Small kitchens: design and layout

Design of a small kitchen

Not all apartments can boast a large area, and even some spacious kitchen - even more so. The closest kitchens are located in the "Khrushchev" - a maximum of 5-7 square meters. Less only in the old brick houses for servants of the times of Tsarist Russia, where people still live. It is small in many private houses. About how it is most convenient to plan the design of a small kitchen, the selection of its color design, the interior of individual zones, in detail in the text of the article.

Linear Layout

This arrangement is preferable for rectangular, elongated rooms. All the furniture is placed along one wall. This option is sometimes called a caboose, as on a ship. Among the advantages of this plan are:

  • convenience of access - everything is "at hand", work very comfortably;
  • occupies little space - this is especially important in conditions of tightness;
  • flexibility - modules are interchangeable, relocatable, complemented;
  • cheapness - materials for making a small headset need a little, which will affect the cost.

Spacious line kitchen Blue fridge  Kitchen by the window  With access to the street  In beige shades  Green Linear Kitchen


  • little storage space;
  • shortage of working surfaces;
  • it is inconvenient to work in tandem with someone;
  • absence of normal patency.

Opposite the headset is a dining area, refrigerator. The table needs not too voluminous - to leave a place for normal movement it is necessary.

U-shaped layout

The U-shaped arrangement of furniture will fit a square kitchen. To have enough work space, they acquire a narrow set, the window sill is transformed into another working plane. It is very convenient to cook, lay out food, place dishes, but there is not enough room for the dining room, because it is moved to the living room or it is necessary to have dinner behind the bar - a logical extension of the headset.

Combination of white and gray Window wash  With breakfast bar  Lamps over the table top  With a white refrigerator  White table top There is plenty of storage space here, since three walls are used. The window sill becomes a working plane with storage sections, a place for eating with high chairs. With the organization of the working triangle - washing-plate-refrigerator, problems usually do not arise. When the kitchen has the shape of a rectangle, the distance between the parallel lockers should not be less than 80-110 cm. One wall is fully equipped with cabinets-pencil boxes, the other has only a pair of hinged shelves used mainly for decorative purposes.

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For a private house, cottage, a close city apartment where you can not place a normal suite, sometimes you get a kitchenette. This very practical furniture occupies no more than 2 square meters. m., but it has all the minimum necessary for a full cooking. This item is used in the room, if necessary, in the office, in the cabins. It easily fits in any niche, which is very convenient for small studio apartments.

Mini-kitchen – это шкаф, тумба со встроенной в нее современной техникой, такой как:

  • small refrigerator;
  • gas stove or hob;
  • microwave oven;
  • Dishwasher;
  • extract;
  • sink.

Mini kitchen

The equipment may vary slightly, if space permits, the kitchen is complemented by a dryer, a box for dishes, a built-in trash can, a mini bar, a compact bar counter, etc. The village kitchenette, among other things, is equipped with a gas column and a water heater. Typically, a fridge is mounted below, above it a hob with a hood, a dishwasher on the side, and a sink above it. Individual project is completed with any technique, based on the wishes of the customer.

Location, shape of the kitchenette:

Wall-mountedLocated in a niche or along a wall, only the front facades are decorated
IslandMost often rounded, has a body assembly, is equipped with swinging, withdrawable mechanisms
ModularAny variation is possible, is made to order

Wall-mounted кухня

For the kitchen-living room, kitchen-dining room, kitchen-hallway, such furniture will be an ideal solution in a limited area.

Kitchen Style

In the stylistic design of a small kitchenette it is difficult to reveal such areas as baroque - assuming the presence of a multitude of three-dimensional details, loft - requiring space, art deco - wanting luxury and brilliance.

The following styles are good:

  • classical - dark or light wooden set, decorated with carvings, solid materials of finishes, large chandelier, comfortable dining area;
  • minimalism - a minimum of furniture, lack of decor, clean, bright colors, built-in appliances;
  • ethnic - a simple set, a decor from natural materials, furniture in the dining room area woven from rattan;
  • hi-tech - an abundance of light, glass, metals, modern household appliances;
  • ecological - only natural materials are used, natural decor, the simplest furniture;
  • Provence - light wooden furniture "antique", decoration decoupage, rustic, floral ornaments;
  • country - the most suitable for giving, natural colors, there are floral prints;
  • Futurism - a set of "cosmic" colors, an asymmetry in everything;
  • modern - minimal decor, simple multifunctional furniture, newest finishing materials.

Parallel placement Large white sink  Corner kitchen with sill  Art Nouveau style  In gray color  With the peninsula

When choosing a kitchen interior should be guided by their preferences, that is, "like - do not like".

Color design

Kitchen - is primarily a place for cooking, its use, because the colors are often selected "appetizing", such as:

  • red-orange;
  • sunny yellow;
  • light green;
  • pastel green;
  • strawberry;
  • honey.

Red and white

They remind of juicy fruits, fresh baked goods, exciting appetite, helping digestion. For those who are going to lose weight or just do not consider it necessary to eat much, blue, gray, violet-black, dirty-green are preferred. The color solution directly depends on the illumination: if the windows go to the north, north-west, preference should be given to warm tones - in fact, the sun "sees such a kitchen" rarely. For southern, south-eastern premises, cold, darker colors are permissible. The less "squares" the kitchen occupies, the lighter its design is selected. If the facades are the same in color with the walls, the suite seems to "dissolve", creating the effect of a large space. If the whole room is monochrome, then the furniture is selected for two or three shades darker than the walls, and the floor is darker than the furniture.

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Beige with green The best color combinations for a cramped kitchen:

  • pale cherry with white;
  • tangerine with light yellow;
  • beige with spring-green;
  • amaranth with rapeseed-yellow;
  • golden with turquoise;
  • red-brown with silver;
  • ocher with canary;
  • light carmine with creamy;
  • red-lilac with lavender;
  • pastel orange with olive.

