Design of a living room with a bay window - examples of an

Living room with a bay window

Recently, the planning of buildings increasingly includes such an element as a bay window. This architectural solution allows you to decorate and transform the appearance of the room, but also significantly increase its area. Erker - part of the building, protruding against the main surface of the wall. This term came to us from the lexicon of German builders. The word can be translated into Russian as a "ledge" or "lantern". Indeed, this part of the room is an excellent source of light, as traditionally the bay window is built glazed. Most homeowners arrange this element in the living room, and this is understandable: in this room most of all there is a lack of useful space.

Location of furniture

Quite often, the space of the bay window is used to house furniture. In this case, there are several most popular design options:

  1. Occupy the ledge of the room with a special sofa, which will close almost all the opened space.
  2. Put small armchairs or a miniature sofa.
  3. Select the bay window as a kind of dining room. If this option is selected, it is better to use a small table that does not take up much space.
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A small sofa is conveniently located in the bay window

For different styles of room design with a bay window, various types and materials of furniture are suitable. Glass chairs and tables will look good in hi-tech, while for classical it is better to choose usual armchairs and sofas, and also tables made of wood. More details about the styles and options for decorating the room will be described below.

Modern design of the bay window and the living room

The colors and style of the furniture should be in harmony with the overall atmosphere of the room.

Modern in the design of the bay window

Interior with bay window and fireplace

If the living room has a fireplace, then the furniture is installed opposite it. In this case, the space next to the windows can be left free. Cabinets or other bulky items in such a room is better not to use at all. They will further strain the situation.

Living room with fireplace and bay window Regardless of which fireplace (wood, gas or electric), it is better to decorate the living room in reserved colors. In this case, it is desirable to use natural materials, such as wood or rattan, as well as high-quality expensive fabrics.

Erker with bamboo blinds Decoration of the living room is not an easy thing. It must be remembered that the bay window and fireplace will be the main centers of the room and objects of special attention. Therefore, do not add other bright elements, which will further burden the interior of the room.

Fireplace in living room with bay window

The electric fireplace can fail from constant direct sunlight, so it is installed near the capital wall as far as possible from the windows.


One of the advantages of a room with a bay window in the interior is the possibility of its zoning. For example, in a bay window you can arrange a work area - some kind of cabinet, while the rest of the area will become a recreation area.

Very cozy living room with a bay window If the owners are fond of gardening, then the bay window can be occupied with flowers, turning it into a kind of green zone, a greenhouse or a winter garden. If you use this option, remember that this part of the private house will be very well lit. This will be based on the choice of species and varieties of plants. A rare variant of zoning is the conversion of a bay window into a balcony. In this case, part of the room is separated by a glass partition with a door. With such a design solution, the bay window turns into a separate space, which can be designed in accordance with the preferences and needs of the owners.

The partition interferes with the passage of heat from the main part of the room, so the bay window must be additionally insulated.

In the bay window you can organize a cozy place to read

Living room with an arch and a bay window

Continuing the theme of zoning, we can not fail to mention such an architectural element as the arch. Arches can be made of wood, plastic or plasterboard. Most often they are used instead of standard doorways or, as in the case with a living room with a bay window, to distinguish between separate areas of the room. This is quite an interesting option, which is used extremely rarely. Despite this, arch designs look pretty good.

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Arch locker with arch When allocating a bay window, the arch should be remembered that such a construction should not be too bulky and large. As mentioned above, the bay window is, first of all, the source of additional space and lighting for the room. And if you install an arch that completely closes it, then all the advantages of such a layout will come to naught.

The living room is separated from the bay window by an arch

Living room-kitchen

One of the most radical solutions will be the combination of living room and kitchen. Of course, not every owner decides to take this step. In some cases, this layout can be extremely useful: it saves space, an additional room (previously served by the kitchen), which can be used at the discretion of the owner, and the living room acquires a truly unusual design that can be found infrequently.

Living room with kitchen in the bay window Now there are quite a few options for creating a living room-kitchen. It is enough to look at the photo to understand: styles, colors and ways of decoration can be completely opposite. If the room is spacious, the recreation area can be identified as a separate area. For limitation, you can use a large aquarium; sofa, located back to the kitchen; septum of plasterboard. In small living rooms, the working area of ​​the kitchen can be carried out in the bay window. This will save a lot of space, which is usually not enough. The place for recreation in this case can not be separated (or a small arch).

Kitchen in the bay window

Colors and styles

To decorate the living room may suit different styles. Here are the main ones:

  • The classic design is neutral. This style implies the use of pastel tones (olive, beige, terracotta). Classics are traditionally associated with wealth and high status of the owner. Materials are selected appropriate: for the floor - laminate or parquet (better looks oak), for the ceiling - stucco or friezes. The walls can be decorated with paintings.
  • Recently, the country style is gaining in popularity. This is really one of the best options for decorating the living room. It uses natural materials and natural shades of flowers.
  • High-tech style implies high functionality of objects. There can be built-in cabinets, and shelves can easily turn into a table. The design usually uses cold colors, as well as glossy and chrome surfaces.
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Sofa in the bay window

Comfortable chairs in the bay window


Summarizing, we can say, the arrangement of the interior of the living room - it is rather troublesome and labor-consuming. Maybe it will take more than a week. But, if you approach the process creatively, having previously studied the main features of the work, you can get an excellent living room with a bay window. Here are the main points already mentioned in the text, which you should pay special attention to:

  1. It is desirable to avoid bright colors and an abundance of small details.
  2. Do not clutter the room. Especially, to close the arrival of sunlight.
  3. If the room has a fireplace, the sofas and armchairs are located next to it. In the bay window you can install the sofa or leave it free.
  4. The living room can be divided into zones. They can be of different colors and decorations, but they must create a complete picture and not be discordant among themselves.
  5. When creating an interior, you need to choose a specific style that all the interior details will match.
  6. Erker is one of the main parts of any room. Therefore, the design of the whole room will be built around it.