Crafts from cones - the best ideas of exclusive handicrafts

At first glance, cones are an ordinary natural material. But if you connect the imagination of them you can make unusual jewelry for your home.

bumps for craftworks

Do not immediately run to collect cones to begin with you need to understand some of their properties.


The natural material at room temperatures has the property of unfolding. To prevent this fact, we lower the cone into the joiner's glue, for no more than half a minute.


There is another interesting option, maintaining its shape. When the cone has already opened, we soak it in plain water, and then bind it with a rope and dry it.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Ornaments from cones for the house by own hands
  • Ornaments made for the New Year
  • Pendants for decoration
  • Christmas decorations
  • Wreath for the New Year
  • Children's crafts made of cones
  • Scenery made of cones
  • Candlestick made of cones
  • Photo of handicrafts made of cones

Ornaments from cones for the house by own hands

First, let's figure out how to make beautiful fakes of cones? Cones have excellent qualities that serve to embody the lives of adults and children's fantasies. Usually, Christmas fruits are collected when walking in parks. But if you can go to the forest, then it will be wonderful. After all, there is a huge selection and a large amount of material.


Ornaments made for the New Year

Quite often, cones make Christmas decorations and decorations.


The easiest way is to decorate your own home with gold trinkets made of cones. This material has a number of features. First and most importantly - they are environmentally friendly and will not cause any harm to children. Cones have a very pleasant coniferous aroma.


Creating a fake business is very exciting, which will affect the pleasant pastime with the child. And, in the end, the perfect economy of your own budget.


Pendants for decoration

With the help of satin ribbon and with the presence of even one cone it is possible to make a whole masterpiece. A ribbon is selected for every taste, given the width of the length and color. Coniferous material is also decorated.


Christmas decorations

By creating such masterpieces you can not only decorate the pine tree, but also have a nice time with your family.


Wreath for the New Year

Harmoniously fits into the interior of the house. New-year wreaths of cones adorn the door. For this purpose, both the entrance and the interior openings are suitable. To create an incredible masterpiece you need to buy ribbons of different sizes and dried flowers.


Children's crafts made of cones

These souvenirs are very happy children. To that they themselves willingly undertake such work. Counterfeit cones and plasticine will not take much time. Coniferous material is attached to each other with plasticine. And then everything depends on whether they are fantasies beasts or some interesting children's heroes.


Scenery made of cones

As a New Year's decor, balls are often created. They are suitable for decorating different rooms. If you attach a ribbon or lace, then the structure can easily be hung to the ceiling. In this work, patience is the most important factor.


Candlestick made of cones

The first stage is the preparation for work. The necessary details are prepared: dense cardboard, glue and a glass, then they will put a candle. The bump is preliminary disassembled into small plates. For the base take a cut out their cardboard circle. Its size is measured in accordance with the glass, but only slightly larger.


On the circle, in staggered order, glue the details of the cones. The height should be equal to the candle. When the structure dries, it is completely ready for use.


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Photo of handicrafts made of cones


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