40 great ideas for interior lighting

Modern ideas for interior lighting allow you to turn a regular room into a breathtaking space, featuring a unique form and inimitable style. This is not only about the use of unusual and extravagant lamps, but also about the unexpected ways of installing the simplest lamps, as a result of which the interior takes on a much more advantageous appearance and additional functionality.

Dekorin prepared for you a collection of 40 photos of stunning interiors, the design of which would not be half as good if it were not for the use of the original kind of lighting. Looking through this collection, you will notice that under it can mean a variety of design techniques and types of lamps, including:

  • LED garlands;
  • spot-systems;
  • unusual chandeliers;
  • recessed lights;
  • illumination of walls, ceiling and furniture;
  • joint application of different lighting fixtures etc.

Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms - regardless of the size of the space, you can give it the most different effects with the right lighting. Find out how this is done with our next photos!

Ideas for interior lighting (photo)

Backlight in the bathroom Ceiling lighting in the living room Built-in lamps in the living roomSculptural lighting of the living roomSpot system for beautiful lightingFigured ceiling with lighting and chandelierAdjustable lamps above the kitchen tablesKitchen with adjustable lightsBuilt-in lighting in the kitchen Luxurious bathroom with chandeliers and built-in lights Spot system in the design of the living room Large lamp with beautiful pendants Hanging lamps over bedside tables Pendant lamps in different colors and shapes Different pendant lights in kitchen design Bathroom design with suspended furniture and hidden lighting Built-in lighting and niche lighting in the living room Lamps transform the wardrobe and the room as a whole Horizontal wall lighting in the ultramodern living room Lighting in the ceiling from plasterboard Backlight paintings on the wall in the living room Illuminated verandas with LED lights Kitchen design with good lighting Lighting of one wall in the living room Bedroom lighting with LED lights Beautiful staircase with lights in the house The original application of recessed luminaires Color of chandelier under the color of pillows Designer reception: a chandelier in front of a mirror Kitchen design: led lighting of furniture from below Beautiful lime-shaped lamps in the living room 5 different pendant lamps in the interior Idea for stunning staircase lighting Inspiring bedroom design with sculpted lights Beautiful lamp on a sloping ceiling The original idea for night lighting in the bedroom Sculptural ceiling with lighting in kitchen design Stunning Fantastic Room Lighting Kitchen design with blue backlight Large lamps for unusual interior design Built-in bottom wall lighting in the living room