A non-standard solution for a hollywood celebrity - a unique

Funny Roberts Unique Bed on Ropes

You will be interested to learn how to increase the space in the bedroom. The bed on the ropes from Funn Roberts will be an ideal solution.

Probably, the greatest number of questions are received by designers from owners of small apartments. The space is small, but there are a lot of things. How, for example, in a small room to place a bed and make a bed? For this case, there was one original idea.

There would be a desire, there will always be opportunities.

How about hanging the bed on the cables to the ceiling and lowering it as needed?

The experiment was done in the Hollywood apartment of the famous actor Vincent Cartayzer, whose area is 53 square meters. m. Funn Roberts is so imbued with the features of the owner's life that made it in the Japanese style. He added industrial details. After that, the room turned into a paradise for a bachelor with a creative character.

Funny Roberts Unique Bed on Ropes Funny Roberts Unique Bed on Ropes Cozy small living room with designer furniture

After sleep, it can be lifted with a counterweight to the ceiling. Headboard with mahogany in the daytime will serve as a table. Design details for the whole bachelor apartment.

For the zoning of the premises use a red curtain, stored in one of the cabinets. Thus, you can arrange a bedroom and relax from the day's bustle. The bathroom was decided to be hidden behind sliding doors with Japanese drawings.

It was easy for the designer to work here. Almost all ideas belong to the owner. It remained only to put them into practice.

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