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Unusual picture above the fireplace

No matter how exclusive and luxurious the interior in the room, ridiculously looking and knocking out of the general style of curtains can dramatically destroy the spectacular image. Undoubtedly, competent designers will be able to solve a similar problem - their experience and unlimited imagination amaze imagination. However, those who think over the design on their own can face a number of questions regarding the choice of color, design, material. In the design of the window space, there is a wide range of accessories and materials that are applicable at their discretion, depending on the purpose with which the curtains decor is performed. This can be as the addition of greater sophistication transparent or neutral in tone curtains, and giving a refined form of bright, active drapes. Inspired by interesting options for finishing the curtains with their own hands.

In the bedroom

Such a special place, like a bedroom, requires an atmosphere of tranquility for relaxation and restoration of strength. The curtains here should harmonize with the general ensemble (pillows, bedspreads, rollers) to create a style and a peaceful mood. The privacy of this room will be provided by the curtains, guarded from excessive illumination upon awakening, from other people's eyes. The choice of curtains for the bedroom does not involve saving on the amount of matter: a lot of draperies and flowing folds contribute to a romantic mood. Drapery should not look heavy, drapes require softness, velvety, sufficient density. Multilayered for sun protection is welcomed: in addition rolls, French, Roman, Austrian curtains or pleated curtains are hung. If the dimensions of the room are small, it is worth choosing a light, light fabric.

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In the kitchen

In modern design, the design of curtains for the kitchen can be the most non-trivial: from strict roll and Roman curtains, ending with extravagant bamboo and elegant classic models with lambrequins. However, when choosing to be guided first of all by practical considerations, leaving the "rich" decoration of windows for other rooms. It is better to pay attention to the functionality - it's convenient when the curtains in the kitchen are moved apart in one motion, as well as letting in air and protecting from prying eyes at the same time.

Important! We should not forget about fire safety when the plate is located close to the surface or choosing curtains made of light material. Correct the situation will help picking up and adding weighting braid on the bottom edge.

The choice of materials is carried out with an emphasis on practicality - kitchen curtains should minimize odors, do not attract pollution and easily wear out. Among them are: synthetic, natural fabrics with special processing, as well as mixed versions with the addition of synthetic fibers. Modern kitchen curtains - more functionality, less details.

Suspended chandeliers in the kitchen

Kitchen window design options:

Type of curtainsFeatures
Lightweight fabricAre actual for kitchens of modest dimensions. The window is not cluttered, and the window sill is used as an additional working surface. Country and Provence styles will suit curtains, cafes, curtains with picks.
RomanLaconic, practical, applicable to most styles. Straight blade is collected when folded. Mounting in the opening of the window allows you to use the useful space.
RollingCompactness, simplicity of configuration, richness of colors and textures. Several canvases make windows shutters autonomous. The degree of darkening - to the full opacity.
BambooOriental ethnic motives give exoteness to the decoration. Weave from bamboo cane, jute straw, natural fabrics. Safe, lightweight, moisture resistant. Lamels are treated with protective varnish.
AustrianThey are assembled on the principle of Roman curtains, but in uneven semicircular folds - magnificent festons in the spirit of French romanticism. Suitable for neat windows.
ClassicalRelevant for large kitchen studios. Lambrequins will add expressiveness, adjust the proportions of the window.
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In the nursery

Ecological, practical and colorful - the main features of the curtains in the nursery. They are an important component of decoration, affecting the development of the creative potential and aesthetic preferences of the child. Colorful bows and shoelaces on the curtains will revive the nursery, making it a fairy tale place. All that the baby sees around him will be in his memory for the duration of his life. Therefore, parents should broadcast their love through design, including. In the first place - the safety of curtains: environmentally friendly materials, the ease of matter and the reliability of fastening the cornice. Simplicity in care is mandatory, as children's curtains need frequent washing. When choosing it is not necessary to give preference to expensive models - it will be insulting to see them cut or sketched. It is better to change the curtains in the nursery more often, which will entail a change in the atmosphere in the room.

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Decor windows: masterpieces own hands

If the old curtains have sat down after washing, get out of the interior or just bored, it is suggested to find a way out of the situation on their own. On the curtains of organza, tulle, organically embroidered or crocheted flowers, small ornament, butterflies will organically look. The picture for embroidery by a cross is transferred by means of a paper and color pencils on cells. Plastic or wooden blinds are decorated for two hours. To do this, from the fabric (width 16-20 cm and twice the width of the window) bows are made. The fabric is folded inward and is sewn, then it is turned out, then proceed to the design. From the dense matter, it is proposed to sew rectangles that serve as loops on Velcro or buttons for cornice. Decent decoration - picks, connected from a cord or yarn. An effective addition will be multi-colored or monochrome brushes tied with lurex ribbon or golden thread.

