Decor bedroom - 70 photos of examples of unusual design

Elegant Bedroom Interior

A room where many are relaxed, often takes on some other functions. To one master the bedroom decor in the morning gives a charge of vivacity with bright colors, pretentiousness, another pacifies, disposes to sleep. The room always embodies different habits and life styles of the inhabitants. Your character, mood will be pushed to create an individual interior.

Ceiling light in the bedroom

When settling out, start from the shape, dimensions of the room, its main and combined orientation.

Some of the ideas are quite simple, others will require more effort, skills in working with paints, wood, at least a little experience in sewing or knitting and compulsory artistic taste, the ability to combine unexpected things and details.

Decor in the form of butterflies on the wall A bright picture in a dark interior  Lamps at the bed  Paintings on the bedroom wall  White-purple bedroom interior  Mirrors on the bedroom wall

Bed Decoration

The bed in the bedroom is central, its decoration is given special attention.

Hang a huge picture over the headboard or make an entire picture gallery. Original empty frames of different sizes will look original, in the perimeter of which you will place large-scale crafts made of paper or clay, plasticine. The exhibition of paintings can be monochrome or multicolored. Freshly looking white frames on a bright turquoise or deep blue wall.

Bright wall in the bedroom

Pictures placed on the bedside table or build a special shelf for them, which will be located at the head of the bed. The more original the frame looks, the easier it is to have an image in it. Even children's drawings or fragments of wallpaper, beads, sea stones and shells will do.

The wall behind the bed is decorated with wallpaper, draped cloth, woven by hand with a carpet made of thick twine. Such a rug will echo with the same on the floor or with a patchwork quilt on the bed.

In a room in light colors, place a bright nightstand near the bed.

Place two completely different in color and style of bedside tables on both sides of the berth.

Picture above the bed Bright picture in the interior of the bedroom  Backlight on the wall by the bed  Original lamps next to the bed  Picture with a zebra in the bedroom  Blue curtains in the white interior of the bedroom


Retro items purchased in the store are not cheap. Create an elegant decor in the bedroom yourself. Old furniture turns into a vintage simple and inexpensive way.

Upgrade your old wardrobe with transparent glass doors. Glass decorate the appliqués, select the fabric that is in harmony with the overall style of the bedroom. Choose a single-color or with floral patterns, the image of a pastoral scene is also suitable. Cut out the "window" pieces of fabric with a double-sided adhesive tape, glue on the glass fragments of the cabinet.

Vintageная мебель в спальне

The dressing table is very appropriate to be a stool in a vintage style. In the alteration we take furniture, which is already worn out. The wood must be sanded, then covered with a dark gray primer as a base. Top with white paint. After the paint has dried, rub the stool with sandpaper until the lower gray layer is visible. Build a soft seat with foam rubber and a consonant fabric environment.

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It is not difficult to create a new wardrobe from the old one. To do this, you only need an old one with glass doors and a cotton cloth in a flower or cage. The dimensions of the fabric should be several cm longer than the glass inserts, and the width - twice as much. Above and below the fabric is bent and stitched, a fishing line or elastic is passed through the fold, drape is made. On the inside of the door, 4 studs are driven along the perimeter of the opening, the hat should protrude a little. Ready drapery secured, clinging to the carnations.

Decorative plates on the wall Fireplace in the bedroom  Bedroom with vintage interior  Brick wall in the bedroom  Vintageный интерьер в спальне  Suitcase under the bed

A few original strokes

One of the walls of the bedroom can accommodate an old rough wooden staircase. Spray it with a Christmas garland or a variety of light bulbs, half painted in different colors or wrapped in foil.

An old staircase by the bed

Attach to the ceiling above the bed a lamp made with your hands from fragments of wood, beads, organza and all that you find suitable in this composition.

A modular picture, wallpapers with a birch grove will be in sync with natural untreated birch branches, standing in a large transparent floor vase.

Modular picture in the bedroom

If you do not have the talent to make forged products, just draw a semblance of a forged headboard on the wall.

Combine the interior items in the room, pasting on your various surfaces your favorite drawings and images, using the technique of decoupage.

