Floating and hanging beds without legs

Floating and hanging beds are an excellent way to give the bedroom an unusual and spectacular look. The most characteristic for modern interior design, they can also become a perfect addition to any style of decoration, and with our selection of 30 photo bedrooms you will see for yourself that this is so.

Floating beds - the choice of lovers of illusions and futurism

Floating beds are distinguished by the lack of legs and an invisible base, creating the illusion that the bed is hanging in the air. They may like or dislike, but curiosity is sure to cause: what is their weight and how do they manage to withstand the burden of people?

Floating beds in bedroom design

First of all, it should be noted that all floating beds have a very strong frame, made of solid wood or metal. In some varieties, this skeleton is securely connected to the wall and supported by a single additional support.

Beautiful bed without legs in the bedroom

In others it rests on a small platform, which is visible only if you look under the bed.

Bedroom design in black and white

Also today, beds are made with transparent or mirror supports, visible only from a certain angle.

Modern bed with transparent legsFloating bed with transparent legs

For greater credibility, sometimes these beds are illuminated with LED strip, which gives the bedroom interior a fantastic effect.

Bedroom design with LED backlight Design of a bedroom with a bed with Led lighting

Most often, floating beds become part of modern minimalist bedrooms, although its overall style depends on the materials and design of bedding. For example, an unpainted wood with carved decoration looks great in traditional and village bedrooms, and smooth varnished surfaces more in line with modern trends. Femininity and luxury bedroom can give a soft upholstery beds, and more sexual or masculine appearance can be achieved by choosing a leather headboard of dark tones.

Black wallpapers and a floating bed in the bedroom Cozy bedroom design with rustic motifsBedroom design with bathroom and toiletScandinavian bedroom design with floating quartzWomen's bedroom in the style of minimalismBeautiful wooden bed with light

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Suspended beds for summer and sea atmosphere

If the floating beds can create the illusion of weightlessness and stay on a fantastic spaceship, bedrooms with hanging beds, similar to a hammock, are more associated with ship cabins or tropical beach houses.

Bedroom design in beach style

Another difference between hanging beds from floating is the possibility to lift them to the ceiling with the help of special ropes or ropes.

Unusual hanging bed without legs Raise the bed to the ceiling

Practical, is not it? Especially for lofts, studio apartments and small rooms. We offer you several more photos of interesting hanging beds that perfectly fit into the different design styles of bedrooms.

Дизайн спальни в стиле indastrial Floating hanging bed without legs Bed suspended from ropes Design of a children's room with a hanging bed

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Bed, suspended on chains Suspended bed on the ropes in the children's room Bed-ship in bedroom design The idea for a bedroom: a hanging bed Children's design for two Suspended beds of wood and other materials White bed on the ropes in the women's room

It's interesting to know: did you put / hung an unusual floating or hanging bed in your bedroom? Or do you prefer the traditional style? We will be grateful for the comment!