Decor chairs with their own hands - ways and examples

New life of an old Viennese chair

Not always in the decor needs old furniture, there are many more cases when it will be appropriate. Staining or sewing covers will help renovate the interior or fit old chairs into a new style. On the eve of the holidays, the decor of the chairs with flowers, ribbons, thematic cloaks will help create an appropriate atmosphere. To return the furniture to its former appeal and even make it even better, it will take a little: desire and inspiration.

  • The stain will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the old tree. It can be of different shades, but for restoration it is better to give preference to dark ones.
  • Dairy natural paints are absolutely harmless, they give the surface a charming dullness and a vintage appearance. Painting tape will help create a contrasting striped pattern or pattern on the chairs.
  • Latex or oil paints will provide a rich bright color. Stools will become more modern if you paint your legs in different colors.
  • Paint spray allows you to create any pattern through a stencil. As an option, you can put a lace napkin on the seat, backrest, chair sticks and apply the paint through it. The result is a gentle rustic pattern.

Colored chair with own hands

The works are carried out in the following order:

  • With the surface, remove the old coating with sandpaper.
  • Degrease, ground.
  • After drying, paint in one or more layers of paint or stain, and then cover with varnish.

Decor stool with stencil and paint


Очень популярная техника, которую в том числе используют для обновления старой мебели. Decoupage представляет собой процесс приклеивания изображений (нанесенных на салфетку или очень тонкую бумагу) на поверхности.

Decoupage стула комиксами

Various techniques allow you to get the desired texture or visual effect: gilding, aging (brashing, krkle, chebby), artistic or volumetric drawing. A combination of several decorative effects is often used. The choice of pictures and techniques depends primarily on the style of the interior. The chair updated by the corresponding drawings will perfectly fit into the interior of the ethno, military, country, provence, loft, shebbie-chic, eclectic.

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The chair is decorated in the style of Provence

Updating the stool is performed in several stages. Furniture is cleaned from the old coating, varnish or paint, degreased and primed. Next, the main background is applied with acrylic paint. After drying, a pattern is glued to the surface, it is treated with paints, additional elements and varnished.

Multi-colored chairs made in one technique

Cases: for all occasions

Covers for chairs are not only a way to decorate an old, but in general new furniture, they are much more functional: they serve as protection against pollution, damage, help to decorate furniture for a given style of interior or simply update the environment, they are everyday and solemn.

To update old chairs it is possible with the help of covers

Patterns for a cover are most conveniently done with the help of a dummy. The chair is pasted with newspapers or tracing paper, then the homemade sheath is cut with scissors into separate elements. The accuracy of the pattern depends on the measurements taken correctly. And of course, we should not forget about the allowances, the error of cuts, the shrinkage of the fabric after washing.

Bow Chair Decoration

Cloth covers

Covers can be easily made by hand. The usual chairs with a backrest will need about 1.5-2 meters of fabric. It should be noted that the decor of the chair must match the style of the interior, emphasize and complement it.

Applique on a piece of cloth

  • Cotton fabrics will be appropriate in the styles of Provence or Country. For the first choose pastel colors with a pattern in a small flower, and ethnicity is best complemented by a large cell.
  • Eco-style will help to emphasize the cloaks of coarse burlap. To give them modern notes, you can supplement the cover with patches made of denim, which also perfectly matches the tree.
  • In classical interiors, more durable fabrics with a large pattern, matte or satin shine, for example gabardines, are used.

Covers from fabric

Use for sewing a cover you can almost any fabric or combine several. Very interesting will look chairs with covers of artificial fur, with the same "socks" on the legs.

Self-sewn covers

Knitted Cases

Knitted crocheted covers will be especially appropriate in the winter, they will be associated with warmth and comfort. Look knitted things very interesting, like a huge sweater was pulled on a frozen chair. Optimum is a large volumetric pattern of a thick pastel color. Of course, if the soul requires it, you can choose more vivid shades.

Knitted cushion covers for a chair

An unusual addition will be toe socks. Dressed in "shoes" chairs look original and will never scratch the floor covering. Hooks are usually knitted lace capes, filled with summer ease and coolness. In addition, the original handmade things will make the atmosphere calm and truly home.

