Choose curtains for the living room - 50 photos

Curtains for the living room give much more than simple sun protection. Beautiful curtains can transform the entire interior of the house, giving it a unique texture and character. Moreover, different types of curtains can make the space appear higher and wider than it really is, and vice versa. Therefore it is important to choose the right curtains for living rooms, and we hope that this article will help you in this matter.

How to choose curtains for the living room

The design of curtains that you choose for your living room depends on your taste and overall style of the room. They can be performed in any bright, dark or pastel colors and have a variety of patterns that will be combined or contrasted with the rest of the decor in the interior. To make it easier for you to understand which curtains are best suited to your living room, below we give 50 remarkable samples - not only beautiful curtain designs, but also various ways of hanging them, finishing and interacting with space. Look at the photo selection and select the curtain design you like in your favorite color. Let your living room be not only cozy, but also very stylish!

Beautiful curtains in the living room (photo)

Let's start with a few useful schemes that you might want to keep in mind.

How to properly and how to suspend curtains

Example of correct and incorrect suspension of curtains

Classic design curtains for the living room

Types of classic curtains

Modern curtains in the living room

Curtains in a modern style

Types of Curtains

How to distinguish different types of curtains

Decorations for curtains and the top of the window

Short curtains and decorations for windows

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Photos - curtains in the interior of the living room

And now let's look at the real photos of the living rooms, which are decorated with beautiful curtains with a variety of colors and patterns. With what are they combined? Why was this style, color or pattern chosen for them?

White living room with red curtainsBeige tulle in the living roomStylish two-color curtains for the living roomGypsum plasterboard ceiling and long curtains in the living roomGlamorous interior designWhite tulle in the design of the living room White curtains in classic styleCheckered curtains for the living roomOrnate curtains in the interiorDecorating curtains with stripes on the sidesBeautiful striped curtains for the living roomShort curtains in the design of the living room Living room in yellow and red Living room design with red curtains led backlight curtains and eaves Design of a living room in the style of luxury Stretch ceiling and curtains in the living room Unusual curtains design for the living room Beautiful curtains for a small window The idea for finishing monochrome curtains Pastel colors in the design of the living room Transparent curtains in the living room Multicolored curtains in interior design Different patterns and colors of curtains in the living room Different patterns of textiles in the interior Luxury Italian curtains in the interior Different curtains on the windows in the interior Beautiful design of small interior Interior decoration with high ceilings Wicker roller blinds and striped curtains in the living room Design of curtains in two parts Unusual curtains design for the living room Curtains ombre for a modern living room Curtains collected in the middle Striped curtains in interior design Modern design living room in beige tones White curtains with a blue pattern in the living room A beautiful pattern on the curtains in the living room Living room in bright colors Dark wallpaper and curtains in the interior Three-color curtains in the living room Bright living room with unusual curtains Bright green curtains in the design of the living room Yellow curtains in the neutral living room Golden decor and blue curtains in the interior