Shower for the soul with their own hands

Glass shower in the bathroom

Today we will talk about how to turn an outdated bathroom into a modern shower unit.

The first step on the way to the soul of your dreams should be a careful calculation of all parameters on paper.

It's no secret that the dimensions of our bathrooms leave much to be desired. Basically, this room is about 1.5 by 3 meters. It happens a little more, sometimes it's less. The dream of a modern shower can become a reality if the shower fits into the dimensions of the bath.

What kind of procedure for re-equipment of the bathroom can be the best?

The most important step is to draw up an accurate plan. This must be done before you start large-scale destruction: remove the old tile, take out a bulky bath, and before when you choose a shower in the store, a colored grout for tile seams.

The dimensions of the room should be measured very carefully, with an accuracy of 3 mm. The width of the standard bath is about 60 cm and is a great size for a shower installation. The depth of the shower cubicle should be about 81 - 86 cm (from the wall tiles to the future glass shower door). And the height is about 200 cm.

It is necessary to take into account such an important parameter as the distance from the center of the toilet bowl to the glass shower door (if you have a combined bathroom). It should be at least 40 cm. This size is dictated by the hygienic norms for using the toilet.

Glass shower in the bathroom

Think about the question of what will be the doors to your future shower. These can be glass doors that separate the shower from the rest of the sanitary unit, as in the first photo. And can only be external swinging, closing the shower from other premises of the house.

The toilet bowl and direct shower can be visually separated from each other by a wall made of plasterboard or glass blocks.

The floor in the shower room is best made from small tiles, in order to avoid accidental slip on the wet surface during the reception of water procedures.

Glass partitions in the bathroom

In order to really imagine how you will feel yourself in the new arrangement of the shower unit space, take a large bucket, about 30 cm from it, put a sheet of plasterboard that mimics the glass shower door.

Then check your spatial sensations, comfort. Similarly, conduct an experiment with simulating the shower. After all, the parameters of comfortable existence for different people can differ significantly, and that for someone can be acceptable, for others it will be the height of inconvenience.

Glass shower in the bathroom

If the shower door is out of place, then it can simply not be put! Who said that she must be there? The only advice: in case you decide to do without a door, make the bathroom a warm floor!

In addition to pleasant comfortable warmth for the feet, you will receive a bonus in the form of always dry floor. Agree, this is a big plus for often wet rooms.

A remarkable device for taking a relaxing shower can be a fixed nozzle, allowing water to be sprayed with pleasant soft streams of summer rain.

Glass shower in the bathroom

Choose the time to find a variety of accessories and accessories for the shower room. It is not necessary that the manufacturer and the brand of all selected items should coincide. A mix of diverse details looks always more soulful. Of course, if you do not forget about the unity of style and color scheme.

Practical advice:

Installation of all the most risky elements from the point of view of electrical safety of your soul should be handled by specially trained people with at least 5 years of experience.

Accessories in the shower room

Plan the lighting scheme of the shower room during the initial preparation of the redevelopment.

A few important points:

  • pay attention to the fact that the lighting was uniform (albeit not bright) in the furthest corners of the bathroom;
  • above the mirror, it is necessary to install additional lamps with individual switches;
  • ceiling lighting points should not be located close to the walls of the room: this can highlight any flaws in the laying of wall tiles.
Glass partitions in the bathroom

When planning the conversion in the bathroom, do not forget about waterproofing systems. They must necessarily be strengthened in comparison with those previously made. This is necessary because when taking a shower, much more water will fall on the walls, floor and windows (if they are present indoors) than when using a bath.

In advance, think about the potential availability and possibility of installing shower benches, niches for shampoos and other trifles.

Now, when the plan is thought out and fully calculated, you can start directly to the great achievements!