Chandeliers in the interior +75 photo examples

Chandeliers in the interior

Any room, regardless of style and design, needs additional lighting. Even if the room has many windows and in the daytime sunlight penetrates into every corner, with the onset of twilight it is necessary to include artificial light. For this, you can use small built-in light sources, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps. But the most basic source, especially in the living room, is the chandelier.

  • suspended;
  • ceiling.

Modern chandeliers in the living room Stylish chandelier  Chandelier for a large room  Designer Chandelier  Chandelier in dark colors  Simple chandelier for the hall

In the first case, the chandelier is attached to the ceiling by a pre-mounted hook, in the second - directly to the surface of the ceiling. Pendant lamps spread more light, so the ceiling version is often combined with a mirror platform, scattering light. Mirror performs and decorative role, serving as an integral element of the light source itself.

In their majority, chandeliers are supplied with shades, lampshades, performing a decorative and practical function, serving as scatterers of directional light. Pendant type is most often used in a classic interior. Luxurious lamps with an abundance of pendants, consisting of several tiers, serve as an ornament to the noble interiors of the living rooms. Ceiling options are more suited to the modern style, as well as for use in the corridor, in the kitchen, where practicality comes first.

Chandelier in the bedroom

How to choose

Choosing an accessory, it is important to look not just at its decorative characteristics, but also on the dimensions that depend on the dimensions of the room. Specialists developed a special formula that allows to determine the width of the chandelier without errors. It is necessary to add the length to the width of the room in meters, multiply the number by ten. The result is the diameter of the lamp in cm. As for the length, it can be arbitrary, but it should be comfortable in the room, so that the lighting device does not interfere with anyone. For the living room, large, massive options should be selected, if the style of the room contributes to this, in the office and bedroom, the dimensions of the luminaire may be smaller.

Elegant chandelier Chandelier in the corridor  A huge chandelier in the living room  Small chandelier for bedroom  Lamps in the house  Classic chandelier in the bathroom

Choosing a Chandelier by Style

In order to properly choose a lamp according to style, you need to know the features of this or that interior. For example, the classic loves the abundance of crystal, decorative glass in the form of drops, round pendants, while hi-tech is much more restrained and laconic. Provence tends to wood details, loft - to unusual, in the style of "that will be at hand." Which option is ideal for this or that style, professional designers will prompt.


Classic chandeliers have always been and remain in value. They are distinguished by their exquisite and external nobility, they abound with glass elements, decorative details. More expensive versions are made with expensive materials, up to gold inserts. Often you can find chandeliers with an abundance of light bulbs installed around the circles in the form of candles. Particularly harmonious look luxurious models in spacious living rooms, but in small rooms large bulky lamps are best not to use.

Classic chandelier Classic Ceiling Light  Chandelier in the dining room  Chandelier above the stairs  Round chandelier  Simple chandelier in the hallway

Classic chandeliers inherent in the presence of glass ceiling, horns, which are attached to the suspension elements. This version of the lamp requires a certain care. In order to wash a multi-tiered chandelier, it will take more than one hour of free time, but "classic" style lamps deserve such treatment.

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Modern style

Minimalism, characterized by modern style, is characterized by practicality and universality. Unlike classical, modern chandeliers are made of plastic, metal, have strict geometric shapes, come in various sizes. This style opens up great opportunities for designers. To date, there is a huge selection of all kinds of natural and artificial materials, combining which, you can achieve amazing results.

Contemporary chandelier decor Original design of the chandelier  Bright lighting in the bedroom  Chandelier above the table in the kitchen  Large multi-storey chandelier  Transparent chandeliers

As for the color scheme, modern style is not limited to a certain set of shades. In the course there is everything - from pastel tones to bright, contrasting. The main thing is that the chandelier should go to the rest of the interior.

High tech

Original chandeliers for the high-tech style abound with chrome, steel, nickel, have both simple and unusual shapes. Looking at such a lamp, you sweep away your thoughts into the world of fantasy and mysterious ideas. Chandeliers in the style of high-tech are distinguished by the absence of unnecessary decorative elements. Some models are equipped with a remote control panel, which greatly simplifies the operation of the device. The remote control allows you to turn the chandelier on and off, adjust the brightness of the lighting, and select the backlight modes.

Chandelier in high-tech style

High tech предпочитает наличие стекла и металла, люстры для этого стиля выполняют с учётом этих особенностей. Чтобы комната не выглядела мрачно и холодно, общий интерьер следует уравновешивать яркими элементами и цветовыми решениями.


