Flowers in the interior of the apartment and the house

Room tree in the living room

During the design of space, flowers in the interior of the apartment help to solve important problems. With their help, it's easy to emphasize the advantages of a room or disguise faults, divide the room into zones, create a unique atmosphere. To avoid mistakes associated with decorating, before starting work, study the proposed information.

It does not matter, you will use live flowers in the interior of the house or use artificial analogs, you must follow the recommendations below. Plants, regardless of their origin, should:

  • match the size of the room;
  • Combine with the existing furnishings, decoration;
  • harmonize with the color scheme, the overall concept of interior design.

Important! Owners of miniature rooms should take into account that the composition containing large plants in the background, and smaller ones in front of them, creates the illusion of perspective, visually expands space.

Flowers in the living room

Wild flowers in pots

Real greenery, located in the room, will be a win-win option for those who like plants, who are willing to take care of them. Unpretentious dracenas, tender orchids, popular ficus and palms have become habitual neighbors in our dwellings. By placing live flowers on the wall in the interior, on shelves or in the window area, consider the suggested recommendations:

  • Do not stop at the traditional version of planting plants, using a window sill. Create compositions, using stands, stands, place pots directly on the floor.
  • Do not make compositions from traditional and fashionable house plants. For example, "babushkina" violets can easily be replaced by azaleas.
  • Creating a floral interior in the apartment, pay attention to the coloring of pots. They should be combined with each other, in harmony with the interior. A win-win option will be gentle pastel colors that perfectly fit into any interior.

Armchair next to flowers Flower on a stand in the bathroom  Room trees next to the sofa  Flowers in the white interior  Teschin tongue on the floor in the dining room  Horns over the fireplace


Artificial greens will be a wonderful solution for those who dream of diversifying the interior, but do not have the opportunity to fully care for living plants. When composing compositions, do not take up all the windowsills and corners in pots, use imagination. For example, artificial flowers on the wall will look original. Before starting work, study the advice of professionals:

  • The composition of artificial plants will look great on the coffee table - it does not need much light, and the coating will not deteriorate, as it is not necessary to water them.
  • High flowers look great in outdoor vases. This solution will be an excellent decoration for the living room, hallway.
  • Artificial вьющиеся растения можно красиво расположить на стене. Они не станут портиться от недостатка света, их не придется опрыскивать, что поможет сохранить отделку.

Flowers in pots by the couch Vase with flowers at the couch  Table with flowers under the picture on the wall  Vase with flowers on the table  Multicolored ears in a vase  Flowers in a vase next to a table

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Large flowers in the home interior excellently feel in spacious, free areas. They will become a wonderful decoration for rooms equipped with windows in the whole wall. Large species are considered large, the size of which exceeds 1.5 meters. Individual plants can reach the ceiling.

Flowers next to wicker chairs

Large цветы могут располагаться по отдельности или становиться частью композиции с более миниатюрными собратьями. Подобные ансамбли становятся отличным решением для зон отдыха, поскольку способны создать уникальную атмосферу для релакса. Планируя использование подобных вариантов, учтите некоторые нюансы:

  • do not have large plants on the windowsills - they will look bad and lack light;
  • flower pots play a big role; they must be in harmony with the situation, fit into the concept of decorating the room;
  • Large plants with a sprawling crown will optically enlarge the room, high specimens visually lift the ceiling.

Flowers in the living room


Today, randomly arranged flowers in a room, the interior of which is created with the latest fashion trends, replace stylish compositions. Popular miniature gardens, located on the wall or on the windowsill, florariums. Special flowers will be given to flowers-predators, rare exotic plants, giant specimens.

A coffee tree

Large greenhouses can help create a home greenhouse: dracaena, palm tree, coffee tree. Floor pots for flowers in the interior help to visually change the configuration of the room, hide flaws. If you build them in a row, you get a hedge, which allows you to separate the functional areas.


Using florariums (aquariums for plants) it is easy to create a miniature garden that will allow you to perfectly feel succulents, orchids, ferns.

Palm trees in the living room

Beautiful indoor flowers

Home flowers in the interior should not be the result of impulsive purchases. When planning their acquisition, it is worthwhile to think over the compositions in advance, to seriously approach the choice of specimens. In addition, it is worth assessing the relevance of the selected location to the habitat of the plant, its functional significance.