Drawings of furniture

Crochet vases, pillows and pouffes in the bedroom. For a table lamp or floor lamp weave a knitted lamp shade. If you can not knit, use for the vases the sleeves of the old sweater of large mating, for pillowcases and saddles - its front and back. Cut the old thing into pieces, process the edges, paint them in different colors.

Knitted shoe

A vase or a watering can for flowers, the massive base of a table lamp can be covered in white, and on top glued fragments of a napkin depicting tulips, lilies of the valley, cornflowers. Secure the picture with a clear varnish.

Mood, state of health in many respects will depend on the chosen design. It is important to find the closest one for yourself. You can choose classic, modern, Scandinavian or English style, combine the bedroom with a wardrobe or study using long established traditions. But the "highlight" for your interior you will need to come up yourself.

Bedroom and study Clock above table with computer  Cabinet with table in the bedroom  Armchair by the fireplace in the bedroom  Picture above the bed  White Bedroom Interior

Wall decor

They can have a very different texture, color. In the market there are many quality natural materials and their imitations: under the stone, wood, plaster.

The most accessible and environmentally friendly material is wallpaper. They will help to maintain the microclimate, sound and heat insulation. Flizelins are easy to glue, they are easy to take care of. Textile is effective, pleasant to the touch, but requires careful care. Modern wall-papers can dramatically change the appearance of the room, expand it.

Patterned wallpaper in the bedroom

Staining of walls has the advantage that you can easily pick the right shade, change it after a while. It is better to use acrylic, water-based paints without a glossy effect, so as not to create glare from a variety of light sources.

Orange walls in the bedroom

Practical and durable material - decorative plaster. It is made textured, structural, creates many variants of original surfaces, it is easy to care for. The only drawback is the high price. But this can be a good investment.

Patterns on the wall near the bed

There are other options for coating: fabric and cork, decorative stone, lining. Any will help to create an individual interior of your bedroom.

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Wood and stone in the interior of the bedroom Walls in the bedroom under the stone  Lamp with fan in the bedroom  Interior made of wood  White door and dark walls in the bedroom  Bedroom with chic furniture

Decorative brick wall

Now this decorative technique is used often. For sale small tiles and artificial stone, with their help you can create imitation masonry. Such a wall is decorated not only with bathrooms, kitchens, but also with children's bedrooms.

In a brick house one or more walls are left untreated, grout is not made. But even this brutal element with a thoughtful approach will help create a stylish, spectacular bedroom.

Brick wall in the bedroom

A brick wall along with beams, concrete supports, pipes, boxes (only not all at once) is capable of giving a unique style. Having decided on the brickwork in the bedroom, one should follow one of two directions:

  • The wall should merge with the rest of the situation, harmoniously combined with it.
  • She needs to stand out as much as possible, to draw attention to herself.

Accents will help reduce the color of the rest of the walls with consonant colors. You can combine the masonry with the same rough wood and stone, ornament on the objects of the decor. To facilitate the brick itself, it is painted in white, which will be quite in the spirit of the Scandinavian style.

Pictures on the fireplace

If the conceived decor of the walls in the bedroom you want to beat on the contrast, cover other walls with floral wallpaper, fill the room with elegant furniture, curtain the windows with lace fabrics, decorate it with an elegant chandelier, against this background the roughness of the brick wall will be clearly visible.

European design requires accurate lining and neat grouting of seams. The present brick is brought to a shine, painted.

Tree on the wall in the bedroom Unusual lamp near the bed  Brick wall in the white interior of the bedroom  Pictures above the bed  Bedroom design with white brick  Shelves with books in the bedroom

Bed decoration

In the bedroom everyone wants to stay in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, which has a rest. Harmonious interior of the room gives a positive charge, promotes relaxation after a hard day, here you want to be alone.

Comfortable atmosphere will create a central place of the room - a bed. The choice of its size, shape, material entirely depends on the inhabitants. What are the main criteria for a good bed? First of all, this is its size, which should be selected in accordance with the dimensions of the owner, the room itself. The quality of the material depends on the amount that you can spend on this furniture, on your preferences. You can choose wood, metal or leather. The bed can have additional functions: lifting mechanism, high orthopedic mattress, have some unusual, soft, high headboard, it can be made round, erected on the podium. It can be very simple or with a rich finish.