Roses on curtains Curtains with patterns  Letters on the wall and curtains  Flowers on the curtains  Beads and curtains on the window  Curtains with bows

How to decorate correctly

The curtains play a huge role in the interior. Thanks to them, the correct perception of the design of the room is formed. With the help of bright curtains it will be possible to refresh pastel colors, and the muffled will soften and tie the elements together in the room. Ordinary curtains can not attract attention, since its task is to protect tenants from extraneous views. However, you can get tired of looking at such a curtain every day, because a lot of time is spent at home. Begins to create the feeling that there is not enough of something that goes beyond the usual. So, it is proposed to leave the standard solution - the replacement of curtains with new ones. You can rely on your own imagination and decorate them according to your preferences. Decor for curtains - the ability to modify the room, because even one detail is able to give the decoration a special charm. Ways to decorate curtains with their own hands are innumerable variety. You can use brushes, leather ribbons, cords, fringe, stones, and much more. This finish is divided into:

  • tailored - with a smooth edge for sewing into the seam;
  • Sewn - with a decorative edge that is not hidden from the eyes.

Butterflies on the curtains Patterns on curtains  Garter curtains  Curtain made of napkins  Flowers on curtains  Curtains with roses

Elegant ribbons and bows

Tapes and bows can perform as a decorative role, and act as an elegant fastening to the cornices. They harmoniously combine aesthetics with practicality. Similar accessories are welcomed by styles: Provence, Country, Scandinavian, French, Chef Chic and Vintage. Lush bows and flowing ribbons can be placed on the entire surface, and you can use them for tying. In one ensemble there are different sizes: the increase goes from the edges to the middle, or from one side to the other. Excessively large elements on the strict curtains should be avoided. To create bows, wide tapes made of curtains identical to curtains are great, and for attaching to the cornices, a smaller width. It is welcomed as an elegant, so extraordinary and funny performance. Do not be afraid to give vent to fantasy. With the saturation and brightness of the decoration, you can experiment with contrasts, and if quiet colors prevail, choose neat, discreet ribbons that fit the drapes according to the shade.

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Garter with roses Garter with bow  Bow on the curtains  Roses from bows  Colored curtains on the window  Curtains on the window in the nursery

Practical pick-up

"Pick-ups" is a talking name, suggesting the direct purpose of the decor. With the help of these products, the curtains take a predetermined position. Execution can be different: the material and its color are selected taking into account the design of the room. They are most often made of fabric, metal, rope, ribbons, lace. There are models simply linking the curtains together, and there are hooks attached to the wall. Clamps add curtains to the folds. The location of such decor is 1/3 or 2/3 drapes, 1 m from the floor. The desire for minimalism in modern decoration did not affect the pick-ups - the degree of democratization of the curtains increases the intricacy of their performance, which puts the pickings up on the level of jewelry decorations. They can be made of wood, leather or feathers, represent a string of pearls or coral. Not lacking in demand and concise models: with the help of a magnet picking up 3-4 folds, indicating a measured line of drapery. Thin metal variants look like a swan neck.

Painting on the wall by the window Two-color curtains on the window  Soft color curtains  Flowers on curtains  White sofa by the window  Chic curtains

Spectacular gimp

Gimp - a thick twisted fringe, which is a combination of fringe and twisted viscose with the content of the edge. The curtain is designed by stitching directly into the fabric. The length can vary from short to maximum, depending on the desired result. A similar variant of decorating curtains is relevant for spacious living rooms and bedrooms. Embroidery with a crochet peculiar to the Gothic style, will add a touch of piquancy to the decoration. In this way, edges of dense, almost opaque curtains are eliminated. The best fabric for this solution will be velvet or brocade, but the use of a modern blended curtain fabric is not ruled out. Look interesting picks, embroidered with crochet, especially on monochrome models in gentle pastel colors, without any excesses.

Fringe on the curtains Original curtains  Blind curtain with garter  Lamp over the sofa  Chic interior of the cabinet  Curtains with patterns

Elegant Lambrequins

Curtains can become an independent decoration of the window without adding accessories. Help in this lambrequins - decorative fabric elements, the color and texture of which repeats the execution of the main drapes. The main feature is the shape of the products: instead of the usual rectangular - oblique or semicircular. The purpose of lambrequins is to give an elegant appearance to an ordinary curtain. So decorate the curtains was relevant in the Middle Ages. If you recall the decoration of windows in times of balls, you can track the appearance of design solutions in interior design.