Flowers by the window

Most of the plants will look beautiful only in sufficient lighting, it should be taken into account when buying, arrange flowers so that they get enough sun or organize additional lighting, which is associated with costs.

Flowers in the kitchen at the table

For kitchen

Kashpo in the interior of the kitchen will allow you to diversify the design, create accents, pleasing the eye. On the windowsill, many plants easily get along, from the usual violets to the exotic ferns.

A pot in the kitchen pot

The peculiarity of the kitchen is temperature changes, high humidity. Selecting plants is subject to these parameters. Such conditions will provide an excellent habitat for:

  • aloe;
  • fikus;
  • ivy;
  • miniature fruit trees.

Planning the design of the kitchen, please note that the plants should be ordered and look neat. They can be placed directly on the table instead of cut. Flowers should look healthy, they should be free of pests. Sharp, intoxicating aromas are unacceptable for this room.

Black table with chairs and white furniture in the kitchen

For a bedroom

To decorate the bedroom you can use a variety of specimens. Plants are easy to place on the floor, window sills, create a composition on the wall, bedside table, coffee table.

Skin by the bed

Since the bedroom is a place for rest, here we spend a lot of time, it is necessary to avoid species whose representatives are capable of releasing poisonous substances. This will lead to constant headaches, malaise. Do not choose flowers with a rich flavor. Also, experts do not recommend using lilies that actively absorb oxygen to decorate the bedroom. Ideal for a bedroom will be:

  • spathiphyllum;
  • violet;
  • мирт;
  • kalalanhoe.

Choosing an option for a bedroom, you do not have to take care of the opinion of guests, as they rarely visit this room. You can make a composition to your taste and enjoy it.

Fern in the bedroom

For dark rooms

If the apartment is located on the north side, its windows are covered with tree crowns, choose plants that easily carry the shadow. Decorative and deciduous variants perfectly tolerate blackout, decorate the room, shrouded in semi-darkness.

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Table and sofa next to the fireplace

To arrange such a composition is easy in any convenient place. You can put it on the windowsill, place it on the wall or on the floor. Specialists note shade-loving plants that have become popular:

  • philodendron;
  • fern;
  • spectacular;
  • aglaonema.

When choosing a shade-loving specimen, note that it can be located on the windowsill, if it does not receive direct rays of the sun. Depending on the lighting, a green pet can be placed at a distance of 3 to 9 meters from the window. The standard apartment is able to provide maximum distance from the bright light, placing the plant at the end of the corridor, bathroom.

Room trees next to the armchair

For the bathroom

Taking water procedures in the environment of living plants is doubly pleasant. Here the specimens preferring dusk, high humidity will perfectly coexist. If the bathroom is missing a window, you have to periodically take out the plants to light, add extra lighting. In the bathroom it will be comfortable for the following plants:

  • tropical species;
  • fern;
  • fikus;
  • chlorophytum.

Candles on a bath

Important! Bathroom - a place that is undeservedly forgotten by lovers of domestic plants. A miniature room can be decorated with small plants located on the shelves. If you have a bathroom of impressive sizes - diversify the correct forms with an exotic tree in a tub.

Flower next to the bathroom

In the living room

Flowers in the living room will be an excellent solution when it is sufficiently free, not overloaded with various furniture. Having stopped the choice on large copies, such as dracaena, yucca, it is easy to optically expand the space further.

The palm near the TV

Choosing ampel plants, small perennials, as well as curly, woven options for the living room, in the room you can create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. When arranging the composition, consider the characteristics of plants, moving light-loving closer to the light source.

Flowers near the fireplace

In the hall

It will be comfortable here for species that are able to develop even with a lack of light. Plants should have strong leaves, insensitive to constant touches, lush bushes. It is important that the pots in which the flowers are placed are low and heavy, resistant to overturning.

Paintings on the wall of the hallway

Luxurious adornment of the hallway will be ficus, fern, ivy Hederes, cissus. However, even such shade-tolerant plants need periodic movement to a sunny place. Otherwise, they will lose their decorativeness, they will die. As an alternative, artificial greenery can be used.