Many often confuse the modern style with something super-modern, since this word is translated as "new", but this is not entirely true. The style is no less than three hundred years old, and this obliges much. The modern chandelier should be simple and strict, without superfluous delights and the slightest hint of luxury.

Modern chandelier Beautiful chandelier over the table  Square chandelier  Classic living room interior  Vintage chandelier  Black chandelier in the hallway

Modern не ограничивается определенными формами и материалами. Дизайнеры часто используют комбинации классики с дополнительным оформлением. Например, чтобы люстра из классической превратилась в модерновую, достаточно поместить её в шар, сплетенный из нитей или лозы, окутать проволочным коконом. Цветовая гамма стиля сдержанная, иногда контрастная, реже яркая.


The more incomprehensible, the better - this is the loft style motto. What looks ridiculous in other conditions looks ideal in this interior. Chandeliers in the style of the loft are often made from ordinary electric lamps without plafonds, assembled into a single composition and suspended on wires. For additional design use everything, anything - from wooden trays to tubes for a cocktail. The main thing is not to confuse the loft with bad taste - everything should look organic and timely.

Chandelier Loft

The main feature of the style is a harmonious combination of standard elements with the original ones. If conventional light sources are used as lighting sources, the rest of the design should look more creative. Conversely, if the chandelier is simply a plafond suspended from the ceiling, this plafond should be as unique as possible.

Lighting for a white room


Chandeliers in the rustic style are somewhat similar to the classical ones, except for the elements of luxury. Forms look classical, but not content. The main material for the production of chandeliers in the style of Provence is ceramics, the shape of the plafonds is a trapezoid. The luminaire can contain wooden, textile elements. The light effect of abrasion will maximize the atmosphere of the French style.

Provence style in the interior

If you briefly describe what this chandelier looks like, imagine a few table lamps with a trapezoidal shade, and then combine them into a single composition. Thanks to the lampshades, the lamps radiate a soft, muted light, ideal for creating a cozy romantic atmosphere.

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Pop art

Far 50's of the last century - this era characterizes the style of pop art. The meaning of the design direction is to make the original out of the simple. The bright creative natures of that time were creative, as they could, combining unusual shapes and bright colors. Motley wallpapers, colorful posters with screaming slogans - all this urban pop art, which is often loved by young energetic people who are not afraid of experimentation.

Pop art in the decor of the apartment

Chandeliers in this style look no less shocking, but in the appropriate interior look quite organic. They can be made of anything, even from paper. You can even make it yourself, surprising the guests with a kind of handmade. The main feature - the chandelier should be unusual and even outlandish.

Choosing a chandelier for rooms

Which chandelier is best to choose depends largely on the room. You must initially clearly and clearly understand where you are getting the lamp - in the living room, bedroom, in the nursery or in the kitchen. It depends on the shape, color, style of the chandelier. Wrong combination of design elements can spoil the overall impression of the interior, whereas a competent approach will favorably emphasize all its merits.

Beautiful decor in the house

Young people often choose modern styles, including neoclassicism, whereas the older generation is more conservative in this respect.

For the living room

The living room is the largest room in the house, which means that there are enough sources of lighting. If the area of ​​the room exceeds 15-16 square meters, the room is divided into several zones, and for each pick up the fixtures. It can be several chandeliers of different shapes and sizes, but they must be in the same style, suitable for the interior of the hall.

If one chandelier is enough, you should buy a larger lamp - it will be beneficial both in lighting and in design. What kind of chandelier - pendant with crystal drops, ceiling with a minimum of decorative elements, universal or original - depends on the interior.

Chandeliers for the living room Long chandelier in the living room  Lighting in the living room  Interior with lighting  Round chandeliers in the room  Living room in high-tech style

In addition to the main source of lighting in the living room is recommended to install a pair of floor lamps near the chairs and sofas.

For a bedroom

The main purpose of the chandelier for the bedroom is to create a soft, subdued lighting that promotes maximum relaxation. The bedroom is a place for rest and romantic pastime, and the lamps must create the conditions for this.

Metal chandelier

When choosing a chandelier in the bedroom, make sure that the light sources are directed upwards, and not downwards - thus, the light will dissipate evenly, not irritating, getting into the eyes.

