Kitchen repair by own hands

Interior of a light cozy kitchen

For a long time you want to repair the kitchen, but do not want to trust it to other people's hands? Or do not have extra funds for hiring workers? And why not do it yourself? Today we will share some wonderful ideas from one wonderful hostess from Cherepovets, Irina Smirnova. She developed the project of her own cuisine herself, and embodied her ideas in life - the husband of our heroine.

Interior of a light cozy kitchen

It's hard to believe that the size of the room, which we see in the photo, is only 9 sq.m!

Interior of a light cozy kitchen

The hosts live here together, the eldest daughter grew up and left. But the space is so airy and free that you can easily gather at dinner can be 4-5 people!

White cage and flowers in a basket on a light cozy kitchen

After the purchase of the apartment, repairs began. It was decided to move almost all the walls, and the kitchen - to unite with the living room. In the development process, Irina was looking for the necessary materials, facades, furniture, wallpaper, tile, mixer, built-in appliances, trivia for the decor and floor through online stores. It's so convenient! A lot was ordered in this way.

Ceramic electric kettle and perfumes

Absolutely everything was done with a hand tool: screwdriver, electric jigsaw, drill. The owner mounted himself without attracting anyone, all the instruments, assembled furniture, pasted the edges, cut the countertop. He had to do a lot of work that he had never encountered before. But judging by what we see, he succeeded fully!

Fruits and marshmallows in a light cozy kitchen

However, there were moments when he did not hesitate to consult with specialists from the furniture salon.

Tableware in a light and cozy kitchen

Ideas for inspiration Irina took from various literature, specialized programs on television and the Internet. However, at some point, she realized that the education of a designer would not hurt her. Well, and of course, - the innate sense of beauty, taste and special attitude. After decorating the kitchen, she decided to become a master in this field and engage professionally.


Friends and acquaintances come to visit and admire what they see. Having gained such experience, this family can give a lot of advice to beginners, as well as offer their services in the development and implementation of individual projects.