The idea of ​​organizing space in a narrow kitchen

Design of a narrow kitchen

The family from San Francisco, gravitating to country life, found itself ideal, especially in relation to the kitchen, a refuge not far from Sonoma. Catherine Clark and her family have always dreamed of having a small house with a plot where they could grow gardening, grow their own vegetables and greens and cook stunning dishes for their friends.

Their new acquisition quite corresponded to these wishes, but the kitchen was narrow and cramped, and also clearly needed a renovation of the interior designed in the 80's.

Without resorting to constructive changes, designer Amy Elper changed the layout and style of the space by introducing several "smart" solutions. She created the conditions for filling the room with natural light and enriched the interior with a balanced mix of elements, both expensive and affordable.

With such parameters of the room it was almost impossible to include in the layout of hanging cabinets. The presence of a limited number of shelves allowed the space to remain open, and most of the things could be placed in drawers and pantry. Elper concentrated her efforts on arranging new kitchen appliances and tried to do so in such a way as not to block the entrance to the residential part of the house.

Black worktop in a narrow kitchen

The work surfaces are located on both sides of the Blue Star plate, for the purchase of which funds were saved, due to the purchase of budget cabinets from Ikea.

Tile on the kitchen floor

On the wall next to the stove Alper hung a couple of simple shelves. Their black brackets provide a visual connection with the worktops. The magnetic strip allows you to store all the knives at hand, and not to occupy them with one of the drawers.

White shelves in the kitchen

The use of steel shelves instead of wooden shelves is another contribution to budget savings. The ceiling lined with lining is perfectly combined with siding on the walls.

Kitchen in white color

Drawers of 60-cm width, which Elper integrated into the design, create conditions for the organized storage of kitchen utensils and appliances, as well as cabinets that occupy the entire section of the wall behind the refrigerator, from the bottom to the top. Laying large floor tiles does not take much time and is inexpensive.

White ceiling in the kitchen

One of the important advantages of this project is that the budgetary restrictions provided during its implementation did not lead to a decrease in the quality and ergonomics of the design. The renovated kitchen looks stylish, modern and at the same time rustically cute.