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Apartment with high ceilings in Barcelona

Интересный дизайн квартиры с высокими потолками разработали архитекторы Anna & Eugeni Bach. Апартаменты находятся в Барселоне, Испания.

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The project consisted in the reconstruction of an apartment located in the busy Eixample district, in an ordinary residential building that was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

The area of ​​the object is approximately 70 m². Initially, two rooms were facing the street, and the rest were lit up and ventilated due to the presence of a spacious patio. Such a layout formed a lot of corridors and dark alcoves. They did not carry any functional load and served only to connect the premises.

The new configuration provided for the preservation of two bedrooms adjacent to the front wall of the house. This was the condition of the customer. Living room, dining room, kitchen and study could be arranged on the other side, at the discretion of the architect. The space connected to the patio was too congested. The premises had different purposes.

The authors of the project proposed the following solution. The layout of the bedrooms was left unchanged. They added one large room, which can be used for any purpose. A decent height of the ceilings allowed to design the kitchen as part of a single space environment. The far part of it forms a kind of attic in which you can arrange an office or a guest room.

This approach has its advantages. First, it effectively uses the vertical volume of the apartment. Secondly, access is provided from the central part of the dwelling to any room. Especially worth noting is the kitchen, which is a compact unit. Between it and the ceiling there is free space, which again accentuates attention to the openness of the central part of the apartments.

This simple layout is adapted to the non-standard configuration of the apartment with its bathrooms and utility rooms. A small toilet, located opposite the entrance, the authors of the project saved. But the bathroom adjoining the main bedroom, they rebuilt to use the exceptional height of the ceilings.

The podium creates an additional storage space. Plus, the architects won several square meters by installing a bathtub under the shower and combining both functions in one room.

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How is this idea of ​​using high ceilings?