Kitchen design 6 sq. m: interior (+30 photos)

design kitchens 6 sq. m

Small-sized apartments cause a lot of questions about their layout and comfortable arrangement. Kitchen design 6 sq.m. m plays an important role, since the competent distribution of all improvised means should provide comfort, coziness, and most importantly stylish appearance of the room. To create an ideal kitchen interior, you must adhere to several specific rules, they will be discussed in this article. The first thing you need to do before starting repairs - determine what color scheme will be used, which shade is most like. It is important to consider the harmony of color between walls, ceiling, floor, furniture. The design of the kitchen can be created completely different, it depends on the furniture, its arrangement and various design accents. Light interior colors allow you to visually expand the space of the room, it is desirable to make an accent using furniture or beautiful, outstanding pictures.

Furniture for a small kitchen

The choice of kitchen sets today is very diverse. Producers offer a huge number of original, modern, spacious kitchen sets in 6 square meters. The maximum comfortable use of the kitchen is provided when custom-made furniture is exactly the size of your room. Drawers, spacious shelves allow you to use space as you feel comfortable.

Furniture set for kitchen 6 sq. M

Before ordering furniture, you need to determine where to install the refrigerator. Design of a small kitchen 6 sq.m. meters does not allow full deployment of all necessary equipment, so the refrigerator is often installed in the corridor or balcony. What material, the color of furniture, will best complement the interior of the room, it depends on personal preferences, as well as the design decision. Once again it is worth noting that glass parts, for example a table, as well as furniture with mirror surfaces, will help visually expand the space of the room, make it light, cozy.

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Simple and cozy kitchen 6 sq m

Walls, ceiling, floor

For wall manufacturers offer a variety of coatings, wallpaper, plastic panels, painting or modern, decorative plaster. It is important to take into account the fact that the kitchen has high humidity, which means that the surface gets dirty quickly. Therefore, it is best to choose washable, high-quality wallpaper, walls near the work table and plates are often tiled. Tile or laminate flooring are the most popular floor variants. But when choosing a laminate, pay attention that the material is durable, and most importantly resistant to moisture.

Tile on the floor in the kitchen

The most practical is considered to be a kitchen floor made of tile, this coating is resistant to moisture, falling heavy objects, long serving. Linoleum is used less often, although it is quite practical, it is no longer used because of its unattractive appearance. Increasingly, the stretch ceiling is used in the kitchen, the choice of the linen is very wide, the design is selected, and the color should be placed under the interior.

Laminate in semi-kitchens 6 sq m

Flooring with laminate in the kitchen


The space of a small room needs to be used with comfort, a small kitchen is very well suited:

  1. Shelves;
  2. Compact tables without legs (attached to the wall);
  3. Mezzanines;
  4. Cabinets placed under the sink;
  5. Thin slabs, under them are installed boxes, cabinets.

Small kitchen 6 sq m

An advantageous solution to preserve space, precious square meters is a dining table instead of a table. It will well complement the place near the window, this option should be deleted immediately if you have a large family. The small room is very cozy and the repair is done fairly quickly, the main task is to choose the right interior design of the kitchen 6 sq. M. meters at the initial stage of repair. We need to choose the style, color, furniture, correctly place the accents, then the layout will be comfortable. A small room allows you to fully use the imagination.

Kitchen interior design 6 sq. M

Suspended cabinets are best used for maximum - under the ceiling.

Suspended cabinets in a small kitchen


Существенную роль играет освещение, а также наличие прозрачных предметов. Чаще всего владельцы маленькой кухни выбирают подвесную лампу с абажуром или большим плафоном. Альтернативой также принято считать небольшую люстру. Выбор такого типа освещения не самый удобный, поскольку свет падает на центр кухни, оставляя не освещенной рабочую зону. Lighting кухни делится на несколько основных типов:

  • General;
  • Decorative;
  • Above the working area;
  • Above the dining area.
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Simple lighting in the kitchen 6 sq m