Pictures by the bed

Every detail of the bedroom interior, furniture, textile accessories, the general color scheme should be in harmony with each other and with the central bed space. You can make it completely with your own hands or partially, independently having issued only a headboard.

Textile options are most often chosen. They absorb sound well, give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Material for plating can choose dermatitis, skin or textiles. If you design the headboard with soft puffs, it will be convenient for you to sit down on the sofa, the wallpaper on the wall will not get dirty.

Beautiful bedside tables by the bed

The headboard does not have to be one with the bed, it can be the corresponding panel width of the bed. It is decorated with textiles in the tone of curtains and bedspreads, made of wood, combining with furniture, floor covering, polish or design a whole system of convenient niches and shelves. The headboard will serve as one big mirror or a lot of small ones, sometimes the old door or unprocessed boards appear in its role, forged, carved elements are used. Everything depends on the preferences and courage of the imagination of the inhabitants. Many of the ideas you can implement with your own hands.

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Bedroom in minimalist style Wooden furniture in the bedroom  Pictures at the head of the bed  Paintings of different shapes on the wall in the bedroom  Bedroom with chic interior  Shelf with frames above the bed

Decor with textiles

For a bedroom it is not enough just to choose good curtains, which are combined with the interior. Here all the textiles should be matched according to your expectations. Whether you like softness and intimacy or want to wake up under the invigorating rays of the sun, the right mood will create textiles on the windows.

The abundance of fabrics will help to achieve from the interior of boudoir sensation: for ease - lace and veil, majesty - silk and velvet. When creating a cozy privacy, prints and ornaments are not useful. More suitable is the dark color of the walls, a dim light, a rich shade of textiles.

Chandeliers with candles in the bedroom

Those who sleep very sensitively, comfort and comfort will add a canopy. You can buy a bed with an already prepared canopy or make it yourself. For a one-room apartment, this option will be just a find, it will help you to separate the relaxation zone from the guest and kitchen. It will be a kind of interior partition, only not cluttering a small space. Baldahin shields from too bright light in the mornings, drafts, insects.

To enhance the sense of coziness in any bedroom, many soft objects are used: bedspreads, pillows, rollers. This effect will be supported by curtains and wallpaper from one collection. Their coloring should echo, on the curtains make a lot of folds, ruches, flounces.

If you need to hide textiles so that the space seemed to be one, make the color of the walls merge with the color of the curtains and become a kind of frame for the interior items. The head of the bed, the mirror, the lamps will come to the fore.

Curtains in polka dots in the bedroom

Fans of minimalism and those who are comfortable without curtains, will be concerned with the choice of only bed linen and bedspread. You should only think over its design, choose a ready-made store or sew to order, taking into account the size of the bed and its design. The beautiful headboard or footboard of the bed should be put on display, with proper cutting, such nuances will be underlined.

Some do without a veil. But then you will need a set of very beautiful underwear made of quality fabrics, so that their color, the pattern corresponded to the general idea, did not go against the general style. It is important to choose the right color tone, play in contrast or vice versa, to find related colors.

Bright bedroom interior Bedroom with chic design  Picture above the bed  Skin on the bedroom floor  Mirror above the bed  A lot of lamps in the roof

Decor of a small bedroom

In the modern conditions of a city apartment, you will not always be able to place a bedroom in a large room. And the design of a small bedroom will require the most thoughtful solution.

Since the room is modest in size, it needs to be decorated in light colors, which will give the room a lightness and more space. But spending time in such a bedroom should not cause associations with the hospital. The room should be filled with bright accents, dilute light tones more saturated.

Soft wall in the bedroom Bright carpet in the bedroom  Mirrors on the wall above the bed  Beautiful bedroom design  Shelves along the wall under the window  Backlighting above the bed

In the role of such accents there will be decorative items: interesting bed linens, colorful decorative pillows of freakish shapes, original curtains.

In a small bedroom, roomy closets that do not stand out from the tonality of the room will be most appropriate. If the room is so small that it can not contain anything more than a bed, the role of decorative elements can come from the head of the bed, mirrors, pictures. Thanks to posters and photographs, the bedroom will become more comfortable, a large window, a wide mirror will expand its space.