14 luxurious bathrooms for inspiration

Find out how designers create luxury bathrooms using a variety of styles of furniture and other accessories!

1. Bathroom furniture in the Art Nouveau style

With its clean lines and an emphasis on the natural beauty of the tree, this modern-style furniture looks incredibly elegant and noble. Combined with expensive Calacatta marble and equipped with square shells, it provides ample space for storing things, but does not cover the floor, which makes it, among other things, also very convenient to clean.

Stylish modern bathroom furniture

2. Стиль Big City Life

Make sure that even a small bathroom can look luxurious! To maximize the effect of lighting, the designer of this bathroom used a shiny black tile, which has excellent reflective properties. At the same time, furniture and plumbing here are distinguished by a refined elliptical shape, which leaves a lot of free space and gives the interior a very stylish look.

Modern bathroom with black tile

3. Romantic bathroom for two

Sometimes luxury can be combined with a sense of intimacy and romance. For example, when a beautiful tub on legs divides the room into two halves, thereby stimulating the couple's desire to connect with each other. Elegant plumbing looks just amazing on the background of the marble floor, and soft lighting brings warmth and comfort.

Double Bathroom Furniture

4. Muted beauty

This bathroom uses a light smoky color palette, which contributes to creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Furniture with glass doors and vintage mirrors bring a refined style and brilliance to the room.

Stylish and luxurious bathroom

5. Bathroom in Art Deco style

With an eternally fashionable black and white palette and decorative elements in the Art Deco style, this bathroom inspires with its beauty and pleasant nostalgia for a bygone era. For a unique effect, the designer added a carrara marble countertop and two kinds of mirrors.

Art deco style in the bathroom interior

6. Luxury with an abundance of details

A sign of true luxury is bathroom furniture made to order. Starting with the exquisite finish of lockers and mirrors, and ending with Turkish tiles and spectacular molding, every part of this bathroom was created specifically for this expansive space. Perfectly fitting sconces and chandeliers add an exquisite touch to the interior.

Luxurious large bathroom design

7. A playful bathroom

Of course, the main element of the design of this bathroom is the bright wallpaper, but notice how elegantly on this background looks the pedestal sink and the brilliant finish of the big mirror!

Bathroom design with bright wallpaper

8. Wealth in Simplicity

For the effect of more modern luxury in the bathroom, you can apply clean furniture lines and simple but beautiful details, such as, for example, wall lights and polished silver decor.

Elegant bathroom

9. Fresh and clean bathroom design

The abundance of marble in this space gives an instant sense of luxury - as if you had your own luxury spa at home! White furniture and walls nicely distinguish not only the pattern of marble, but also a spectacular antique mirror, while the seating area with a chair gives the interior a touch of glamor.

White furniture and marble in the design of the bathroom

10. Small but elegant bathroom

But who ever said that size matters? When it comes to creating a luxurious interior, the materials easily compensate for the lack of space. In this case, a small ladies' room acquires a high style due to shiny furniture, marble countertops and a combination of textiles on the window and the chandelier.

Luxurious design of a small bathroom

11. Restored bathroom furniture

To create a cozy rustic appearance of this bathroom, the designer used a pair of antique chests of drawers. Presenting them in combination with a marble countertop, he created a rare sample of country chic in the interior. But the most pleasant thing here is that you yourself can make similar bathroom furniture from your old chest. The photos below will tell you how to do it.

Refurbished bathroom furniture The curbstone under the sink from the old dresser The curbstone under the sink from the chest of drawers with their own hands

12. Relaxing bathroom in classic style

What can be more luxurious than feeling when in the bathroom you feel just like in any other? A full set of furniture, a retro-style bathtub, soft carpet, beautiful shelves and magnificent chandeliers turn this bathroom into a recreation area where you want to come back again and again.

Bathroom design in classic style

13. Feminine bathroom

This bathroom was definitely created for a woman who likes to hang around while lying in the tub. Attention to detail and the use of non-traditional materials (for example, the use of panels instead of tiles and curtains instead of a shower curtain) make this space cozy and warm, even in a completely white palette.

Romantic bathroom

14. Rich bathroom materials

If the luxury of the previous bathroom is covered in subtle details, then here everything is the opposite. To give the room a sense of style and wealth, all elements of this bathroom were made in brass, copper or gold, the warm luster of which strikingly blends with the cold marble countertop.

Gold plumbing in the bathroom