Spectacular chandelier in the bedroom Oriental bedroom style  White chandelier in the bedroom  Bedroom in Provence style  Bedroom with chandelier in beige tones  Bedroom in bright colors

As for the diameter of the luminaire, follow the same design rule: width + length of the room, multiply by 10. A properly sized chandelier will look harmonious and natural.

For kitchen

When buying a chandelier for the kitchen, it is important to consider the size of the room and the height of the ceiling - if it is low, do not choose a hanging suspension, buy a flat ceiling lamp. Such a chandelier will look unobtrusive, providing sufficient illumination of the dining area. To illuminate the working surfaces, additional lighting should be installed - for example, several spotlights of the built-in type.

White chandelier in the kitchen Round chandelier на кухне  Wooden chandelier  Ceiling light in the kitchen  Classic kitchen decor with chandelier  Elegant chandelier на кухне

If the kitchen serves as a dining room and has large dimensions, or you are the owner of a studio apartment, a large pendant chandelier made in classical style will help create an atmosphere of home comfort, if it does not contradict the overall interior design.

For the corridor

The corridor, or hallway, regardless of size, fulfills a certain function - to meet and conduct. Here, most often have a wardrobe for outerwear, shelves for shoes and accessories, place mirrors. In the larger rooms put a couple of small armchairs with a coffee table.

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The chandelier for the corridor should be, first of all, functional. In the hallway there is no need for dazzling lighting, but the light should be enough to see the state of clothing, if necessary, to put themselves in order. The design of the luminaire must fully correspond to the interior, and the dimensions - to the dimensions of the room. In a corridor with a high ceiling, it is appropriate to hang a suspended elongated chandelier, and in small hallways, limit yourself to a ceiling light.

Large chandelier in the hallway

For children

Children's room - a place for games and entertainment, as well as rest for kids. Most often, children are decorated with large bright toys, colored wallpaper, cheerful decorations. Fixtures are no exception. When buying a chandelier in a nursery, do not forget about the conformity to the general style. Today, shops offer a large selection of lighting fixtures for children. Bright and environmentally friendly plastic with images of the heroes of your favorite cartoons - the best material for a chandelier in a nursery.

Beautiful chandelier for children Childrens design with chandelier  Colorful chandelier for a children's room  LED chandelier for children  Small chandelier in the nursery  Chandelier in the form of globes

Many children's lighting fixtures are equipped with dimmers. Such chandeliers can serve as a night lamp if the child is afraid of the dark, and in the evening - brightly illuminate every corner of the room.

For the Cabinet

Cabinet - a place to work, where most often used directional lighting in the form of table lamps. The chandelier in the cabinet performs a more decorative role. However, the general lighting does not hurt even when you need to use the search for necessary books in the library, talk with someone sitting on the couch, etc.

Chandelier in the cabinet must be chosen in strict accordance with the basic style. If the interior of the room is classic, the fixtures should be the same. As a rule, for a cabinet there is rarely a large territory, so a chandelier should also be bought in a compact, not distracting manner.

Chandelier for cabinet Paper chandeliers  Unusual chandelier  Chandelier in the dining room  Designer Chandelier для дома  Chandelier with bright backlight

Chandelier Color

As for the color of the chandelier, again much depends on the interior, the overall design of the room and style. Classic chandeliers are rarely screaming colors, they are executed in restrained tones. The main attention in them is paid to registration. The color can be white, beige, milky, pearl, black, etc. The style of Provence prefers soft, pastel shades, in hi-tech, the color of the metal prevails, and everything that is associated with it.

The bright color is inherent in accessories made in the style of pop art, as well as chandeliers intended for placement in the children's room. In such cases, there is no limit to imagination, and designers use bold solutions, combine different colors - red, yellow, blue, green. The main thing is to stick to the basic rules and correctly combine the shades.

Blue chandelier Chandelier with light  Designer Chandelier из дерева  Baroque interior  Brown Chandelier  Illumination in the corridor


Chandelier - an important attribute of any room. Often it is called "the mistress of the room". In case of emergency you can do without it, limiting yourself to several lamps with local lighting, but when a stylish, beautiful chandelier appears in the room, the interior is radically transformed, the room is filled with light, coziness and warmth.

Choosing a chandelier, you must adhere to certain rules, given the size and appearance of the room itself, the style of the interior, the color scheme. A well-chosen accessory will be an excellent addition to the overall design. To choose the right chandelier, use the advice of professionals - experienced designers who know how to best decorate any room, so that you and your guests have the most light and comfortable in it.