Fashion shower fences and pallets for bathroom design

This article will be useful to anyone who wants to have a stylish and comfortable shower in the bathroom.

Conventional shower cabins are quite simple to install, but can not fully provide either a beautiful environment or comfort during a shower. Therefore, today it is preferable to buy individual shower fences and pallets, with which you can create a unique shower design, even with your own hands.

Small bathroom with shower photo

Popular shower fences made of glass are not the only option in today's market. In this article, you will find amazing ideas and photos of showers that will inspire you - with framed or frameless fences, metal, wooden pallets or without it, with sliding or swinging doors etc.

The shower is one of the first things that catches your eye when you enter the bathroom, so its design should be special!

1. Frameless shower enclosures made of glass

Very effective and very flexible version of shower enclosures! Glass without a frame fits any style of the bathroom, and also creates a free and unified view of the room, in contrast to the finished shower enclosures, which make the small space look even more intimate. Frameless shower fences made of glass - this is luxury and spa 2-in-1!

Beautiful shower cabins - photos of the best ideas 2016 Luxury glass shower in the niche Glass shower with a wooden pallet on the floor

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2. Shower cabins in glass and metal

Glass in a metal frame can give your shower a unique and rather bold style. Typically, for the manufacture of such fences used aluminum or steel frame, which is painted in a dark color or left to please the metal shine. Black metal frame - one of the trends of recent years, which is used in combination with black and white tiles and other details for the eclectic design of the bathroom.

Beautiful shower - photo in bathroom design Shower enclosures in a metal frame Metal and stained shower fences without pallet Black and white bathroom interior with a shower cabin

3. Glass showers with a texture or matte finish

If the clean frameless glass is ideal for small bathrooms, but does not provide privacy, then with frosted and textured glass shower doors and fences it is exactly the opposite. Such material not only hides the person taking a shower, but is also easier to care for, because water splashes on it are not so obvious.

Matt shower enclosures made of glass How to choose a shower - a review of the best shower enclosures Shower of clear and frosted glass Photo of the shower in the bathroom with glass partitions Glass with texture like a shower fence in the bathroom

4. Shower room as part of the room: walls + glass

Very interesting and cozy look shower, located in a niche or separated from the bathroom part of the wall. Glass doors and fences are designed to keep heat inside them and protect the rest of the room from moisture.

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Shower without a tray with a wall and a glass partition Glass doors for a shower room in the bathroom interior Beautiful shower with your hands without a pallet Stylish shower cabins - photo in the bathroom interior

5. Bath + shower fences

If you do not have a shower, but have a bath, then you do not need to cover it with a curtain. Framed or frameless shower enclosures made of glass retain heat and water within the bath is much more reliable than a piece of cloth.

Glass matte shower enclosures for bath Small bathroom with fenced bath Shower enclosures from glass for a bath

6. Wooden shower fences in the bathroom

A tree in the bathroom interior? Why not! Wooden shower doors and partitions perfectly blend with the cold shine of marble, tiles and glass, creating a warm and luxurious appearance of the bathroom. Ideal for spa design!

Small showers - a photo with a wooden partition Glass and wooden partitions in bathroom design Shower enclosure - wooden partition with frosted glass Wooden shower door swinging

7. Compact corner shower

What can be simpler and more universal? Angular shower can be created in the bathroom of any size and style, and it will save you a lot of space, time and effort. You can do with a simple metal pallets and rounded sliding fences, and you can go further and create a chic corner shower for two, as in the next photo.

Corner shower cubicles for two persons

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8. Absence of a shower cabin as such

Surprisingly, some of the most luxurious showers in the bathroom are created without the help of shower fences in general. And even without doors! In such cases, the shower zone is allocated by the pallet and / or sections of the walls, and in the presence of a well functioning drain it can simply be part of the room, without any transitions.

Photo of the shower in the bathroom without fences and a pallet

Separately, we draw your attention to wooden shower trays, or rather the grilles, which not only decorate the bathroom, but also protect you from the possibility of slipping on a smooth tiled floor.

Wooden shower tray in the form of a grate Wooden shower tray - a grate built into the floor

However, the most interesting and stylish in our list are showers, enclosed by walls covered with tiles. Such a shower gives the bathroom a feeling of unity and warmth. To decorate them in the spirit of Oriental baths, to get even more pleasure from the procedures!

The benefit is that bathroom tiles are now available in a very large assortment. Therefore, it is not difficult to make a shower in such a configuration. On sale there is a tile of any sizes, shapes and colors. An important feature of tiles in the bathroom is that this material is durable and completely unpretentious.

Shower room in the bathroom, separated by a stone How to highlight the shower in the bathroom - the best ideas with a photo Stylish shower design with part wall fence

9. Shower enclosures without pallet

If you can do without shower fences and partitions, then without pallets and even more so. Small curbs on the floor are a very popular option for keeping water within the shower room, as they are quite cheap, although they require time for installation. If you want to make such a "pallet" with your own hands, try to highlight it with a color so that it does not merge with the rest of the floor. The only drawback of the curb is that you can stumble over it.

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Metal partition for shower without shower trayIdeas for a shower in the bathroom - a selection of the best photos

And sometimes homeowners do without a shower tray as such, highlighting the shower with tile design and / or sliding doors. A good example of such a shower is shown in the next and last in our article photo. Share with us in the comments: what ideas for the shower seem to you the most practical?

Ideas for a shower cabin with your own hands