How to increase the area of ​​a small apartment: 12 ideas

If you want to increase the area of ​​your small apartment, it is not always necessary to carry out a cardinal re-planning for this. In most cases, it will be sufficient to create an optical illusion that will fill the atmosphere dream houses incredible charm, warmth and comfort.

Accent wall with 3D wallpaper

You can choose wallpaper with a geometric pattern or with a perspective, hang a beautiful mirror or buy a functional modular furniture. In today's story, we will introduce you to cunning methods of visual increase in the area in small apartments, which the talented specialist Marina Novikova shared with us.

1. The law of reflection

Mirror panels are the main way to expand the space. You can use a panoramic plane from floor to ceiling or special inserts for furniture or accessories. Mirrors can double the situation of the room and give the room a visual scope and incredible charm.

When forming an interesting home decor play with texture and scale. Remarkably in the decoration will look vintage mirror panels with a patina effect, metro tile or unique panels in the form of geometric shapes.

Mirror wall in the living room A large mirror on the wall in the living room Mirror on the wall in the living room Reflective surfaces in the bathroom

2. Glossy surfaces

This cunning trick works on the same principle as the previous one. Brilliant walls give the apartment expressiveness and depth, as well as pushing the boundaries of the room. For example, you can paint them with a light color with glossy finish, apply special plastic panels or sparkling wallpaper.

Glossy walls in the corridor Glossy walls in the hallway Glossy walls in the dining room Glossy walls in the office

3. Glossy stretch ceiling

A flat, polished surface visually elevates the height and gives the atmosphere brightness and dramaticity. Built-in light bulbs fill the room with a soft, subdued radiance, which also allows you to visually increase the area of ​​the room.

Stretched ceiling in the living room Stretched ceiling in the living room комнате Stretch ceiling in the bedroom

4. Photo wallpapers with perspective

This drawing allows us to change our perception of space. Many decorators and architects use this trick when decoration of walls in different parts of the house: a guest cabin, a boudoir, a bathroom and a kitchen. However, remember that this method must be used carefully. Do not overload the decoration with complex, saturated photos.

Wall-papers on an accent wall Volumetric wallpaper on the wall in the dining room Volumetric wallpaper on the accent wall 3D wallpaper in the bathroom Volumetric wallpaper in the living room

5. Neutral palette and contrasts

This way of decor visually erases the boundaries between different surfaces, as a result of which the apartments appear more voluminous and airy.

For example, you can paint the wall and ceiling plane in a gentle shade - smoky, beige, pink or blue. With this design, the eye will be difficult to grasp the boundaries of the room, so it will seem bigger.

In addition, do not choose a rich and expressive range, because it can give the situation heaviness and congestion. When decorating the house stop on the two main neutral shades that will prevail in the design.

Pay attention, when decorating wall surfaces, choose milk, beige or vanilla paint, rather than immaculately white. It will give the atmosphere of the apartments incredible comfort, warmth and unlimited charm.

Living room in white Bedroom in pastel colors Bedroom in bright colors White wallpapers in the living room

6. Horizontal and vertical stripes

Such an ornament can easily make any corner of the house optically wider and higher. Choose for finishing paper wallpaper with a striped pattern or paint, with which you can draw horizontal or vertical lines.

Do not you want such a drastic change? A wonderful solution for you will be the installation on the wall of wooden shelves or racks. They not only extend the boundaries of space, but also form additional zones for storage of accessories, books and decorative products.

Striped wallpaper in the dining room Open shelves in the living room The horizontal stripes on the walls in the living room Black and white stripes on the wall in the corridor

Ceilings in the room can be optically raised due to the wallpaper with a vertical striped pattern. However, in order not to overload Interior Design apartments, use wallpaper to decorate one or two surfaces.

Vertical stripes on the walls in the living room Striped wallpaper in the corner for a rest Wallpaper stripes in the bedroom Wall-papers and a seat in a strip

7. Maximum of radiance

Think carefully about the illumination system. A small room will look wider and higher with remarkable lighting. There is no need to create a languid twilight or soft scattering of radiance, so use the maximum amount of natural solar radiation.

A great solution for a tiny apartment will be multi-level illumination with LED lighting around the perimeter.

High window in the nursery Large windows in the living room Multi-level lighting in the living room

8. Light furnishing

To create a spacious and maximally open environment in the house, select the items of the headset according to the principle "the less, the better". Give up bulky sofas, cabinets, chairs, soft ottomans and armchairs that overload the space. Buy modular or transformable stylish furniture with a light upholstery.

Arrange the objects around the perimeter of the room without occupying the central part. It is also worth noting that low furniture significantly affects the perception of decoration.

Bright furniture in the living room Living room in bright colors Living room in pastel colors Interior of a bright living room

9. Folding door leaves

Lightweight folding structures remarkably save square meters of area. They perfectly fit into any interior, not only modern, but also classic. In addition, doors with sliding or folding doors are used by designers to divide the room into different functional areas.

For example, you can pick them up to isolate storage rooms and small pantry or on the border by the corridor and the guest cabin.

Folding doors between rooms Folding doors to the dressing room Folding doors to the pantry Folding door to the bedroom Folding doors to the kitchen

10. Ceramic tiles

The bathroom and other small areas can be optically expanded due to the selection of large-format ceramic tiles. This option of decoration not only aesthetically attractive looks in the decoration, but also creates the illusion of volume.

Small tiles, on the contrary, will allow you to reduce the area of ​​the room. This rule, however, does not apply to mosaic.

Another important point is the direction of the drawing. Vertical ornament allows you to raise the ceilings, and horizontal - to move the walls. In a harmonious combination with a large ceramic tile, use a stretch coating with a glossy finish.

Large tiles in the bathroom Corner washbasin in the bathroom Large tiles in the bathroom Elegant furniture in the bathroom

11. The minimum number of decorative elements

Do not fill your space. unusual house unnecessary and superfluous things - vases, statuettes, candlesticks and dishes. These items only litter the room and make it visually even smaller.

Place in the far corner of the room a large and expressive accessory, for example, a floor lamp or an outdoor flower pot. As a result, you will form a perspective effect and fill the atmosphere with warmth and comfort. Remember, elongated decorations visually raise the height of the ceilings.

Living room in minimalist style Compact furniture in the living room Interior of a small living room

These lungs in performance interior designers tips will allow you to make a tiny room more spacious and bulky. You do not even need to seek help from professional specialists, you can do everything yourself.

Pay attention to the fact that irrationally used methods of visual illusion can wear down the eyes and aggressively influence the creation of family members.