When the room is full of different color accents, lambrequin should be chosen in the color of the curtains. If the room is dominated by calm, one-color solutions, then the colors of lambrequins and curtains may vary. And in order to maximize the selection of lambrequin it is worth choosing it for a few tones muffled or brighter.

Original interior

Important! The use of lambrequins is actual only in rooms with a sufficient ceiling height to avoid shrinking space.

Execution of lambrequins:

  • Bando - dense material, which allows lambrequin not to lose its shape;
  • svag - a spectacular variety of lambrequin with many folds;
  • jabot - a casual and romantic option, as the folds smoothly fall on the curtains.
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Braid - the basis of wrinkles

To fasten the curtains and their beautiful draperies, use a braid sewn along the upper edge. This is a kind of skeleton for the folds, inside of which the cords forming the loops run along the entire length. The configuration and width of the folds depends on the type of braid that will be selected. Species weight:

  • exclusively for hooks;
  • with loops for hooks, Velcro;
  • Sticky to fix the curtains or lambrequin;
  • vertical fixation (for Roman, French, London and Austrian curtains);
  • for models with eyelets (transparent, opaque);
  • for tubular cornices;
  • for strings;
  • with "pencil folds";
  • universal.

The tape should be strong to keep clear folds. The heavier the curtain, the wider the braid. For shrinkage, it is necessary to have 3 ropes, which are then connected along the edges. Cut them off is not worth it, because ironing curtains is easier in straightened form. The tape is measured with a tape measure to match the specified width. Hooks are attached every 8-10 cm, after which you can go to the hinge curtains.

Lamps at the window Yellow curtains in white interior  Beautiful design of curtains  White-lilac curtains  Beige curtains in a gray interior  Two-color curtains

Cord, lace and welt

To decorate the curtains, a twisted cord made of twisted yarn is used. There is a wide variety of colors and diameters. Optionally, the presence or absence of an edge design is selected. Often, the edges of the curtains are decorated with cords with an edge, and in the absence of it, a garter or tack is taken. Rantom is a similar cord with an edge with one difference - it is trimmed with material. Also used for finishing the edges of the curtain. Such a product is not difficult to carry out with your own hands: the cord is threaded into the kuliska, which is covered in a skew. Lace is often sewn on the edge of the curtains or appear in the role of pick-ups with a romantic bias. Thus it will be possible to add extravagance even to ordinary curtains. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of such decor, so as not to harm the decoration.

Figurine and box on the window Roses on the floor  White curtain  Lilac curtains with white lace  Flower on the window  Blind with flowers

Functional eyelets

Eyelets can bring freshness to the interior. They look more aesthetically pleasing than typical anchorages in the form of clothespins and rings. The eyelets are represented in the upper part of the fabric by rings made of plastic, wood or metal, corresponding to the diameter of the cornice tube. The configuration assumes a round, triangular, polygonal, square and non-standard shape. Decorative finish can be any kind: matte coating, glossy or "under the skin"; gilding; stones; beads. Of the merits are:

  • lightness and noiselessness of sliding along the cornice;
  • compatibility with different matter;
  • careful attitude to the fabric - the areas under the eyelets are impregnated with adhesive compositions, there is no contact with the cornice;
  • Creation of smooth lines of folds, which do not need constant correction.

Vase by the window

For eyelets, one- and two-tubular cornices with forged, rubber, openwork tips with geometric contours are relevant. The eyelets can be attached directly to the cornice, using cords or hooks, and also to the ceiling for zoning space.

Important! It is necessary to avoid oversaturation in the style direction: it is better to select classical rings without excesses to colorful fabrics and vice versa.

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Window decoration is the central accent of the overall decoration of the room. The window represents a large part of the room, while the most lit by a natural way. Therefore, it is completely irrational to underestimate its decoration. Guests will immediately appreciate any manipulations regarding the design of curtains: both successful and absolutely failing. Competent decor of curtains with their own hands can be called a real art, demonstrating the presence of excellent taste and talent. A wide variety of fabrics and decorative materials are used today to frame the window. Picking up a needle and thread, it turns out to radically change the appearance of old curtains and add a new highlight, making them a full-fledged part of its interior. A correct combination of textures and materials will create a real designer masterpiece.