10 incredible ideas for small rooms

If you live in a small apartment and want to properly organize space, decorate your home beautifully and make it as convenient as possible, you have successfully visited our site.

Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

There is everything you need to tell you the right decision. You will be surprised at how simple and effective you can solve your problem.

1 Rotating interior partition, which can be used as a bookshelf and a support for the TV. Rotating interior partition 2 A sliding bed that leaves room in the space for a day. The system of cables allows you to lift it and fix it under the ceiling. Extendable bed 3Foldable dining set. When folded, it practically does not take up space and looks very decorative. Foldable dining set 4Use the space around the living room or bedroom window. This is a great place for shelves and shelves. Shelves around the window 5Divan L-shaped, which can easily be converted into a bed. L-shaped sofa 6Click the shelf and draw the console on the wall if you do not have space for the side table. You will be surprised how this will transform the space. Painted console on the wall 7 Foldable kitchenette, hidden in a separate closet. All you need at your fingertips is when you need it. Foldable kitchenette in a separate closet 8 A movable structure that serves as a bedroom. This bright cube accommodates a comfortable bed and looks very original in the interior. Movable bedroom 9In a tiny space you can place a bed on the mezzanine, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Bed on the mezzanine, kitchen, living room and bathroom 10If you have wanted to have a dressing room for a long time, it's time to realize your dream. We raise the berth on the mezzanine, and we use the vacant space to equip a roomy closet. Cloakroom under the bed

If you have not yet found a way to expand the space of your small house, come to us. Believe me, the design idea does not stand still. Every year new ideas and solutions appear. And one of them will suit you.