Design of kitchen combined with a hall - 20 photos of ideas

Design of kitchen combined with a hall

Today, as never before, the question is connected with the design of a kitchen combined with a hall is best to choose. After all, this kind of association is a fairly common design solution, successfully applied not only in Khrushchev, but also in luxury apartments.

  • significant expansion of space;
  • the convenience of arranging guests, as well as holding various celebrations;
  • getting a well-lit and furnished room;
  • the ability to provide free movement around the room;
  • attractive, innovative interior design;
  • providing an opportunity for my mother, engaged in cooking in the kitchen, to look after the kids playing in the middle of the living room.

Kitchen combined with a hall in Khrushchev

What should I pay special attention to during planning?

It is worth noting that the process of arranging a large room, where the three different functional areas will be combined is quite complicated. The end result should be a room that completely and completely will cope with its tasks. The room should be comfortable, comfortable, and also be harmonious, unique and balanced in interior design.

Zoning the kitchen with the hall with the help of the bar During planning, you need to not only pick the right color palette, but also the style that will be used for the interior of the room, but also carefully consider how the furniture set and decor items will be arranged.

Snow-white kitchen combined with a hall During the repair of the kitchen-living room, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors. Because to create the most practical, functional, as well as a comfortable room should take into account:

  • Dimensions and shape of the room;
  • number of door and window openings.

This factor has a significant impact not only on the location of furniture or decorating items, but also on the choice of the main color palette, and the required number of lighting devices:

  • accommodation relative to other premises;
  • budget, which you can spend on reconstruction;
  • presence of elderly people, disabled people or small children in the house.
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Design of kitchen combined with a hall Regardless of what budget you can invest in repairs, the size of the room, where you want to place several different functional segments, and how difficult your alteration is during its implementation, rest assured that a huge number of different collections from the Internet can help with this and you will not stop looking for a suitable interior design.

Artificial stone in the decoration of the walls in the living room combined with the kitchen in Khrushchev

Zoning methods

For a clear delimitation of functional zones, a variety of columns, beams, arches, supports are used, giving a clear understanding of where the boundaries of the zone are located, but in no way hide it. In the vast majority of modern houses and apartments this kind of division is subjected to the kitchen.

The perfect solution for dividing the kitchen, combined with the living room, is the installation of a screen.

Yes, undoubtedly, the screen is a system designed for storage of things, but due to this it is possible to differentiate between different zones, and to acquire practical, roomy lockers, where it is convenient to store a lot of different kitchen implements.

Zoning the kitchen from the hall with the help of plasterboard structures and visual effects on the ceiling The next common method of creating invisible boundaries of the hall and kitchen space is to allocate them with the help of a false ceiling. Most often, over the area intended for cooking, lower ceilings are installed where lighting will be installed. It should be noted that in addition to the functional load, this kind of parts can also perform decorating role. Especially if the ceiling has any unusual shape, it is patterned or painted with a bright texture paint.

Small kitchen combined with a hall One of the most obvious and common options for dividing the space into segments is to choose a different floor covering for each of them. An important nuance is that for the kitchen area should be selected easily washable materials that are resistant to physical damage and moisture. In this case, an excellent choice will be linoleum, porcelain tiles or stone tiles. As for the floor covering of the living room, it can be made in any way, from carpet to parquet in wood or tiles.

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Kitchen appliances hidden in a closet The last common way to separate the kitchen and dining area from the hall is to install a bar counter. This element can be used as a place for eating food, a support for a sofa from the hall. The main advantage of this method of furniture arrangement is the economical use of room space.

Design of the hall combined with a small kitchen

Variations of the location of the kitchen in the hall

Today, the most common design of the kitchen, combined with the hall, in the Khrushchev is to place the kitchen area at one of the walls of the room. In this case, L-shaped layouts of furniture are used or the whole kitchen set is placed in one row.

The location of the kitchen in the hall along one wall A good solution is to place the kitchen area in the corner of the living room. A distinctive feature of this method of locating the kitchen is its versatility, because it is perfect for spacious large rooms and for hruschevok. Obviously, for the layout of the kitchen, it is best to use a L-shaped or corner furniture layout.

Saving space in the kitchen with a folding table If the room you are going to divide into several different segments is long enough, the ideal solution is to place the kitchen on one of the largest sides. The advantage of this method of location is its convenience. For example, the hostess engaged in cooking in the kitchen can freely communicate with guests, and during the organization of parties and various holidays it will be possible to conveniently serve snacks without "dropping out" from the circle of communication.

The kitchen can be hidden in the closet, it is convenient when combining two zones: the kitchen and the hall

"Kitchen in the closet"

Separate attention deserves a very original way of masking the kitchen segment, combined with a hall called "kitchen in the closet." This technique implies the location of a relatively compact kitchen set inside a niche, which is closed by a wing-type door. This kind of construction can be conveniently hidden, if guests come to you or if you decide to have a party or a celebration. At any other time, the door of an improvised niche can be flung open.

Kitchen utensils easily hide in the closet in the kitchen It should be noted that if the cooker or hob is (built in) inside the kitchen island, then the hood should be placed directly above it, mounted it in the ceiling. It is better to give preference to a noiseless, but at the same time powerful device, so it will not interfere with the household to spend their leisure time in the living room and protect the soft furniture from soaking smells of the kitchen.

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Kitchen in the closet, nothing superfluous in the interior

Kaleidoscope of stylistic decisions

For a harmonious and comfortable design of the kitchen, combined with the hall, in Khrushchev it is important to adhere to a certain style in all functional areas or to select similar and similar ones according to the concept. A good solution would be as a basis to take one style and later to add some elements from other design solutions to it. But keep in mind that you need to do this either as a single accent, or everywhere, without highlighting the features with the help of a bright color or mode of execution.

Zoning the kitchen and the hall with the help of the island Also a good design solution will be the classic design. After all, the classics will always enjoy fabulous popularity and respect, especially if it concerns a kitchen combined with a hall. To date, a white version of its execution is popular. The merit of the style lies in the simplicity of the combination of furnishings and living room furniture.

Wealth of color solutions

In a spacious room, where several different functional segments are combined, it's quite easy to get confused and make mistakes with color solutions. In order to avoid this, it is better to choose one neutral light tone for painting all the walls of the room, after which we further dilute the resulting palette using bright decor elements and unusual furniture.

Color solutions in kitchen design combined with the hall Harmoniously and very original will look a room where color shades resonate in different functional segments. For example, a coffee table made of unpainted wood and placed in the living room will perfectly complement the dining room group, which was executed in a similar style.