Decorative lighting is not considered mandatory, to use it or not, everyone decides by himself. Kitchen design 6 sq.m. m. Most often you have to use more rationally, clearly calculating the possibility of using space, walls. The light source should not be too bright, it is important to consider the color palette of the room. If the design of the walls, furniture of light colors, they will reflect about 80% of the light, and if on the contrary the design of the kitchen was chosen dark colors, then they reflect no more than 12% of the light. The lighting power of the working area is generally two times brighter than the dining area. For a small kitchen when choosing a chandelier, it is better to give preference to a flat lamp or built-in lighting. The working area is best illuminated using special lamps, they are installed under the hinged cabinets from below. The more light in the kitchen, the more spacious it is visually. Original chandelier for the kitchen

Table for a small kitchen

Manufacturers offer several table options made from different materials. Choose a table for the kitchen in 6 square. meters should be based on the number of family members. Two members of the family have enough wall table, which has one leg, the main attachment is on the wall. The folding table has a similar position, differs only in that it can be folded if necessary. The sliding table is masked under a certain section of the kitchen set.

Folding table for kitchen 6 sq m

Another common solution is the transforming table, it quickly and easily turns from a small one into a full-fledged dining table. The top-sill top is popular, it saves space and allows you to enjoy the food while admiring the beautiful view. Bar counter - a compact, convenient solution in a small kitchen. There are a lot of options, the choice depends on what kind of kitchen design 6 sq.m. meters you have chosen.

Small square table in the kitchen

Color of room, walls

The color scheme plays a very important role, the design of the room needs to be thought through to the smallest detail, choosing the color of the walls, furniture, appliances, utensils, so that all the details blend well complementing each other. For visual expansion of space it is better to give preference to such tones: gray, blue, yellow, white, beige. Cold shades add space, visually expand the room.

Wall tiles in the kitchen

The room design should be diluted with bright colors using modern furniture or interior elements. Furniture by color should also harmonize well, complement the shade of the walls. The white color of the walls perfectly matches with any design, it is considered universal. The room in blue shades refers to soft tones, so it is desirable to exclude the combination of color with aggressive accents of the interior. Dark colors - gray, black, brown, rather dense, so they should be excluded in the design of a small room.

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White and green in the kitchen decoration

Creating an extra surface in the kitchen

Already written to you about the use of a window sill instead of a kitchen table, this is a convenient solution that helps to keep square meters. Visually expand the space will help the use of the same texture, as well as the coloring of the kitchen. If there is a desire to expand the working surface, you can use an exit cutting board, it is located above the sink. Ceramic hob saves space, while it can be used in parallel in work, it is enough to put a cutting board on top. Shelves will always be appropriate, they are conveniently placed kitchen appliances, spices or any accessories. Ordering furniture for the kitchen, you need to calculate everything, so that the shelves and drawers are conveniently located, at hand, given the growth of a person. Choosing the technique, first of all the refrigerator, it is necessary to give preference to compact models, they combine capacity, and also small sizes.

Combined working surface with sill

The combination of a table top and a window sill will significantly expand the working area.

Corner kitchen 6 sq m

Accessories for small kitchen

The right choice of interior items for a small kitchen will help to supplement it, make it more interesting, original, cozy. Designers recommend to refuse a large number of accessories, it is better to use one interesting detail than many different decorations. To complete the design of the room you can use:

  • Photos;
  • Pictures;
  • Mirrors;
  • The original chandelier;
  • Colors;
  • Dishes with bright fruits.

Kitchen design 6 sq m from all sides

It is not desirable to hang a picture or a photo directly in the center, it is better to move it to the left or to the right, this will visually expand the space. Mirrors reflect light, make the room bigger, so they are perfect for a kitchen in 6 sq. M. meters in Khrushchev. As an ornament of the kitchen, the original mirror on the wall or a kitchen set with mirror doors is perfect. Crystal chandelier thanks to transparent, shiny elements, is also considered a good choice.

Small kitchen 6 sq. M with window

When choosing colors, it is better to give preference to compact varieties that harmoniously complement the room. There are a lot of options for creating an original, unique interior, we hope that our advice will be useful to you, and therefore the layout of the room will be perfect.