you ever wondered how amazing the rainbow is? It in fact consists of shades that are on opposite ends of the color wheel, but at the same time look great together. Use this example to compose the most interesting color combinations for your home. Yellow and violet, orange and blue, red and green - these tones on the color wheel are opposite each other, but obviously demonstrate that the opposites are attracted!

black and white-interior unusual-color-palette unusual-combination-colors green-orange-interior

7. Texture plays an important role

Choosing for your interior a certain natural theme, for example, a green forest or a mysterious sea, it is important to choose not only the appropriate shades, but also the textures. For example, you want the interior to look like a forest. So, the main texture in it should be wood: wall panels, parquet, furniture or the like. But, if there is only a tree in the room, it will seem too warm and rough. In nature, everything is balanced, so the wood should be balanced with an opposite texture, for example, reminiscent of a soft grass cover or fluffy foliage. For this purpose, you can lay a soft carpet on the floor or throw comfortable cushions on the sofa.

Pay attention to complementary natural textures and colors - and you will never go wrong in choosing the decor for your house!

interesnye-tekstury combination-different-textures texture-combination texsturnye-steny

8. Different forms are attractive in their own way

What else, besides the variety of shades and textures, attracts us in nature? Of course, its shape! Let's use the forest again as an example. The trunk of a tree is a rectangle, a bush is a circle, a spruce is a triangle etc. And now imagine a landscape in which all objects are round. How long will it be interesting for you to observe it?

Nature tells us to pay attention to the form of things that we are going to put into the room. For example, for a living room with a rectangular slide and the same sofa, the best choice will be a round coffee table. And what about the accessories that you are going to put on it? What do you think will look more interesting: a stack of books and a round vase or objects of a similar shape?

round-and-rectangular furniture raznye-formy-mebeli different-shape-in-the-interior Modern-interior-with-different-forms

9. Changes in nature affect our mood

There are people who love water, but there are those who fall into depression because of the rain. Some of us are filled with joy at the sight of a bouquet of flowers, others are charged with energy from the sun in a cloudless sky. Choosing a color palette for your home, you must first think about those natural phenomena that make you as happy as possible. Of course, there are standards about how certain colors make us think and feel, but like all communication, they are pretty rough, so your personal feelings should play a major role here.

calm-mood-in-the-interior warm-cozy-interior bright-interior-sub-mood yellow-furniture-in-the-interior

10. There is a connection between nature and emotions

Many things mentally return us to certain places and events. Those of them that were the happiest for you, can start to please you again with the help of the design of your house. For example, let him remind you of how you spent each summer in your grandmother's village every summer or how wonderful your honeymoon was in Goa. Decorate your house with the materials and decor that you associate with those places, and then it will become for you the most cozy and happy!

sea-style-in-the-interior nostalgicheskiy-deco-V-Interior nostalgic-interior tropical-style-in-the-interior