Amazing ideas for the design of modest bathrooms

Interior of a small bathroom

Many apartments have a small bathroom. However, even in conditions of limited space and uncomfortable planning, you can easily create a comfortable, stylish, functional and aesthetically attractive environment, which is great for taking water procedures.

In today's story, we present to your attention the wonderful ideas for transforming a tiny bathroom.

Shower cabins with zero threshold are very common all over the world. In addition, they are great for equipping a small room. The absence of a door or partitions creates in the atmosphere a visual sense of space and freedom.

To complement the decoration you will be able to a shallow niche in decoration of the wall, which can be used to store scouring or hygienic products, folding wooden seats and inclined shower.

Shower with zero threshold in the bathroom

Проект от The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Mirrors represent the most common solution for visual expansion of a tiny room. You can install a reflective panel around the perimeter of the bathroom. Thus, you will form an amazing optical effect of depth and expressiveness.

Mirrors on the walls in the bathroom

Design by Celia James

Another interesting solution for transforming a modest bathroom is the use of a white tinted palette in wall decoration and sex. It optically increases the area of ​​the room and fills the atmosphere with freshness and lightness. In addition, to release the extra volume will allow a high toilet tank.

Compact bathroom in white color

Интерьер от Hammer & Hand

Glass partitions are the most popular and widespread solution for the decoration of a small toilet. They not only give the opportunity to create the illusion of freedom and volume, but also give the interior elegance and sophistication.

Glass shower in the bathroom

Декор от Mark Brand Architecture

The light-emitting diode panels on the ceiling will help you to create a feeling of lightness and airiness. They create the illusion of a window aperture, while a bright light fills the space with freshness and incredible charm.

LED ceiling panels in the bathroom

Project by Regan Baker Design

Using magnificent natural materials (such as stone and marble) you can turn a tiny bathroom into a functional and stylish room. Notice how interesting in this interior design three kinds of ceramic tiles are applied.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Project by ZeroEnergy Design

Use the free corners. Look at how the toilet was interesting in this example. The charming washbasin does not take up space on the floor, but it fits harmoniously into the overall styling of the decoration.

Sink in the corner of the bathroom

Дизайн от Francis Gough Architect Inc

Make your order. This is one way to get the most out of a modest room. Use the internal walls to organize the storage system, and also install a large panoramic mirror.

Large panoramic mirror in the bathroom

Туалет от Whitten Architects

Clear even lines, a furniture set and plumbing with geometric outlines help to form a feeling of incredible comfort and freedom in the bathroom.

Bathroom in black and white

Layout by CWB Architects

Another great solution for arranging a tiny toilet is the organization of an excellent storage system. You can arrange a laconic rack near the bath and use it to accommodate towels and cosmetics.

Shelving for bathroom accessories in the bathroom

Urantia de Normandy Remodeling

We presented to your eyes magnificent solutions and ideas for designing small bathrooms that will allow the owners of the apartments to form a functional and aesthetically attractive environment in the space.

And you liked these decor ideas from talented engineers? Share with us your ideas to transform a modest room?