Palms in the hallway

Where to put flowers in the apartment: tips

Beginning with gardening, consider that placing plants is necessary taking into account the characteristics of care for them, the rules of design. Choosing a place for permanent habitation, study the conditions that will be optimal for its development.

Teschin's tongue in the living room

Flowering specimens often prefer a well-lit territory, ferns, representatives of the Drazen family can feel great in shaded conditions.

Indoor flowers in a white interior

How to place flowers on a windowsill?

The window sill remains the most common option for plant location. The windows facing south, west or east are best for this. The northern side will be a good solution for greenery, preferring a shadow.

Flowers on the window

The southern side, constantly illuminated by the bright sun, is an excellent option for succulents, cacti, oleander, roses. On the west - citrus, Tradescantia, coffee will be located comfortably. Eastern - will become a cozy place for azaleas, diffenbachia, fuchsia, bulbous.

Cacti on the window

Placement of flowers on the floor

Natural greens will feel comfortable on the floor, if it is high enough and will receive the required amount of light. A large, heavy pot will make the flower unsafe if placed on a table or window sill.

The tree next to the sofa

The best solution to put the plant on the floor is when buying decorative dwarf trees, high lianas. Having them symmetrically near the door, you can add symmetry to the room, making up a group - to move part of the garden into the house.

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Flowers in the living room

Placement of plants on a stand

Flowers with hanging branches, curved leaves deteriorate when placed on the sill, cabinet, shelf. Their decorativeness is revealed only when using different stands. Suspended containers, floor structures allow creating compositions in any part of the room.

Shelf with flowers

When choosing an option for greenery, note that they can be:

  • in the form of a miniature little table on a pedestal;
  • columns made of wood, metal, smoky glass;
  • holders made of wrought iron, made of forged metal, plastic, wood;
  • The grilles help to divide the room into zones.

Flowers on a stand

Placement of flowers on the walls

The wall turns into a green zone when it is necessary to create a bright accent in the room, to give him an individuality. To keep the air moist and not to spoil the finish, pick up deep vessels equipped with a capacious tray.

Flowers in the dining room

Flowers in the living room, the design of which you plan in advance, should be in harmony with the surface on which will be placed:

  • Juicy greens, bright flowers will look great on delicate, pastel surfaces. Plants with mottled leaves, numerous pale flowers are lost on a similar background, but will look great on a dark wall.
  • Avoid specimens with small leaves if a wall with a small pattern is chosen as the background. It will look great with large, leafy foliage.
  • Combine contrasts, shapes. A strict vertical pattern will revive the luxurious curling plant.

Living room with a wall of flowers

How to choose houseplants for home

Greenery allows you to refresh the interior, to give home a cosiness. Before you make a purchase. It is worth planning, which plants you will acquire, where they will stand. Due to the variety of species, you can choose an option that will fully match the interior, emphasize its individuality. For example, in a room decorated in the style of high-tech, it will be wonderful to look for specimens with large leaves of regular shape. In addition, it is necessary to take care of the conditions in the room.

Flowers by the window


Most of the flowering plants are light-loving. For distilling buds they need a sufficient level of illumination, otherwise they will bloom less often, not so abundantly. Choosing options for landscaping the solar window, it is worth considering where future pets grow in a real environment.

Flowers in pots on the window

Identify light-loving species is easy not only for fleshy leaves or the presence of thorns. Often they have bright, decorative leaves, the color of which consists of two or more colors. It is worth noting that by placing them in the back of the room, you will not lose a green friend, however, its decorativity will disappear.

Room with flowers


Shadow-hardened specimens are much harder to pick up, but they are easy to clean and feel great in a darkened room. The popularity of creating floral arrangements on walls, special stands is growing, so you have to treat plants that are able to withstand the proposed conditions of detention, and remain an ornament of the interior. They have enough lighting, which is provided by artificial lighting, they are perfectly accustomed to the conditions that can provide the far side of the room.

Flowers in the living room


Choosing exotic options, please note, today experts distinguish several types of exotics:

  • predators - their content is troublesome, but capable of hitting any guest;
  • home fruit plants - will please not only decorative, but also delicious fruits;
  • plants with large flowers - have high decorative during flowering;
  • species with decorative leaves - will enjoy their beauty year-round.