Designers suggest using no more than three colors at the same time, while the main color, preferably light, takes up to 65% of the design, the rest about 25% and 10%.


For an excessively tight space, the presence of a central ceiling light is not necessary - it visually narrows the space, enough separate luminaries above the working area, a dining table. It is desirable that the lighting devices "know how" to change the height and level of illumination. Spot lights are mounted in the headset, including inside the glazed cabinets, the LED ribbon highlights its bottom, the perimeter of the ceiling - this will help create the effect of "soaring" furniture, visually expand the space. Lighting devices are located at least 60 cm from water sources, they must have waterproof plafonds. Better to prefer a neutral white light stream - with it cooked food will look more appetizing. Natural street light is indispensable in any room - it should be allowed to freely enter the kitchen through the window, removing the heavy curtains, leaving only thin curtains or blinds. When there is an opportunity to enlarge the window, you should do this.

Brightly green kitchen U-shaped small kitchen  White kitchen brown countertop  Near the window  In a modern style  Dark lockers with illumination

The presence of mirrors will expand the space, multiplying the existing light by several times.

Design of work area

The working area is the main one in the kitchen. The floor here should be convenient for frequent washing, because it is decorated with ceramic tiles, stone, linoleum, waterproof laminate, floorboard. It is important that the coating does not slip too much. The walls are decorated with tiles, washable wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster. The kitchen apron is covered with plastic, glass panels. Different elements should be combined with each other - a floor covering with a kitchen apron, facades with window curtains, etc. The backlight is selected adjustable - during operation it is turned on "to full", after - slightly muffled. LED strip under the cabinets or lamps inside them have a decorative purpose.

The combination of white and black Blinds on windows  With many windows  Small U-shaped kitchen  Semicircular table  Gray with pink color kitchen

If the working area is located near the window, you can save a lot on lighting, but the window will have to be cleaned often enough.

Design of dining area

The dining area is often carpeted out - it should be well cleaned of impurities, fit into the overall design. The luminaire should be placed directly above the table - it is good if its height above the floor level can be adjusted. When the chandelier is hanging in the center of the room, above the table located at the wall, hang a sconce, there you can place:

  • picture in the frame;
  • large 3D sticker;
  • wallpaper matching with the size of the table;
  • decorative plates or watches;
  • souvenir cutting boards.

Small dining area

To add coziness, chairs are put on cushions, stools are decorated with covers. In the presence of a corner sofa it is decorated with a drapery, combined with other kitchen textiles. Table linen, a homemade cover on the teapot-kettle, in harmony with the delicate knitted plafond, will create a unique interior. The window sill is often decorated with pottery flowers, if the dining area is located at the window, it is easy to create the effect of a meal in the "jungle".

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Furniture for small kitchen

All furniture for a cramped kitchen is selected small - a narrow set, a compact straight or corner sofa, a miniature dining table or a folding bar. What is necessary in the kitchen:

  • kitchen appliances - stove, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine and so on;
  • a dining room - a table with chairs, stools or a corner sofa;
  • storage areas - hanging cabinets, open shelves, drawers, cabinets-pencil cases.

Materials of manufacture, colors, furniture design are selected individually in accordance with the stylistic design of the interior.

Green working wall Green tree on the bar  Small white lockers  Gray tiles on the working wall  Orange curtains  White with beige color kitchen

Many companies sell kitchen furniture in complete sets, suitable for rooms of various shapes and sizes.

How to be with the refrigerator

If the refrigerator is low or horizontal, it is used as another working plane, if possible, it is built into the headset. Vertical put in an open corner or at the door, but preferably not next to the stove, the distance to which should be at least 20 cm. If the family is small, it is not necessary to have many products at home, a small refrigerator is placed under the countertop. The most inconvenient option is its location in line with the stove and sink. The refrigerator does not need to try to fit into this tight room. It will perfectly fit in the storage room, the corridor around the corner, on the way to the bathroom. This is possible if the corridor itself is not too narrow - to safely move in it the necessary width of the passages should be at least 80 cm. Sometimes the refrigerator is placed in the niche formed when the door is moved, as a result of redevelopment. In the kitchen, combined with the loggia, the refrigerator is located there.

Bright red fridge

If possible, observe the "working triangle" or make the refrigerator a bright accent of the room.

Bar counter

This piece of furniture is most convenient for small studios, kitchens combined with a loggia, insulated balcony. With it, the working area is separated from the place where they eat, the kitchen from the living room, as a separate piece of furniture, it is also appropriate. Advantages of the bar:

  • compact - fit almost everywhere;
  • mobility - there are folding, swivel, retractable models;
  • functionality - here it is convenient to eat, cook;
  • a variety of design solutions - it is possible to choose any interior.

White square chairs Fresh greens in the interior  In the style of Provence  With breakfast bar  Bar counter у колонны  In brown color

The bar counters are different in height, but in shape there are:

  • U-shaped - are a neat extension of the working surface;
  • Direct - convenient for placing various techniques under the bottom;
  • classic - on the tabletop of the usual height, a bar console is mounted;
  • folding - are laid out, put forward in cases, if additional space is required;
  • island - instead of a dinner table;
  • with a niche - an additional storage space;
  • modular - they can be moved;
  • round, semicircular - require a lot of space, because they are placed in the living room combined with the kitchen.

Design, color, material of manufacture are selected in accordance with the style of the interior.


The main plus of a small kitchen - low, compared to a large, the cost of repairs, improvement. A real design project will also be cheaper. It's easy to arrange with your own hands - it will take quite a bit of time. Modern designers offer a lot of original solutions for kitchens of different sizes, including those combined with other premises in small or spacious housing.