35 stunning four-poster bedrooms above the bed

First created as a functional addition to the bed, the canopy gradually turned into a decorative element of the bedroom, which testifies to the wealth and sophistication of the taste of its owner. Therefore, if the first canopies were made from dense fabric (for example, from velvet) to protect sleeping people from cold, light and noise, in modern bedrooms we usually see light curtains designed to create a cozy, romantic and spiritual atmosphere.

Today, the canopy over the bed is experiencing a second birth in modern interior design. Agree, nothing else so lulls and does not contribute to relaxation, like a beautiful canopy, waves sinking on the sides of the bed and separating it with you from the rest of the world. Let's enjoy the inspirational designs of the bedrooms, which flaunt beautiful canopies and bring to mind the sweetest dreams!

Photo of a four-poster bedroom above the bed:

Canopies that are not part of the bed

Bedroom design with white furniture and canopy Baldahin under the color of wallpaper Bedroom with canopy in tropical style Curtain rod with curtains around the perimeter of the bed Black canopy in the design of the bedroom Forged bed with canopy Wooden bed with canopy Thin white canopy over black bed Luxurious canopy with a pattern Baldakhin above the bed with his own hands Striped canopy in the bedroom Original idea for the canopy in the bedroom A small canopy ring above the bed Beautiful lace canopy Four-Poster Metal Bed Beautiful curtains and a canopy in the bedroom in a classic style Transparent canopy attached to the ceiling Baldakhin as a decoration of the wall in the bedroom Baldakhin hanging from the ceiling Luxury bedroom in oriental style The idea for a canopy over the bed Indian designs in bedroom design Round frame for canopy Delicate color of bed and canopy Unusual bed with canopy Installation of canopy on the ceiling Transparent canopy on a black bed Beautiful romantic bedroom with four-poster bed Wooden bed with rich decoration and canopy Blue-green canopy made of satin fabric Curtain over the bed in the bedroom Bright canopy with a thin pattern Modern design bedroom with canopy Beautiful bedroom design with two beds Bedroom in eclectic style with canopy