Creative ideas for christmas decor at the last minute

Perhaps you did not plan to decorate the house for the New Year, or with cleaning and shopping you just did not have enough time to do it in advance. And there is nothing strange in that with the approach of December 31, many of us embrace the sudden desire to decorate our home more than it was originally planned. Even if you only have a couple of hours of free time, you can still organize the holiday of your dreams, but for this you need to know about some simple ideas for the New Year's decoration of the house, which we collected in this article. Ready to test them?

Simple ideas for a New Year tree

Instead of fiddling with a big tree, why not get on with a small evergreen tree or even a twig? In a beautiful pot or vase, it will create a festive mood even without bright ornaments.

Christmas tree-in-the-pot little New Year tree branch-in-vassimple-and-stylish-decoration-Christmas tree

For a more creative approach, you can use dry branches of deciduous plants or depict the figure of a Christmas tree directly on the wall, as shown in the photos below.

stylish-drawn-fir-tree Christmas-tree-on-the-wall a feature-shaft-on-the-wall plug-to-wall decoration-dry-branchesstairs-instead of a New Year's treeelka-is-king

If you have the opposite situation, and you bought a tree, but do not have time to hang all the Christmas toys, then you should do homemade, LED or other garlands that are at hand.

Ideas for table decoration

The festive table must certainly talk about what holiday it is dedicated to. On the one hand, this function can be performed beautifully decorated New Year salads, and on the other (if there is not enough time to decorate the dishes) - a special New Year's decor. Christmas napkins, Christmas toys, stacked in a dish, candles, cones, fruits, berries, greens and much more can act as a simple, but solemn decoration of the table.

New Year's decor-on-the-table OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA decorate-table-to-a-new-year decoration-center-table-on-a-new-year New Year's toys-in-vas fir-tree-apples decor-is-apelsin

Food as decor

If you like to cook, you probably know that some ideas for decorating dishes blur the line between food and decor. For example, a purchased or homemade gingerbread house can act as the main desktop element! And what about the various cookies, sweets, marshmallows and other delicacies, which easily act as festive ornaments!

Gingerbread house cocoa-by-SEFIRA hot-New-Year cocktailsfir-tree-is-fruit

Additional decor for the New Year's atmosphere

Do you need to decorate a chest of drawers, a window sill, a cupboard or a mantelpiece? We offer a few simple ideas!

decoration-window-garland ukrashenie-chandeliers simple-and-stylish-decoration-fireplace prasdnichnyy-decor candlestick candlesticks with balloons New Year's wreath-balls New Year's candlestick New Year's balls in the vase OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA table-new-year decor table-decor-to-new-year garland-and-bough

We hope that some of our ideas will be useful to you. Remember, it's never too late to start organizing a holiday! We wish you to enjoy this New Year 2015!