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Chair with knitted cover on the seat, backrest and legs

Holiday cases made of felt

Felt is familiar to every needlewoman. With this material it is very easy to work, so it is often used festive decor. On the eve of any event, the covers on the backs of the felt chairs made in the holiday theme will be an excellent addition and decoration.

Toy chair cover for baby

On the eve of the New Year on the backs, you can also sew mitten covers or cloaks in the form of Santa Claus hats. In general, there are innumerable options, everything is limited only by the master's imagination.

Bear Covers for New Year

Non-standard ideas

If you delve into the issue of decorating chairs, there is no doubt that you can use a wide variety, sometimes unexpected material. A simple coloring is no surprise, in the course are rods, ropes, flowers, candy, tree bark and old disks.

Pasting of a chair with colored stickers

Decor chair with a rope

This option is considered more suitable for massive stools and chairs. Although, if desired, you can try to decorate more refined furniture. From the chair, the upholstery is removed and for each individual element (legs, crossbeams, handles) prepare lengths of twine of the required length. Then follow a simple technique: fix the end of the rope with a stapler or a small stud and begin to tightly wrap the product. The other end is secured in a similar manner. On the back of the chair you can perform a simple weaving that will become a noticeable decoration.

Decor chair with a rope

The rope can be left unicolored or decorated at will. In general, for the winding you can use not only a rope, it can be an artificial rattan or twisted pieces of cloth.

Weaving on a chair with string

Natural materials

The use of natural materials is relevant not only in school crafts. A simple, but unexpected idea to decorate the chairs with bark distinguished even the Italian designers (Andrea Magnani and Giovanni Delvecio from the studio Re Sign). Not everyone can buy designer furniture, but anyone can take the idea into service and implement it.

Decoration of an old chair with branches

Wooden chairs should correspond to the natural material as much as possible, so they are cleaned of varnish, rubbed with small nazhdachkoy and left in this form. The maximum that can be done is to cover with stain to give a shade. The prepared bark of a tree is glued in a free order, designers for pasting have chosen one leg and a back.

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Decor of the car with stones

Another no less interesting approach is to decorate the chairs with flat pebbles. The stone is glued directly to the seat and back. An unusual chair can become a decoration of a bathroom, a balcony or a garden, especially if there are other things of the sea theme nearby.


If in addition to the old chairs of the house there are still unnecessary or spoiled discs, you can decorate the furniture element with mosaic. The pattern made of small colored pieces will look original and interesting, and the updated chair will perfectly fit into almost any interior.

Sealing a chair with mosaic

The mirror side of the discs are rubbed with fine emery paper, after which glue colored glossy paper is glued on it. Then cut the disk into equal squares (it's more convenient to immediately divide them into colors). The chair must also be prepared. The surface is sanded, degreased and ground. The squares of the mosaic are glued in turn in the form of a chosen pattern or chaotically. After drying, the gaps between the "tiles" are filled with construction putty, and the surface is varnished.

Mosaic на сидушке

Pompom chair

Decor chair pompoms very expensive in terms of material and time, but as a result, the restored chair looks very bright and cozy. It will perfectly complement the children's room, and perhaps become a motley accent bedroom or living room. Pompons are more conveniently attached to a mesh or tissue cut. At the end of the work, a soft lining is fixed on the seat and back of the chair. If necessary, the decoration can easily be removed and washed. Very interesting pomponovye sidushki will look on stools in the kitchen.

Chair decoration pompons


The old chair does not have to stay at home, it can find its new place in the garden or on the terrace in the form of an original flowerbed. At the same time, it is not necessary to restore, restore, repair it.


But if the idea of ​​that requires a stool can be painted again or even painted with bright colors. Then in the seat a hole is cut out and a flower pot is set.

Flower Arrangement in a Chair Saddle

The conclusion suggests itself: there would be chairs, and a suitable option for their decoration is sure to be found. It is not necessary for this to be a painter-restorer. Refresh or decorate the furniture can anyone who wants, and then with a feeling of complete satisfaction to sit on the fruits of their labor.

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